ICE FC 4 adds Barton vs. Hampson and James Walker


ICE FC 4 is taking place on Saturday 8th November 2014, live from Irlam leisure centre, and the fight card is starting to take even more shape today with the announcement of two matches. 

Firstly announced is sure to produce a knock out of the night as Jordan Thompson and James Walker go toe to toe. 


Thompson comes from a striking background and has been seen more on the MMA circuit recently. With knockout power in his hands and a height advantage on many he fights, Thompson is a test for anybody on the feet. 

He will get that stand up fight when he meets Wigan MMA’s James Walker, who is just as deadly with his fists. 

Last time I saw Walker compete was Amateur Cage Battles 8 when he knocked out Mitchell Walker, in the main event, to take home the Middleweight title and the knockout of the night. 

ICE FC have commented on Facebook about this one saying: “With neither man wanting to take it to the ground, we will see who has the better striking between these two warriors. Expect fireworks”. 

Fireworks will indeed be present in this one. 

The second amateur bout added will see Jordan Barton and Matthew Hampson meet inside the ICE arena. 


Barton trains out of HFFS and holds a 1-1-0 record, heading into this bout full of confidence after an impressive performance at Shinobi War 3, in September.  On the night in Deeside he defeated Daz Lucas in just 35 seconds, via TKO, and showed an impressive display in his stand up. 

When the ICE show rolls around, it will be Barton’s second fight in over six weeks but that is something which is sure to benefit him as he looks to continue his development and form in the sport. 

Standing across from him on the night will be FCPC competitor Matthew Hampson. 

Hampson has a 1-2-0 record who is an FCC vet and is always exciting to watch inside the cage. Earlier this year he competed on the FCC 9 show in Bolton and was involved in a great fight with Adam Wilson. Unfortunately for Hampson it was Wilson who took the decision victory, but Hampson showcased so much potential and a very dangerous all round skill set, that will pose problems to many people. 

Coming from one of the UK’s best gyms in FCPC, Hampson will be fired up and ready to put on a show in front of the Manchester crowd. 

Neither one of Barton and Hampson will give up easily and we have all the ingredients for a back and forth battle in this one, but don’t expect the judges to be needed. 

ICE FC 4 card so far:


James Lewis vs. Mitchell Head


James Walker vs. Jordan Thompson
Jordan Barton vs. Matthew Hampson
Mick Holgate vs. Lerone Murphy

John Smith vs. Reza Safari 
Ben Gratton vs. Ben Singleton
Nikko Alonzo vs. Abdul Chowdrey
Paul Horrocks vs. Damien Firth
Alex Valyandis vs. Joe Young
Geoff Ogendo vs. Nathan Jones



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