Kyle Preston: “I’m going to make it an exciting performance from start to finish”


Photo Credit: SD MMA UK (James Edwards)

Full Contact Contender 11 takes place this coming weekend in Bolton and returning to the cage is talented HAMMA competitor Kyle Preston. 

On the night Kyle meets Reece Street and it will mark Kyle’s first appearance in the cage since he dislocated his knee earlier this year on the Amateur Cage Battles show. 

All is fine now and Kyle is looking forward to competing on one of the UK’s finest shows and putting on a quality performance. 

I caught up with Kyle to get his thoughts on his recovery and the upcoming match up. 

As always thanks for your time Kyle, its fantastic to see that you are returning to action on 18th October at FCC. It comes on the back of an injury in your match up at ACB early this year. How has your recovery been from the injury?

“Yeah unfortunately I had me knee dislocated in my last fight, basically down to the stupidity of not tapping, my recovery at first was very slow I didn’t return back to training till eight weeks after the injury, even when I was back training I could not do an awful lot of things even with it being strapped, however as weeks went by it began to strengthen and I became a lot more confident with the range of movement in my knee”.

How frustrating has it been to sit out of training to recover and see your other team mates compete and keep their development going?

“Yeah as I said before it was a long eight week layoff from training, I missed just being around the lads from the gym more than anything, when I finally started training again most of the lads had gone up a level in different aspects of there game so it was a case of catch up for me”.

Once you got the all clear to train again, how good of a feeling was it and did you feel any nerves getting back on the mats?

“Yeah there was definitely nerves, however I just took everything in my stride and listened to my body. I was realistic with what I could and couldn’t do at different stages of my recovery which helped me ease the knee back in”.

As mentioned your return comes on one of the best shows in the UK in FCC. HAMMA are always regular competitors on the night at FCC, so how good is it to finally get your chance to compete on their card?

“FCC is by far one of the best shows in the UK, I’m constantly hearing how professionally ran it is and how the atmosphere inside is electric, so to be on such a highly rated show in front of a few thousand people is going to be an awesome experience”.

On the night you meet Reece Street, who is known more for his stand up and got a very impressive KO finish on an earlier FCC. Is his stand up the one thing you will have to be wary of?

“Yeah I know Reece is a boxer and yes it is something I need to be wary off, however I believe in my own techniques and abilities. I’m going to make it an exciting performance from start to finish”.

Knowing of his stand up background does this make your game plan an obvious one of getting him down and utilising your better ground game?

“Not a chance, if his best ability is his standup then I’ll match his standup and better it, I’m not a fan of forming game plans anyway, especially when you plan to try an stop or prevent your opponents strengths, because what if you can’t stop or prevent it? Then your in deep shit and unprepared. That’s why you have to be able to adapt and be unpredictable, try to make them the unprepared one”.

Do you feel he will offer anything else on the night, which you are preparing for?

“I think Reece will concentrate mostly on his hands, it wouldn’t surprise me if he shoots for a takedown once he realises my punches and kicks are coming from all sorts of weird angles, but well just have to see”,

As I have seen from the ACB shows you bring one hell of a following to support you, who make the atmosphere special in the halls when your competing. How special is it to you to have that kind of backing where ever you go and are they all making the journey to Bolton for the show?

“Yeah it’s a unbelievable set of lads that come to watch me compete, I think I hit 100 at the last acb event, however I think there is only about 50 coming down to Bolton which is still a fantastic following. The atmosphere and noise they make spur me on so much, letting them down at my last fight hurt me more than my dislocated knee haha. Before I confirm any of my fights I always make sure I can bring a good support to make the hard work and effort worth it so I can display my talents to my friends and family”.

You also have a couple of team mates competing on the night. How good is it to train with them knowing you are all aiming for the same night, so will be going through the same thoughts and weight cutting etc

“Yeah it’s awesome having lads from the gym on the same card, especially my big brother Ben Dearden. We fight at the same weight and keep each other up to date with weight plans and tips which makes it easier than doing it on your own. Micky Stanno has also been a godsend in this camp, constantly pushing us making sure our speed and cardio are ready come fight night. I’m expecting a clean sweep from HAMMA come the end of the night”.

And finally, all the best on the night, is there anyone you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Big thanks to Sean and Caroline Martin for all there hard work with the new gym none of us would be we’re we are today without you! Also to all the HAMMA lads who have helped prepare me for this fight, and finally to my Mum and Sad who are much appreciated for putting up with me and my mood swings whilst preparing for my fight, and to you Simon for taking this time to interview me”.


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