Craig Heasley: “I would like to think I can take a good shot and also can give one!”


REPS Retribution 6 returns for it’s second show of 2014 with a bumper card on Saturday 15th November 2014, in Preston, and competing in a caged boxing match up is Craig Heasley. 

Craig steps in to take on the talented Martin Chester, in Chester’s own back yard, and is ready to test himself against a strong opponent. 

Not only does Craig train, he is also a coach and has developed into a fantastic competitor and somebody who has the power in his hands to end a fight with one punch. 

Ahead of REPS I caught up with Craig to get his thoughts on the upcoming fight and his last match up, which came on the Caged Predators show in September. 

Thanks for your time Craig. I wanted to start by looking ahead to REPS Retribution 6. How much do you know about the show and how much you looking forward to competing on the night?

“Ya, good show and I’ve fought there before so as a few more flex lads! Good to get on one of our local shows so looking forward to my first boxing bout at a new fight weight of 73kg”.

On the night you are involved in a Cage Boxing match up against Martin Chester. How much have you seen of Chester’s stand up and what are you expecting from him on the night?

“Ya looking at my first boxing bout not seen much of Martin’s stand up but know he’s relentless with his wrestling in MMA and I’m expecting him to come and try to knock me out!”

He recently fought on the same show as you in Blackburn, defeating Wayne Tierney. Did you get chance to see that fight and what did you make to his performance?

“Didn’t see many fights but did watch it on the net! Was a good fight Wayne tried to box, as Chester was pushing the pace and awkward fighting southpaw! Had it a close fight!”

Where do you feel you will have the edge in this match up?

“Hopefully my 22 years plus in stand up will help me out but boxing is different just looking at going in there to test out my boxing skills but if I have to make it a scrappy fight then I will fight!”

Both you and Martin both are excellent Mixed Martial Artists. But does it make it easier preparing for just a boxing match up as you just have to work on your hands and not have to have more to think about with the ground game?

“Ya, I’m a stand up fighter so I committed to just box as I’m struggling getting much MMA ground game in! And then got asked for this match up so be good test for both of us! I like to use my legs so that’s going to be hard but at least I don’t have to worry about the take down and submission game”.

I have seen the power you have in your hands, when you KO’d Jordan Wilkinson at rage in the cage. How much confidence does it give you to know that you can knock people out with one punch?

“I would like to think I can take a good shot and also can give one! But it’s all about timing to get a good ko! So hoping I can let my skills and techniques. Work and any power will follow!”

As mentioned you competed in Blackburn recently, taking on Matt Williams and were involved in a close match up. Looking back on your performance did you feel you had done enough to win and what did you take from the fight?

“Ya, took that fight with Matt on three days notice and I was ready for doing awater cut to get to 73 kg but got the phone call to see if can fight at 77kg as my opponent had dropped out so was eating crap for couple of days to maintain my weight! So wasn’t the best 77kg I normally am and didn’t train much ground as that was meant to be a boxing bout as well! But wanted to fight so took it on and I felt he was the heavier guy and he took the win! But got few rounds in and didn’t get submitted lol”.

As always you had your team in your corner, who are some of the best. Whats it like training with them each and every day?

“Ya, was good to have four or five of lads from team flex fighting on same show! Like old times but don’t think it will happen again! I train at my own club in Millom and they from barrow club and don’t get time to train together the same! But I still get time to train with Brett and trying to build my own lads who train at Millom fight club but not a lot of interest in MMA in my small town 😦 but I keep going with who ever wants to learn!”

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Would like to thank my fiancee for her support over the years looking after my 3 kids while I work hard to and train harder! John Ryce my boxing coach and all the lads who train with me down my club and the on growing support mma/and boxing lads!

Bob Cassidy for always believing in me and cornering me in all my fights and coaching over the years! As helped me grow as a fighter and coach! Wouldn’t have any one else 🙂  and Brett Mcdermott for taking up the sport when he did as given me good focus with a good training partner over the years and kept me in the game!

Yourself, split decision for the interview, and all those who have coached me in my martial arts career helped me along the way! I enjoy learning and good to put skills to the test. In the octagon!”



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