Full Contact Contender 11 – Review


Full Contact Contender presented their 11th installment, live from the Macron Stadium in Bolton, with a bumper card of mixed martial arts action.

The headline fight for the night saw Brendan Loughnane put his FCC Professional British Lightweight Championship on the line against Ali Maclean.

There was also another five professional and 13 amateur bouts on the night, including four amateur championship bouts.

FCC always brings with it a lot of expectation, but they never fail to deliver and SD MMA UK’s Simon Cafferty was on hand to catch the action and here is the review.

Mush Aslani vs. David Fordham

Round One

Off we go with Aslani taking the centre and Fordham on the outside. Fordham swings in and connects a few to the body, but Aslani gets it down and is in the guard of his opponent. He fires in rights to the body and then a left to the head, before going to the head with rights, going on his legs and firing in the rights. He goes to his knees and is back in the closed guard of his opponent. He postures up again fires more lefts in and goes down to his knees. Fordham is trying to keep him down but Aslani is working, postures up and goes in with two rights. Fordham traps the arm of Aslani but Aslani breaks through and lands two more rights. He then goes to side control though and flattens himself out. He steps into full mount and has the arm triangle on and the tap comes.

Mush Aslani gets the Submission (Arm Triangle) at 2:06

(Click here for the post fight interview with Mush).

Dean Crimp vs. Terry Burke

Round One

Crimp kicks to the legs to begin and goes for a spin kick and then gets Burke to the ground. He is on top and postures up to begin hammering in the shots and these ones are furious and after around four shots power in, the ref jumps in and stops it.

Crimp gets the TKO at 27 seconds

(Click here for the post fight interview with Dean)

Kyle Preston vs. Reece Street 

Kyle Preston returns to the cage just eight months after he dislocated his knee and he faces a dangerous striker in Reece Street.

Preston has the support in this one and they are not shy in making themselves known, singing “who are ya” at Reece Street.

Round One

Off we go in this one with Preston taking the centre and missing with a right kick. Street lands one of his own to the thigh and Preston misses with a spinning Kick and Street goes in with the combo, which land but Preston throws out some kicks, but eats two punches from Street. They were good ones but Preston ducks under and gets it down, but finds himself with Street tying his neck up and this is looking quite tight. Preston’s leg is trapped but he is looking to step over and they work to the feet and Street opens up and both throw big bombs. These guys are going for it and they break and Preston drops his opponent with a left head kick and then opens up with the bombs on the floor. He is pounding in the strikes and there are only so many Street can take before he taps out.

Preston’s army of fans go absolutely mental.

Kyle Preston gets the Tapout due to strikes at 1:30

(Click here for the post fight interview with Kyle)

Liam Dooley vs. Junior Morgan

Round One

Due to interviews I miss the start of the round but I pick this up with Dooley on top but Morgan throwing punches up from his back and he might be looking for a submission, but Dooley breaks his arm free and is looking to work. Morgan is controlling him well from his back and isn’t letting Dooley work. The last ten comes and Morgan throws a few little strikes in and the round draws to a close.

Round Two

It begins with Dooley landing a kick, ducks under a combo and takes Morgan down. Morgan gets on an arm and looks to extend but Dooley survives and settles in the guard. Morgan moves to sit on the cage but Dooley moves to half guard, gets him a little away and is more stood, then goes to his knees. Morgan is still sat on the cage and then is flat on his back and Dooley is still in half guard and lands a few to the body. Morgan goes to get up and Dooley pulls for a guillotine, but can’t get it and Morgan settles in the guard. Dooley works to close his guard and Morgan looks to land shots and is scoring to the body, as Dooley is edging closer to the cage. Morgan postures up on his knees and lands a few lefts in to the head, then goes to the body. Dooley is looking for a submission but can’t get it and seems to be looking for the arm bar, but he doesn’t get anything on and Morgan see’s out the round on top.

