George Davies: “This fight will give me the opportunity to show a lot of people what I can do”


It’s not long until George Davies gets his shot at number two ranked Carlos DeGraca, at Main Event, on 22nd November 2014 and what a fight it is set to be. 

George recently won on the Shock N’Awe 17 card, when he put on a fine performance against Mo Kargbo and continued to show people why he is a very dangerous stand up competitor. 

With his career continuing to go upwards, I caught up with George to get his thoughts on SnA and the upcoming match up in Bolton.

Thanks for your time George. I wanted to start by looking back on your last match up on the shock and awe 17 card. Firstly how did you find competing on the SnA show?

“SnA was my first MMA show and my first time fighting in a cage. It was a very professional and well run show. I enjoyed it a lot and was very well looked after”.

On the night you defeated Mo Kargbo via split decision. Did you feel you had done enough to get more than a split decision victory?

“I felt on the night I did more than enough to get a unanimous decision, but I still won so that’s what matters”.

Looking back on your performance where do you feel you were the stronger on the night and was there anything Mo did which you werent expecting?

“I was just fitter than him and had a higher work rate. Mo was exactly how I expected him to be”.

Next up you are competing on Nov 22nd at Main Event. How much do you know about their show and how much are you looking forward to competing on the night?

“Main event is one of the biggest shows in the country and has had some of the biggest names compete on it, so I am very excited to be able to fight on it”.

Your opponent that night is Carlos DeGraca. What type of challenge are you expecting from him on the night and would you say he is the toughest opponent, on paper, you will have faced?

“I know a bit about Carlos as he is the U.K no 2. I have been able to watch a few of his fights and I am expecting a very tough fight and yes he is the toughest I will have faced.

Where do you feel you will have the upper hand in the bout and what is it that makes this a cracking fight for you?

“I am going to be fitter and stronger than I have ever been. This fight will give me the opportunity to show a lot of people what I can do”.

Are you hoping to have a lot of support there on the night and how much does that support mean to you?

“I’m not too sure as Bolton is quite a long trip from Woking, but it is great to have support”.

You have taken on and defeated some very tough competitors so far in your career. What have been some of your own personal highlights?

“Tristan Tate was a good fight for me and also defeating Mo Kargbo”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Jesse Saunders and the team at Shin Kick”.



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