Ste Nightingale: “Being part of a super fight is going to be class”


Grapple Nation returns to the Sugden Sports Centre in Manchester this weekend and competing in a superfight is REPS MMA’s leading man: Ste Nightingale. 

Ste is known for being a fantastic coach and a cracking competitor in the world of MMA. He is training with some of the brightest amateur prospects in the country and is looking forward to finally getting back into competing himself. 

His match up comes against Jake Corrigan in what will be a really good superfight, between two great competitors. 

Ahead of the event, Ste took some time out to speak with me about the fight and his BJJ experience so far.

Thanks for your time Ste. What was it that first peaked your interest in BJJ and led you to begin training in the art?

“First got into the sport from going to some wrestling classes to help my rugby and ended up giving rugby up for MMA and no gi is just one of the many arts we work on. I’ve never really done much Bjj at all, as I never took to rolling in a gi”.

Alongside competing, you coach as well. How much does coaching help you with your own BJJ?

“Yes I love coaching and my gym has come on really well in the last few years we have some of the most promising amateurs in the country, so it’s a pleasure to be in the gym everyday”.

You also compete in MMA, with BJJ a big component in MMA. Going into a superfight focused solely on grappling, does it make it easy as you dont have to worry about the striking aspect?

“Yeah I suppose it helps a bit, as there so much more you can do wen not getting hit, but I like hitting people. So there’s goods and bads”.

Next up is Grapple Nation 3. How much do you know about Grapple Nation and the first two shows they have put on?

“Grapple nation is really well run and full of big names. It is probably the best no gi event in the UK, so it’s a pleasure to be apart of it”.

On the day you are involved in a superfight. How does it feel to be asked to compete in a superfight and how much are you looking forward to being involved in it?

“Being part of a super fight is going to be class and I can’t wait. I’ve been really busy this year and had a lot of bad luck with with match ups, so seems like a long time since I competed”.

Your opponent is Jake Corrigan. Have you had chance to check any footage out on Chris and what are you expecting from him on the day?

“No, not really looked into him. I know he’s been in quite a few super fights his self before and won, so I’m expecting a hard time on the mat come Saturday”.

I see from GN that you have two more years experience that. Do you think that experience could prove a factor in the match up?

“No not at all. I may have more experience in striking and wrestling but Jake probably spends a lot more time on the mat than me, so the extra two  years isn’t going to make much difference”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“I’d like to thank my sponsors millers taxis, Rsm scrap metal, Preston repair centre,Longridge scaffolding and sports injury management”.1655492_1444218669142156_1590867508_o


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