Round Three

Off we go with Dooley kicking to the legs but Morgan firing in some combos. They tie up and Dooley seems to throw Morgan, but he doesn’t go fully down and Dooley works to get him down. Dooley settles into the closed guard of Morgan to begin with, who throws shots from his back. The guard breaks and Dooley looks for some shots himself. Morgan looks for the arm bar and seems to have it, and Dooley pulls him up and slams him down, but Morgan still has it on and stretches out, in a north south, but Dooley survives and works round to go back into the guard. Morgan closes his guard up but Dooley postures up and lands a right. Again it seems as if Morgan is looking for the armbar, but can’t get his legs over. The ref Dean Weir asks for work, so Dooley gets in some small shots. Morgan throws some from his back, but Dooley seems fine, postures a little and lands two hammer fists. Again Morgan nearly gets on the armbar, but just can’t get his legs round and goes for a high guard and ends the fight throwing up some punches.

We go to the judges for the first time tonight and it’s a unanimous decision in favour of the winner: Liam Dooley.

(Click here for the post fight interview with Liam)

Darlan Da Silva vs Brent Tierney 

Round One

We begin with Tierney in the centre and landing two inside left kicks and opening up with his punches, before kicking again, then throwing in some good combos, before Da Silva takes him down, but Tierney gets to the back of a crouched up opponent, lands shots and stands. On the feet he smashes in a right leg kick, blocks some Da Silva shots and powers another kick. Da Silva goes for the kick, which Tierney catches and uses it to go down to the ground and goes into half guard. He is on his knees and looking to push his position and postures right up to throw in a good shot. It’s near the cage and Da Silva tries to move but cant. So Tierney controls again, postures up and gets in some more shots. Da Silva controls a tad more, before trying to push out and tries to turn over but Tierney is right into mount and fires in some huge, fast and furious punches. These look like they string, but Da Silva turns to his back and Tierney gets turned to his back and Da Silva looks to utilise the top position with shots, but with less than ten to go Tierney turns it over gets into guard and sees the round out on top.

Round two

Da Silva looks for a spin kick but misses and then Tierney opens up with some strong shots but Da Silva looks to fire back and they both open up on the feet, looking strong. It goes down with Tierney on top and working well. He is picking his shots and scoring. It goes back to the feet and Silva gets it down and Tierney looks to turn it over but can’t and Da Silva works a little before standing and jumping back in, but Tierney turns him over. From his back Da Silva looks for a submission, but can’t get it and Tierney sees out the round in control.

Round Three

The third begins with Tierney going to the centre but Da Silva pushing in. Tierney strikes with a right kick to the thigh first before Da Silva pushes in with a punch. Tierney fires in the kick to the thigh, up to the body and hurts his opponent with a punch. He kicks again with a front kick, then Da Silva goes to return but Tierney dodges and sweeps his feet out from under him. He goes to the ground, gets in side control and is firing the shots in. He controls the neck as well. Da Silva turns over and gets on top but only briefly, before Tierney quickly sweeps and lands in mount. There he starts to fire in the ground and pound. He is scoring, and landing perfectly here. He takes his time to pick them and they are getting through. Da Silva turns over a little, so he keeps up the rights and the ref jumps in to stop it.

Brent Tierney gets the TKO at 1:37 of round three

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Brent)

Calum Morris vs. Connor Riordan

Unfortunately due to interviews I missed the first two rounds of the fight, but was luckily enough to see the third take place.

Round Three

We begin with both in the centre and Riordan looking for the kicks and Morris looking good with his strikes. He pushes in and gets the fight down but Riordan is on the arm, looking for a kimura and uses it to sweep him over and land in full mount, but Morris is quick and gets up, before it goes back down and Morris is on top and in guard, but Riordan turns it over and gets into mount and starts to rain down punches. Morris grabs hold of Riordan, but he is postured up and still firing, so he pushes him down and fires in more before Morris grabs on to his body again, but Riordan breaks through and rains down the strikes and it seems as if Morris could be covering, but these are coming down more and more, and the ref jumps in to stop it.

