Bradley Nelson: “I feel I will grind him down”


Combat Challenge heads to the North East this weekend for their first ever event in Hartlepool, with a night of MMA and K1 action. 

Competing on the night is Bradley Nelson, who takes on Rob Kelly in a MMA match up, and he is confident of coming out on top. 

With a great team behind him, pushing him each and every day, he will be a tough opponent for anyone and fans can expect him to put on a performance on the night. 

Ahead of the  match up, Bradley took some time out to answer my questions. 

Thanks for your time Bradley. I wanted to start by asking about your MMA development so far. What is it that first attracted you to the sport and peaked your interest in possibly training?

“I always took part in martial arts since I was young and watched a lot of it on tele”.

Looking back on your first few times training in the sport, what is it that made you think: “I want to keep doing this”

“I enjoyed it from the start. I could never wait to get in the gym and learn and grow as a fighter”.

Was it always your intention to compete and how have you found your experiences competing so far?

“Yes I always wanted to test myself and I have grown a lot since first competing, in the sport and in person”.

One thing which MMA does compared to many sports is how much it brings a team together. Who have been some of your bigger influences at the gym, who have guided you to this point?

“Everyone at the gym pushes me forward. Mainly my coaches John Dawson and Ricky Mickie”.

Even though you all work hard together, its only you that goes through with your own fight. How much does it help having your coaches experience in your corner and having them helping you in your fights?

“It helps a great deal knowing I have my coaches with many years of experience fighting as my base”.

Next up you head to compete on the combat challenge show. How much do you know about combat challenge and how much are you looking forward to the first hartlepool event?

“Yes, especially at home”.

On the night you meet Rob Kelly. How much do you know about Rob and the possible challenges he poses?

“Not much but we knew his weaknesses and strengths”.

Everyone in the sport has to be respected, but where do you feel you will be the stronger as the match up plays out?

“Yes, I feel I will grind him down and he will get tired as the fight goes on”.

Are you hoping to have some support behind you and how much does that support mean to you?

“Hopefully there will be a good home crowd to spur me on”.

One thing a lot of people seem to neglect in sport is the mental side, as that can be very important, as it can get you through tough situations. How much do you believe in having a strong mental attitude in your fights?

“Having a strong mental attitude is a priority when fighting. It helps you focus and push through hard situations”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“John Dawson, Ricky Mickie and Ash Grf”.


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