Brent Teirney: “Don’t blink…because it could be over in a flash”


Full Contact Contender return with their 11th show in just three days time, with a night packed of top quality MMA, and competing on the night is FCPC’s Brent Teirney. 

Brent is no stranger to the FCC stage and has impressed during his time in the sport so far, always showcasing improvements in his game from previous fights. 

This weekend he takes on Darlan da Silva and feels ready for the challenge. Anybody who gets into the cage with Brent will be pushed to their limits and no matter the outcome, you will know you have been in a fight with him. 

Brent kindly took some time out to speak with me ahead of his match up and here is what he had to say. 

Thanks for taking the time out to answer my questions. I wanted to start by going back to the last time I saw you compete at FCC 9 when you got the third round TKO victory. Looking back on your performance, how good was it to get the victory and what did you take away from the fight?

“On my last fight on FCC 9 I took a lot out of that fight because the fight before that I got beat because I hadn’t learnt how to stand back up after being taken down. After months of training learning how to get back to my feet, I thought I was ready to take Neil Smith on and I took the fight on three days notice because Neil had a pull out and there is nothing worse then haven someone pull out.

I thought if I get taken down off Neil and his size I would have to put my training into place and I did that in the fight and won the fight standing up”.

In the fight you showed a great kicking arsenal, something not that many people use as much as they can. Would you say that is one of the stronger points of your game?

“If you can’t walk you can’t fight

With Neil I used my kicks for two reasons: one to slow him down and two he had a long reach, so if I got caught off a punch off him I would be going down and it would hurt 🙂 it is one of my strong points but I now have one of many strong point due to full contact performance Centre”

How did you find competing on the FCC show and how much are you looking forward to competing on the show again?

“I’m so looking forward to this fight for a few reasons my trainer: Martin Stapleton and training partners Ste and Jonno are fighting on the same show and these people help me out a hell of a lot in the gym, plus I love all the build up to the show and all the training that goes into it, it’s a love bug 🙂 Adam Teh knows how to put on a good show and the people come to see this type of massive show”. 

On the night this time you take on Darlan Da Silva, who is someone I dont know a great deal about but have you managed to find much out about him and the possible challenges he poses on the night?

“With Darlan I’ve watched one of his fights looks like he can punch, but I punch harder. I’m not there to play games you can put anyone in front of me and I will fight anyone, Martin Stapleton and the FCPC team looks after their fighters and when they know your ready they will put you forward to fight”.

Besides the challenges he poses, where do you feel you will be stronger on the night and do you feel with your all round skill set you will have to much for him?

“I take every fighter with a lot of respect no one is perfect and someone many have more skills then you, but I will fight my own fight. You never know what will happen on the night, but on the night he will feel he’s been in a fight with me”.

For anyone who hasn’t seen you before, what can they expect from you on the night?

“Anyone that’s not seen my fight’s before know I will always put 110% in to every fight. Don’t blink…because it could be over in a flash”.

Are you hoping to have a good set of support on the night and how much does it mean to you to have them watch you compete?

“On the night there is three baby head wetting Dom Tolley, Andy Tyson and Wayne Traynor so half of Rochdale is coming and people from the gym to all my close mates to all family member lads from work and the piss heads from Coventry. Support is a massive part of when your fighting but more and more people are wanting to watch me fight because they can see how much I put into it”.

MMA is a sport which cant be taken lightly and to be successful you really have to work hard and a lot of competitors work as well as train, so I can imagine it being quite tiring at times. What is it during those moments after work that motivate you to hit the gym?

“I’ve been fighting for years and you get the fight bug that what makes you get up early and train, plus in the gym if your missing for more then a week it’s like you have to come back with a doctors note to say where you have been or if you have time off its hard to get back into it but down at the gym we are all mates, we all help each other out when we have up and coming fights. They help me out, I help them out, so there’s no time off”.

You train with a cracking team, who are some of the bigger influences who have helped shape you over the years?

“Full contact performance Centre is the best gym around, anyone coming from this gym knows your in for a fight.

Martin Stapleton is a massive part of making you as a better fighter and he always looks to improve your fighting kills and weaknesses, Derrick Cullen also helped me out massive with getting me back up to my feet so I can fight my own fight, Andy Aspinall has helped me loads with my ground game, Oggy has helped with my boxing, Paul Webb has helped with my Thai boxing, Gordon Estick started me off becoming the fighter I am today and just the names I’ve put here says it all.

But the lads I train with day in day out help me put everything I train and practice. That helps me when I come ready for a fight”.

And finally, all the best on the night, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Massive thanks to all the trainers from the gym, all the lads in the gym, IPH fire solutions (Niall Hackett), family and friends, and the lads looking down on me Wes Clutterbuck, Jake Harris, Lloyd Walsh And Jonathan Rigby “pretty green eyes”.



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