Morris and his corner don’t like that stoppage and aren’t happy.

Conor Riordan gets the TKO victory at 2:00 of round three

(Click here for the post fight interview with Conor)

*UPDATE* the official result has been recommended to be over turned and Morris awarded the victory, via first round submission. CLICK Here for more*

Kyle Keane vs Sonny Hambleton 

Round One

Keane in with shots right away and lights up Hambleton with some good shots and gets him on the cage and opens up more and Hambleton throws a jab, but Keane is all over him swinging wildly and drops Hambleton and Keane pushes in accidentally catches Hambleton with a knee when he is down.

Ref dean weir is on the action and stops the fight and Hambleton seems okay and the medic is looking at him but says he is unable to continue and the fight is waved off.

Keane is obviously not happy and it all gets a little heated with Hambleton and Keane squaring off and having to be held back, with security getting involved.

Sonny Hambleton gets the DQ victory (illegal knee) at 20 seconds.

(Click here to watch a post fight interview with Kyle)

Callum Gahgan vs Jonno Mears 

Round One

We begin with both in the centre and a right front kick from Gahgan scores and Mears goes to the body with kicks but Gahgan seemed to take one down low and is given chance to recover.

It restarts with Mears looking for a combo, but Gahgan opens up himself and Mears pushes in looking for the takedown. He is working hard to get it down and after some Gahgan defence he does. Gahgan seems to have the neck to begin with but Mears breaks through, stands up and fires in a couple of shots, before going down, then up again, but it seems as if Gahgan is looking for the submission, grabs the arm, as Mears stands, he extends and Mears falls to the ground and his arm is even more extended and he taps out.

A beautiful submission from Callum Gahgan.

Callum Gahgan gets the Submission (Armbar) at 1:30

(Click here for the post fight interview with Callum)

Brad Conway vs. Shaun Hampton 

Unfortunately due to interviews I missed this fight, as it was a quick one.

The official decision saw Shaun Hampton get the Submission (Kimura) at 1:35 of round one.

(Click here for the post fight interview with Shaun)

FCC Amateur Bantamweight Title Fight

Ben “The Handyman” Dearden vs. Robbie Fallon 

Round One

Again I was unable to see the fight but was told that it was Fallon who looked to pull guard for a guillotine choke, but couldn’t get it and stayed on the feet with the choke on. Dearden worked out and took the fight to the floor, but after a scramble Fallon found himself getting on the back of his opponent and locking up the rear naked choke and the tap came.

Robbie Fallon is the new FCC Amateur Bantamweight Champion via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 59 seconds.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Robbie)

FCC Amateur Middleweight Title Fight

Dan Stoddard vs. Ste Henshall 

Round One

It was Stoddard who used his strength to put Henshall on the cage and look to keep him there. Both looked to get shots in close, but it was Henshall who worked hard and locked on the standing guillotine, squeezed and the tap came.

Ste Henshall is the new FCC Amateur Middleweight Champion via Submission (standing guillotine) at 2:04.

(Click here for the post fight interview with Steven)

FCC Amateur Light Heavyweight Title Fight

Adam Wright vs Michael “Two Gunz” Younis 

Round One

Younis comes out and opens up on his opponent right away and is looking to swarm him, getting in his face.  He is landing up stairs and then lands to the body. Wright looks for the clinch but Younis is switched on and catches him with two or three right hands, which drop his opponent and he follows down and opens up with a few, but Wright is already knocked out and the fight is over

Michael Younis is the new FCC Amateur Light Heavyweight champion via KO at 13 seconds

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Michael)

FCC Lightweight Title Fight

Ashley “The Beast” Reece (Champion) vs. Anthony O’Connor

I missed the first round unfortunately due to interviews but got back in time to sit back and follow the second round.

