Ash Grg: “I think its a great match up not only for me but for the fans”


Combat Challenge’s first show in the North East takes place this coming Saturday, live from Hartlepool, and competing for the first time in his home town is professional Ash Grg. 

Ash has had one hell of a career so far, but this will be the first time he will get to fight in front of a home crowd and he can’t be more excited for that possibly. 

On the night he meets Dave Stone in a pro match up and it is one which could really bring the roof off the venue and be memorable for all involved. 

Ahead of the fight I caught up with Ash to get his thoughts and look forward to what is going to be an explosive night in the North East.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer my questions Ash. I wanted to begin by looking ahead to Combat Challenges first event in Hartlepool. How does it feel to be asked to compete on the event and what are you expecting from the show?

“No problem mate, yeah I’m looking forward to being on the show in front of a home crowd. I’ve got a big group coming so hopefully be a great atmosphere”.

How much had you previously known about the combat challenge brand and how good is it to see it up in Hartlepool?

“I had heard good things of the show but hadnt seen alot of it personally. Its great to have a show coming to the town, it can only help progress the sport”.

On the night you take on Dave Stone in a pro match up. How much have you managed to see on Dave and the challenges he could pose?

“Yeah I’ve seen a few of Dave’s fights, he looks a big strong unit with heavy hands. But I feel I’m stronger in all aspects of the fight”.

One thing I have seen from Dave is that he is known for his power on the feet. Is this something you feel you will have to watch out for or do you feel if he stands with you, you will be the stronger?

“Yeah I think my stand up is a big aspect of my fighting. I’m the current iska English k1 champion in my weight class too, so I’m confident”.

No one can predict how a fight will go though, as its what MMA really good: it’s unpredictible. What do you believe makes this a good match up for you?

“I think its a great match up not only for me but for the fans as I know Dave will bring the fight to me and I’m happy to meet him in the middle of the cage!”

Without giving too much away where do you feel you will have the edge in the fight?

“I think I’m stronger in all aspects, I feel I can pick him apart on the feet and on the ground. My training for this camp has been second to none”.

As the show is local to you, will you be hoping to have some great support behind you and how much does that support mean to you?

“Yeah the support will be great! Outta 70 + fights this will be my first in Hartlepool, so I cant wait…”.

With a win over Dave, what do you think that will do for your developing pro career?

“Both myself and my manager Mike at tfl have been discussing this a lot and there’s some big things in the near future, so watch this space”.

MMA is an amazing sport, and stands out above all the other sports (in my opinion). What is it to you that makes it something amazing to be involved in?

“The hype of MMA is insane! I love the fact its man v man in the rawest form! Both men are there to put the other out, one way or another”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Yeah I would like to thank Dan and all the lads at Renzo Gracie Hartlepool for the hours and hours of hard work they’ve done with me, its a place id recommend to anyone; an ego free gym, where the training is second to none! Also my sponsors Eddy Ellwood and extreme nutrition, dark horse clothing and apostle tattoo studio. Their support means a lot”.


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