Ben Royle: “It’s just a way for us both to get experience and test ourselves”.

Photo Credit: Dn4 Photography

Photo Credit: Dn4 Photography

REPS Retribution 6 takes place on Saturday 15th November in Preston and one of the most highly anticipated fights on the night features Ben Royle and Jordan Chester. 

Ben Royle trains with some of the UK’s best at ASW and isn’t afraid to take on anyone, as he continues his MMA development. 

Recently he defeated tough prospect Tony Williams at Fightstar Championship 4, with a very slick submission. 

He will be aiming to keep the confidence flowing and I caught up with him ahead of the fight. 

Thanks for your time again Ben. I wanted to start with the last time we spoke, which came at FSC 4. Having had chance to look back on that fight, how pleased where you with your performance?

“No problem thanks for interviewing me, and I’ve not seen the fight yet as the footage is yet to be released so I’ve not had a chance to really analyse my performance in the fight, however I know I was a lot calmer leading up to and in the fight so I was very pleased with that”.

You got the finish in the first round, which was one of my personal submissions of the night. How good was it to get the finish?

“Obviously I was happy to get the finish especially against such a tough opponent although I would of liked the fight to go on a bit longer so I could get the cage time but obviously I wasn’t going to let go of the submission as I may not have had another opportunity to get it haha”.

Next up is the REPS 6 show in Preston. How much do you know about their show and the events they have put on so far?

“The reps shows are great I fought on the last one and it was really well organised and they always put on good fights with some of the countries top amateurs”.

On the night you go down to featherweight to take on Jordan Chester. They found it hard to match him at bantamweight, with not many wanting to compete against him. What is it that made you think this was a good fight for you?

“I’m not really going down I went up to lightweight last time as it was on a weeks notice and since I was struggling to get fights at feather I said I’d do light as well, I walk around at about 70 anyway. I thought it was a good fight for me because he agreed to fight me after a load of people said no, I’m not bothered who I fight it’s just amateur and I train with some of the best fighters and coaches in Europe at ASW all the time”.

Jordan is a very good prospect, as are yourself. What do you think a win over Jordan would do for your career?

“Yeah Jordan is really good and is considered one of the top amateurs in the country after medaling at that world championship but to be honest it’s just an amateur fight the result will have little to zero impact on either of our careers in the long run, it’s just a way for us both to get experience and test ourselves”.

How much have you seen of Jordan and what are you expecting from him on the night?

“I don’t want to go into the fight expecting anything as last time I did that my opponent did the exact opposite and it took me by surprise. I’m just focused on what I’m going to do to win”.

Jordan is also a Preston favourite, who has a lot of support when he competes on REPS. Do you think they makes it a little easier for you as most people will be expecting him to beat you and will over look you?

“I don’t think the crowd matters at all to be honest, my teammate Mike Wilkinson walked into an arena as a massive underdog with 10’000 Swedish people booing him and he silenced them within a minute. This is nothing in comparison hahaha”.

Without giving too much away, where would you say you have the edge?

“I won’t know until the night, but I’m confident everywhere”.

Looking back over 2014 so far, how much would you say you have come along in your development?

“2014 has been a good year, I’ve fully recovered from some serious injuries I had last year and I feel I’ve improved loads thanks to the great coaches and training partners I have at ASW Manchester (formerly MSW) and ASW itself. I can’t thank them enough”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Yeah too many, thanks to my coach Kam and all the guys at ASW Manchester, Daren Moris and everyone at Atherton, my kickboxing coach PJ and my sponsors Progress Jiu Jitsu. Oh yeah and thank you for interviewing me”.


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