Round two

Reece kicks to the body to begin, and stuffs an O’Connor takedown, knees and they break. Both open up on each other and land before O’Connor charges in for the takedown, but Reece stuffs and it goes down and Reece is on top. He looks to work and they stand. Both are firing on the feet and its O’Connor in the centre and he lands an inside kick. Reece pushes in and kicks himself, before O’Connor lands a good one two and takes Reece down. Reece has his neck on the cage, kind of sat up, but O’Connor is controlling and goes for a few shots and settles in the closed guard. Ref Neill Hall asks for work so he postures a little and lands a shot, before looking to transition and he gets to side control and has his knees up.  O’Connor tries to transition but can’t and Reece stands. Both open up and O’Connor lands a knee in the clinch, eats a Reece front kick, both look to connect and the round draws to a close.

Round three

The third gets going with a touch of gloves and Reece to the body but O’Connor landing with a left up high. Both trade and O’Connor looks for the takedown, which is stuffed, so he knees and they break. Both kick and O’Connor looks for a shot and lands, before Reece fires back. O’Connor is through with a left-right, with the right landing beautifully and he drives Reece to the cage. Reece comes out but in the clinch O’Connor lands a stinging knee and Reece goes for his own and they break. Again in close O’Connor gets a knee and Reece is throwing out his shots, but O’Connor is in and looking fluent. Both trade and Reece stuffs an another takedown. O ‘Connor gets another punch in and goes for a takedown, but Reece stuffs it again and drags O’Connor down. There he lands some ground and pound and O’Connor turtles over and gets up but Reece suplexs him down and lands some shots, before its back to the feet. Both trade on the feet and O’Connor goes for the takedown, but it’s stuffed by Reece on the feet, and he gets on a standing guillotine and it goes down and O’Connor gets out but Reece is postured up and goes to hammering in the ground and pound. O’Connor turns to his knees and is crouched up and eats shots, before working his way to his feet and they break. Just as time is expiring Reece lands a good front kick and the round is over.

A cracking fight here and I’ve only seen two rounds! Such a well matched fight and both are looking dangerous.

Round Four

We begin and both meet in the centre. A nice left is through twice for Reece and he fires another before stuffing an O’Connor takedown, landing another left, and kicking him to the legs twice. He opens with a punch again and O’Connor comes in and Reece gets him down, landing in his guard, but then going to half guard. He postures and fires in some brutal shots again and is looking good, but O’Connor is tough and goes to his knees again, so Reece picks off the shots, is landing them beautifully and gets  O’Connor’s back and drops back to his back and tightens up the rear naked choke and the tap comes.

Ashley Reece is still the FCC Amateur Lightweight champion via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:09 of round four.

(Click here for the post fight interview with Ashley)


“Dirty” Harry Marple vs. Jacob Szymanski 

Round one

We begin with both looking to strike on the feet and Marple landing well but Szymanski gets the fight down and but Marple gets to the cage and stands. Szymanski gets him straight back down but Marple is right back up. Two left knees power in for Marple, before Szymanski gets it down and Marple is right back up, but Marple, next to the cage, jumps on his back and Szymanski goes to his knees, the choke is tight, and the tap comes.

Harry Marple wins his professional debut via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:16

(Click here to watch Harry’s post fight interview)

Danny “Mini Hulk” Missin vs. Aaron Aby

Round One

Referee Dean Weir sets them away. Both are feeling each other out and its Aby taking the centre more and looking to jab but not landing. Missin opens up with a combo and gets through with a right and goes to circling. In Aby goes and eats a slapping knee to the body and he then drops down and puts him on the cage. Missin is standing tall and rains in the right elbows and six must be coming in and it goes down as Aby flies in and Missin lands on top and opens up with the ground and pound. This is furious and he is connecting well, and Aby ties him up, but he lands some more rights, before being tied up again, but he breaks through with an elbow. He gets through with another and Aby is bleeding. Aby gets up but gets a shot and Missin pulls guard for the guillotine, but Aby rolls over and Missin gives it up but is on top and goes to work with the shots. He keeps them going as they scramble, gets into top position, steps over and secure the arm triangle. However Aby survives and they move, before Missin settles into side control on his knees and lands a shot. He is hammering them in again, but Aby gets up to his knees and Missin opens up again as he stands. Aby gets against the cage and pushes and drops Aby with a shot, before following down to land more. Aby goes to get up but Missin is on him and takes the back but gives up the choke and transitions to top position, in the guard, on his knees, strikes, and Aby stands slips over and Missin looks like he thinks it should be over, but Weir asks them to continue after Aby stands and Aby moves and slips over backwards looking a little punch drunk and the fight is waved off.

