Liam Dooley: “I’m not going out there to avoid losing, I want to go for the win”

Photo Credit: Amateur Cage Battles

Photo Credit: Amateur Cage Battles

Full Contact Contender return this weekend with their 11th show, featuring some of the UK’s most talented professional and amateur competitors. 

One of those competing on the amateur section of the card is Liam Dooley, who returns to the cage nearly a year after his last appearance. 

A year is a long time, but it has enabled Liam too fully immerse himself in his training and we can expect an even deadlier competitor than the last time we saw him. 

FCC 11 is just four days away and continuing with the countdown to the show, I caught up with Liam to get his thoughts. 

Thanks for your time Liam, I wanted to start by asking about your last year since you competed on the first ECC show. How much do you feel you developed in the last year?

“Since suffering my first loss on ECC last year in October I feel I’ve developed massively and I feel like a completely different fighter. Since May I’ve managed to make time to train everyday including meeting regularly with my head coach Matt Thorpe for one on one sessions, which was something I could never do last year due to work”.

Have you had the chance to compete much over the last year, if not has it been frustrating not being able to compete?

“I’ve only been taking part in interclubs through this year, I’ve definitely been eager to get back in the cage and put on a proper show again but I wouldn’t say I’ve been frustrated. I’ve enjoyed taking the time to break myself down and rebuild into a much more disciplined and well conditioned fighter”.

MMA is all about development and takes up alot if you want to keep getting back. What is it that keeps you motivated to hit the gym each day and develop?

“Seeing results, whether it’s short term or long term. Once you start seeing the benefits it just makes you want to go further”.

You train with one hell of a fine team at 12 Gauge MMA. Who are some of the bigger influences on your development there?

“It is one hell of a team!! Haha of course my biggest influence is Matt Thorpe, then you’ve got Simon Home our kickboxing coach and our other coach Carl burton who managed to represent the UK over in Vegas this year. As well as that I’ve got some great training partners who help support me to keep on training and developing as I do for them”.

Your return comes on the FCC 11 card. How much do you know about FCC and are you looking forward to showcasing your skills on their show?

“FCC will be the biggest show I’ve fought on yet, and of course I can’t wait to get out there and put on a show. I’m not going out there to avoid losing, I want to go for the win”.

On the night you take on Junior Morgan. How much do you know (and have seen) of Junior and what do you make to him as an opponent?

“I saw Juniors last two fights on FCC. He came up short on his last fight so I can imagine where he’ll have been improving in his game and I know he’ll be willing to get a win over me. Which is good for me, I’m happy to exchange with Junior Morgan and see who the better fighter is on the night”.

Do you see him posing you any in particular challenges on the night?

“I have to imagine hell pose a threat to me wherever the fight goes, if he didn’t there wouldn’t be much point fighting him”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Massive thanks to my coaches Matt Thorpe and Simon Home, thanks to all the guys at 12Gauge MMA and to the guys at Stockport Catch Wrestling”.


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