Grapple Nation 3: Superfight focus – Ed Ingamells (Interview)

Grapple Nation 3 takes place this weekend in Manchester with a great looking line up of superfights. One man involved in a very well matched bout is Ed Ingamells. 

Ed has been involved in the sport for over five years and since taking to the mat he has shown so much promise and ability, especially each time he competes, where you see the progress he makes. This weekend he has a tough match up against experienced MMA professional Lee Chadwick, but it is one he is relishing and looking forward to.

Another stand out thing about Ed is his fantastic beard and if they were offering belts for that, it would certainly be a black one. 

Ahead of his match up I caught up with Ed to learn a little more about him and his thoughts on Grapple Nation.  

Hi Ed, thanks for your time. I see you have been training for 5 years in BJJ. What was it that first peaked your interest in BJJ and led you to begin training?

“It wasn’t watching Royce Gracie ruin everyone at UFC 1, it’s far more boring than that, even though that is a pretty standard template response. I was a bit overweight, around 110kg, and wanted to do something to get into better shape and to beat people up without getting arrested. I’d always been into the idea of grappling and wrestling, so BJJ seemed like the prefect fit.

Unfortunately, I was living in Lincoln at the time and the closest club was in Hull, an 80 minute drive away! I went, loved it, and the rest is history”.

Once you first got on the mat and started rolling, what was it that made you want to continue learning?

“Like a lot of people, I got may ass kicked by someone half my size! It’s a story you hear from a lot of BJJers, but there is no better wake up call than having someone you feel you can smash submitting you at will”.

When you first started training was it always your intention to enter competitions and how have you found testing your skills against over competitors to date?

“I’ve always been competitive, so it was inevitable that I would compete, and to be honest, I wanted to the second I stepped on the mat. I think it is something everybody should do at least once, it’s not something you can replicate at your club and it’s a guaranteed way to highlight your weaknesses whether you want it to or not.

I take a lot away from my fights, it’s what has helped me develop the most as a grappler. There is nothing that will fix a mistake better than losing a fight because of it. I try to record all my fights, and win or lose, I will spend hours watching them back, and working out what I did wrong, and how to correct it”.

Next up is Grapple Nation 3. How much do you know about Grapple Nation and the first two shows they have put on?

“I haven’t been to any of their events before but have heard good things. I’ve watched some of the super fights they have had in the past, and love the idea of having a small card of super fights running alongside a full competition”.

You get the opportunity to compete in one of the super fights on the day in Manchester, against Lee Chadwick. Everyone knows he is a fantastic MMA competitor, but this one is just focused on BJJ. How much have you managed to see of Lee and his grappling, and what do you expect from him on the day?

“As you say, he is a great competitor in MMA and he seems to have been on an impressive run over the last couple of years, beating some particularly solid opponents like Sutherland, and Petrescu. I’ve seen a few of his fights but it doesn’t really tell me much, grappling changes immensely when you can repeated punch someone in the face.

On the day, I expect him to shoot, double leg me, and dump me on my head. My notoriously poor stand up and takedown defence is likely to start me off in a pretty crappy position but this is something I’m getting quite used to. In all seriousness though, I expect to get taken down pretty savagely”.

What was it that attracted you to taking the superfight and where do you feel you will be stronger on the mat?

“I’m a big fan of the submission only format that the fights follow, it completely changes up the strategies that I’m used to with the standard points system and shorter fights. You have to approach it in a completely different way, and not worry about risking position in the hunt for the finish. It produces much more exciting fights!

As far as where I will have an advantage on the mats, having already discussed my legendary wrestling and judo skills, it’s gonna be off my back, I think I can be pretty awkward. Saying that, my general strategy will revolve around awkwardness. I plan to play a stupidly confusing guard game, in the hope that he can’t understand what is going on, and gives up through bafflement. This has worked surprisingly well in the past”.

And finally, is there anybody you want to thank/give a shout out to?

Everybody at Mill Hill BJJ, who beat the crap out of me on a daily basis. Scramble, for their support and providing me with everything I need to continue getting the crap beating out of me on a daily basis. And, the guys and girls at Grapple Nation for giving the opportunity to fight at their event”.



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