Good stoppage by Dean Weir there after assessing the situation.

Aby is cleaned up by the doctors and when they leave the cage, Missin goes over and holds his opponents arm a loft and the crowd give a massive round of an applause. Great sportsmanship and respect from the crowd.

Danny Missin gets the TKO (Referee stoppage) at 4:01

(Click here for the post fight interview with Danny)

Veselin “The Madman” Ivanov vs Declan “Kid Dynamite” Williams 

Round One

Williams and Ivanov are feeling each other out and both looking at possible shots, before Ivanov shoots in but Williams steps to the side and BOOM connects with a big right and the fight is over.

Declan Williams gets the KO victory at 42 seconds

Kostadin Enev vs Martin “50Cal” Stapleton

Round One

Off we go with a touch of gloves and both kicking at the same time. Both are in the centre but Stapleton catches his opponent with a good combo, but the Bulgarian fires back him and finishes with a kick. In Stapleton goes and lands with a knee, but Enev throws back and Stapleton looks for the takedown, but Enev gets to his knees  and Stapleton lands some shots and then up Enev gets so Stapleton takes it down. He is on top now and working in the shots, landing them nicely and is working his way to them. He lands more, then Enev gets to his knees he gets on the guillotine, which looks tight but he is out and it’s up. Both open up on each other and swing away, with both connecting with their shots. The crowd rises for that and Stapleton gets it down again, and from half guard starts to strike. Enev gets turtled up and to his knees and Stapleton gets in his hooks and is looking for the choke, but gives it up and waits before starting to pick his shots. He lands four well, before Enev gets flattened out. Stapleton lands more shots and then Enev gets to his knees, but Stapleton is really working in some good shots and controlling his opponent. Enev flattens out again, so Stapleton fires a shot or two, before he turtles up. So Stapleton goes to picking his shots and is firing in the rights, taking his time, and then switches to the lefts with ten to go. He gets a few more in and then the end of the round is sounded.

Round Two

We get going with Stapleton eating a left body kick but pushing in and connecting with a right and Enev fires back wildly. Both kick to the legs and open up with the punches. Stapleton looks for the jab but an uppercut for Bulgaria lands. Stapleton is in with another shot, but Enev kicks to the legs. He goes inside with one but Stapleton isn’t bothered and in fires a left, clinches and fires in a knee to the head. Enev fires back hard but Stapleton is forward to land again, with Stapleton hitting thin air. In Stapleton goes with left hands, and ducks an Enev shot, who kicks to the legs, so Stapleton goes to the body and both open up with the strikes. Stapleton gets a more dominant position with the Bulgarian on the cage and lands some shots, before following him to land again and miss a spinning kick. Away from the cage it goes and Enev hammers to the legs. As he pushes in Stapleton lands a beautiful three punch combo with a nice uppercut. He waits and kicks to the legs, before going back in with another good shot. Enev looks to the body, but in Stapleton goes with a one-two to land, but Enev lands nicely with one of his own and goes in for the takedown but Stapleton defends perfectly, pushes him over and goes to the ground to fire in some swift ground and pound. He then fires in another nice one before getting into mount and Enev turns to his front and Stapleton flattens him out. He then goes with the right hands and lands many unanswered, before Bulgaria turtles up and Stapleton know goes with the lefts and these are coming in bunches now and Enev can’t stop them. Stapleton throws in the rights again and Enev tries to turn out but Stapleton keeps the position and fires in some more shots before the ref steps in to call off the fight.

