Luciano Winter: “This is the first time for me to fight in the UK and I am excited about that!”


It’s not long until Contender Promotions returns with their next show and competing in a K1 super fight is Holland’s Luciano Winter, who is aiming to showcase his skills for the first time in the UK. 

Just hearing from Luciano you can sense his passion for the sport of kickboxing and just how much it means to him to keep developing. So many people can get ahead of themselves with a win or two, but Luciano is very grounded and knows just how hard he has to work to keep pushing on through the rankings. 

On the night at the Eston sports Academy he meets local favourite Thomas Daniel and this fight will have a main event feel about it and Luciano has much respect for his opponent, but knows if he performs to his best and listens to his coaches, then he will come away with the victory. 

It’s less than a month know to the evening and ahead of the fight I caught up with Luciano and here are his thoughts, looking forward to his match up and also a little more information on his development.

Thanks for your time Luciano. I wanted to start by asking about how you first came to begin training in the martial arts and what it was that interested you about the sport of K1?

“I was always an active boy and into sports and before I started kickboxing I was doing gymnastics. One day there was a notice on the wall in the gym which announced kickboxing lessons as per Monday and that is when I decided to join because it was interesting to me. Once I started I felt that I was getting better and better and I gained better control over my body which motivated me enormously”.

Was it always your intention to compete and what have been some of your personal highlights so far in your career?

“Shortly after I had started my trainer asked me if I wanted to fight and I said yes. I consider every victory as a highlight in my career, I am very thankful and blessed when I leave the ring with my hands in the air and my head up high”.

You train out of a fantastic gym. Who have been some of the bigger influences there on your career?

“I am very proud to be part of Vos Gym Amsterdam,the House of Legends. Kenneth Susana has been and is of big influence on my career sofar. He is my mentor and big brother in one. He is always there for me to help me out and guide me further. He was the one who took me to Amsterdam and made sure that I would find my way around the gym and introduced me to the other fighters of Vos Gym. It is great to have someone as supportive as Kenneth by my side”.

You have just fought, on the 4th October. How did you do and what did you take away from the fight?

“Last Saturday I fought my debut fight for Vos Gym Amsterdam an won by knock out in the second round. I was pleased with the result of course but I am also tough on myself because there are always things which can and must improve for the next fight. My goal is to improve my performance every time I go in the ring. Same applies for my upcoming fight of November 8. I am not the type of fighter to enjoy my previous fight for too long. Going forward and focus on the next one is what I need to do”.

In November you head over to England to compete on the contender promotions show. How much do you know about the show and the opportunities they are giving to K1 competitors from around the world?

“The event of Contender Promotions is one of the fastest growing K-1 promotions in the UK. I am delighted to make my appearance there and I am thankful that I have the opportunity to show my skills. Gary Bell is taking K-1 to the next level in the UK and it is a good way for me to ride along with Gary’s success train. Doors will hopefully open for me when I perform well so you can imagine that I want to show what I do best”. 

How much are you looking forward to showcasing your skills to a new crowd in the UK?

“I am really looking forward to my fight on November 8. I love to entertain people and I want to make a real good fight. This is the first time for me to fight in the UK and I am excited about that!”.

On the night you take on Thomas Daniel. Have you had much chance to see Thomas in action and what do you make to him as an opponent?

“I haven’t had the pleasure to get to know Thomas Daniel but in all honesty I am not to preoccupied with that. I respect all fighters and I don’t underestimate no one. My team will analyse all there is to see about him and I fully rely on them to prepare me the best way possible. As long as I follow our gameplan and listen to my coaches I will win”.

Thomas will be the home favourite in this one. Do you think with the crowd all cheering for him, everyone will look over you and this can help you to shock them?

“Thomas Daniel is of course home favourite and that is not a bad thing for me. The pressure is on him because he has to win. For a fighter it is always an honor to be cheered for so if that happens it means that they have appreciation for what I showed. I have experienced situations like that before. Even if the crowd is against me it gives me even more power to show what I am made off. If the crowd stays silent or is booing I see it as a way of applause, so either way is fine for me”.

What do you feel will be your strongest point in the fight and how are you approaching the fight in terms of game plans? Do you like to go in with one in your mind, or do you prefer to see how the fight plays out.

“It is difficult to predict the way the fight will go between me and Thomas Daniel. Ofcourse people expect to see a knock out but anything can happen so in that sense I don’t want to speculate that much. We train for the best option and a win by knockout is part of our gameplan. I train to become more and more complete and with every fight I want to make progression. No fight is the same and I want to surprise people. I have won in many different ways so I have a lot of options. Together with my team we decide which gameplan we should follow to win. It is up to me to stick to the plan”.

And finally, thank you so much for your time. Is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Your welcome. In my opinion all fighters should take the time for interviews because it is a good way to promote our sport. I would like to thank my trainers Ivan Hippolyte and Francois Lubbers from Vos Gym Amsterdam, House of Legends for the best training. I feel at home and believe I can make my dreams come true here.

Next to that my brother Jairzinho who has been there for me since day one. He is the one who pushes me to achieve the highest. My family is the key to my success sofar. My parents keep me focused and true to life. They inspire me to go for it. My girlfriend Cheryl for standing by me and supporting me in every way.

My manager and personal trainer Taufan Homan from Stride 6ft8 who takes care of my business interests and makes sure that I am in top shape for my fights.

Gary Bell for giving me the opportunity to fight at his prestigious event. Also thanks to Vos Gym Rotterdam/Ryan Imrosyan for the technique and strategy training and for handling all my PR affairs. Last but no least my fans and friends who have been there for me from the start and believe in me. Without them I wouldn’t have come this far”.



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