Jordan Chester: “I always want to fight the best and Ben Royle is right up there”

Back for their sixth installment, and second show of 2014, are REPS Retribution, who will present the show on Saturday 15th November, live from Tulketh community sports college in Preston. 

Competing on the night is Jordan Chester who is a crowd and home town favourite in Preston but also someone who is ever advancing in his MMA career. 

Earlier in 2014 Jordan got picked to be part of Team UK in the Amateur World MMA Championships and performed exceptionally well. He has also won on the Cage Warriors show in Liverpool and is ready to continue taking on the best around. 

His next challenge comes in the form of Ben Royle and this fight has the makings of a classic amateur contest and don’t be surprised to see it take home the fight of the night. 

Ahead of the match up I caught up with Jordan to get his thoughts on his opponent, the REPS show and his time in America. 

Thanks for your time as always Jordan. So much happens in such short periods of time in MMA and I wanted to start about the recent experience you had of going over to America, for the Amateur World championships. Firstly congratulations on the bronze medal. How much did it mean to you to come back with a bronze medal?

“Thanks mate. It meant a lot coming back with a bronze I would of rather had a gold like always but I was happy with the result”.

What was the experience like of competing over there and how do you feel you performed in your match up’s?

“Words can’t describe the experience of fighting in Las Vegas it’s every MMA fighters dream! I think I performed well considering I had three fights in one week”.

The UK coach was Luke Barnett. Did you have chance to speak with him much and how was it to work alongside him?

“Yeah, I spoke to him a lot. He was in my corner for ever fight so it felt good having someone with that much experience in my corner”.

I also saw you went to some other gyms to train with your coach. What was it like to experience training out there and would it be somewhere you’d love to go back to one day?

“It was amazing training in California beautiful place! Yeah, course, I’m hoping to go back next year for some more training”.

You compete next on the REPS show, which always has a fine atmosphere. How good is it to have REPS put on a second show of the year?

“It’s amazing to be back fighting on the REPS show in front of my home crowd”.

I see that you have struggled to find a match up at bantamweight, with not many coming forward to compete against you. How do you look at that? Is it a compliment or quite frustrating?

“To be honest it’s a joke! Amateur is all about learning before going pro! There are too many wanna be MMA fighters about!”

Your match now will be up at featherweight, against Ben Royle. How much do you know about Ben and the challenges he poses?

“I know quite a bit about Ben, he’s got a strong ground game and he’s a well rounded fighter”.

What makes this a really good match up for you?

“We was both struggling to get matched so we both agreed to fight. I always want to fight the best and Ben Royle is right up there”.

With Ben dropping down from Lightweight and you going up, do you think this can work to your advantage when it comes to the weight cut?

“Erm I don’t know it depends how much he cuts. I always feel fresh weather it’s a bantamweight or featherweight”.

And finally, as always, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Too many people to thank hopefully don’t leave anyone out, first massive thanks to trio vehicles for sponsoring threw out the year, sports injury management for keeping me fighting fit. Millers taxis, rowan scrap metals, Longridge scaffolding, Paul Kennedy, XS mouth guards, my manager at RFM Tony Abram, my coach Ste Nightingale, my brother Martin Chester, all my training partners at RepsMma, Connor Hitchens, Ray Kenny, Dave Hartley and Brandon Worrall: Too many to thank. If I’ve missed anyone I’m sorry!”



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