Martin Stapleton gets the TKO victory at 3:57 of round two

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Martin)

Co main event

Hayden Critchfield vs Kane “The Danger” Mousah 

Unfortunately I missed this fight but managed to see the end where Mousah worked nicely to take Critchfield’s back, rolled to his back, secured the choke and the tap came.

Kane Mousah got the Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:43 of round one.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Kane)

Main Event

FCC British Lightweight Title Fight

Brendan Loughnane (Champion) vs. Ali “Insane” Maclean

Round One

We get going with Maclean out to the centre and Brendan in to land a left. Maclean goes to kick up high and opens on a combination. He looks for another and both score with punches. Brendan kicks and in they both go to score again. A nice right lands clean for Brendan and he is in for the takedown but Maclean remains strong and lands two knees in the clinch and they break. Brendan lands with a kick, eats a punch, and connects with a good right. He lands a nice side kick to the body and both go to landing some nice shots. Another right side kick is through for Loughnane and Maclean kicks one himself to the body. Maclean pushes forward and gets a combo, before Loughnane looks to land. Loughnane swings and they tie up and Maclean goes to the body with a knee, but Loughnane lands a right elbow on the break. Loughnane is starting to get through with his shots and he is timing them well. He then gets a good combination in and follows with a kick. Both trade before Mclean goes with a front kick. Brendan goes to the body with a punch, then a good combination scores well. Both go to circling and both land with good shots. Maclean kicks to the legs but Loughnane responds himself. Both get in good punches before Loughnane pushes in with the punches and looks to get it down but Mclean stays on his feet. He goes for the standing guillotine and gets his arm over but Loughnane breaks free. Both now go back to trading and each score with some good shots. It’s back and forth from each and neither is backing down. Maclean looks to jab and Loughnane opens up but McLean pushes in and puts Loughane against the cage and looks for the takedown, and throws some knees. Loughnane turns out and lands on the break, before Maclean kicks to the body. Maclean lands a good shot and gets Loughnane to the cage but Loughnane turns it round. They break and Loughnane kicks to the body and Maclean tries to respond. Both fire in close with some good shots and the end of the round is sounded.

Round Two

The seconds begins with both landing the strikes and connecting in close with quick combinations. Loughnane kicks inside and lands a left, but it may have been low and Maclean walks away but is fine. They restart and Loughnane lands some good shots and wobbles Maclean, so follows in to land some more shots and a knee, then drops Maclean with a nice shot and goes in with the ground and pound and is really landing and gets up and walks away thinking he has won, but Maclean is up, wobbles, so Loughnane is in fast and drops him again and goes in to finish it but the ref has seen enough and stops the fight.

Brendan Loughnane remains the FCC Professional British Lightweight champion via TKO at 55 seconds of round two.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Brendan)

SD MMA UK Fight Night Awards

Submission of the night: Callum Gahgan

KO of the night: Michael Younis

Fight of the night: Anthony O’Connor vs. Ashley Reece

Performance of the night: Brendan Loughnane

The night at FCC really did live up to its billing and the show continues to expand and showcase just why they are one of the best.

Adam Teh and his team know how to match great match up’s, along with how to make a big show run so smoothly.

Inside the cage we were treated to some great battles and some of the best UK fighters showcasing their skills and showing why they are at the top of their game.

A study was released this week about the price of football and if you were to visit the Macron Stadium to watch Bolton you would be paying between 23.00 and 35.00 pounds for ninety minutes of action, but at FCC you get six hours of action, more value for money and more entertainment.

So all in all FCC is a night which is not to be missed and FCC 11 was one of those nights.

I would like to thank Adam Teh and the team for allowing me to come down and cover the show. I hope the interviews and review does the show justice and apologises if I missed any fights or action during the fights which I did see.

FCC 12 will be taking place in early 2015, so be sure to keep checking SD MMA UK for any news on the announcement, in the coming months.



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