Danny Missin: “This fight will come down to much more than just skill and I’m excited for that!”

Photo Credit: JC MMA Photography

Photo Credit: JC MMA Photography

Full Contact Contender 11 takes place this Saturday, live from the Macron Stadium Bolton, and competing on the night is professional Danny Missin. 

After just under a year out of competitive action, Danny took to the BAMMA cage in August to take on Mike Berry. Even though he came up short, that match up gave Danny to shake off the ring rust and to also get back feeling comfortable in the cage. 

This weekend he takes on an opponent he respects in Aaron Aby and the two of them are front runners to put on a fight of the night performance, with both having top quality skills and a never say die attitude. 

With three days too go until Danny steps in the cage, he kindly took some time out to offer his thoughts. 

Thanks for your time Danny, I wanted to start by looking ahead to FCC. How much do you know about the show and how they have developed over the past few years?

“Hi Simon, thanks for having me. Yes I know a lot about FCC, I’ve had mates compete on the events, I’ve been to the events, I was even meant to fight on one card but due to an unfortunate circumstance I ended up being a spectator. The show goes from strength to strength and the opportunities for flyweights is good at FCC, there is a very strong division”.

How much are you looking forward to getting the chance to showcase your skills on their show?

“I’m really looking forward to it. To me it’s been a long time coming, I’ve always wanted to compete on FCC and now I get my chance”.

On the night you meet Aaron Aby. How much have you managed to watch/find out about Aaron and what type of challenges are you expecting?

“I’ve watched a bit on him, only the bits I need to see as I try not to get too hung up on watching opponents. Aaron is good, well rounded but definitely seems to excel in wrestling and submission grappling. But the biggest thing to me is his heart, I pride myself on having a great heart and never giving up but his fight with Gerrard… I’ve been there and to get to the end is an accomplishment! And the guy has cystic fibrosis! I know people with it, people I class as family and it’s no Joke! I don’t think I’ll break his will and I think that’s gonna make a dangerous career shortening fight for us”.

Aaron is a very well rounded fighter who keeps the pressure on throughout the fight and favours the submissions. Do you think stopping his takedowns and keeping it standing is your key to victory?

“Not necessarily, I have a dangerous ground game too, I think we are both well rounded maybe I have the edge in stand up but he’s no slouch, far from it. This fight will come down to much more than just skill and I’m excited for that!”

Obviously you will focus on what Aaron can do a little bit, but mostly its about yourself. Where do you feel you will have the advantage on him?

“I believe I have the advantage on the feet as far as striking goes, but apart from that my advantage is my mental state. It’s fair to say I’ve been a little unstable for a while and it’s shown in my fights but I’ve put an end to that and I feel like a brand new me. I won’t lose! That’s my mind set and it’s stronger than ever. I feel like that’s gonna set me apart from everyone. I’m the only one who can beat me, and I’m done losing now”.

What makes this is a good match up for you?

“Because Aaron is a great fighter who’s gonna go far so when I show up and perform like the old me then it’s gonna show everyone that I’m back and ready to move forward”.

For anyone who hasn’t seen you compete before, what can they expect from you on the night?

“A good fun, exciting fight! I put everything into fighting and the fans get to see that every time I step in to the cage. It’s gonna be high paced and I’m sure the crowd will be into it whoever they are backing!”

You come into this match up after a return to the cage at BAMMA. Unfortunately you were defeated but what did you take away from the fight?

“I took away a lot, I worked a lot of new things for my last fight and had some good success, but a fight can end in a second it just wasn’t my night. My opponent was good and so was I but someone had to lose. I felt weird being back in there after a year away but that rust is gone now and I’ll be a lot more comfortable this time”

How good was it to get back in there after a while out and do you feel the rust is gone, that’s if you felt you had any in the first place.

“Yeah ring rust is a real thing, I had numerous adrenaline dumps on the day and my legs felt heavy but the cage is where I belong so it felt great to be back in some respects, scary in others. I think a lot of fighters would have taken an easier fight for the first one back but that’s not me. I always have to test myself but the rust is gone now and I feel like I’ve had no time off so I’m excited to see how this goes”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Yes I would like to thank my sponsors Amazon girls and SM installations (check out my Facebook page for all your UPVC needs), they helped me get through my fight camp, without them I wouldn’t be where I am. I’d like to thank Neil Hall and all at Allegiance MMA and Mark Spencer and all at Fulinkazan for all the help, guidance and training they gave me!

Id also like to thank my Mum and Brother and all my friends for helping me through my darkest times and a special shoutout to a hero I lost last week. The man that taught me a lot more than just the game of basketball, but he gave me my work ethic, taught me how to be a man and gave me some amazing stories and memories that will stay with me forever, I’ll miss you coach GW! This one is for you and your family, you did so much more for people than you ever knew. All my love is with the Wright family through these hard times, stay strong! This one is for coach GW and the Mandela Warriors!

Also a huge thanks to my management EFM and FCC for the opportunity”. 



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