Jamie McGuigan: “I will leave it all in the ring on the night”


This weekend Jamie McGuigan steps into the ring to make his final performance of a very successful amateur career before turning professional, after a short break. 

Over his amateur career Jamie has been dominant, not just in terms of winning championships but in his development. Each time he steps into the ring he has gone up another level and never gives his opponents the chance to rest. 

His fight this weekend could see him leave with another championship belt and ahead of that fight I caught up with him to get his thoughts.

Hi Jamie, thanks for your time. I wanted to start by looking ahead to your last amateur match up next week, before you take some time off, and it is for a title. How much would it mean to take home the title?

“Winning another title would mean a lot but this fight is a very important to me for other reasons, it’s the first time since July 2013 I have been able to fight on our home show Pantheon Fight Series Hastings”.

How much do you know about your opponent on the night and what challenges, if any, do you think they will pose you?

“I have seen one video from a few years back and heard a bit about him but nothing that worries me. I have had a great training camp which is all that matters for me”.

Besides their strengths, you will have strengths of your own. Where do you feel you will have the advantage on your opponent?

“I will always have power and fitness on my side. I have worked a lot on my speed and fitness has gone up another level since my last fight”.

Are you hoping to have some good support behind you and how much does that support mean to you?

“The support is the main reason I train so hard, I have sold close to 100 tickets; friends, family and most importantly my fiancé who has never missed one and is also six months pregnant”.

You have a great team behind you, and even though you take to the ring yourself, how is it having them in your corner and guiding you through your fights?

“My team make it possible and since I’ve been fighting I have always been well looked after and can say nothing but great things for them as a team”.

For anyone who hasn’t seen you compete before, what can they expect from you?

“I always like to get straight into a fight. I am more patient in my later fights, but I will be after a knockout and I will leave it all in the ring on the night”.

As mentioned this is your last amateur fight. Looking back on your time as an amateur what have been some of your personal highlights?

“I hope to turn pro as I feel I am ready and amateur had been great. The best moment had to be winning my ICO English Title(grudge match) in Barnsley by KO in the fourth round”.

In terms of your development, how good is it to look back and see how far you have come, but how much more work do you feel is ahead of you?

“My first fight was October 2012 and I am more than happy, but the work is only just starting for me”.

Do you have any specific aims for your professional career?

“Just to get my first fight and go from there really. I feel I will progress well over time and just continue to enjoy it as much as I do now”.

And finally, is there anyone you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Everyone who follows my progress, all my coaches, team mates and my fiancé who puts with me giving given 110 percent and all that comes with it”.



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