Adam Florence: “I’m going in there to beat him and get a shot at that title…that’s it”

Credit: Paul Newman/FightStar Championship

Credit: Craig Newman/FightStar Championship

FightStar Championship returns on 11th April with its fifth instalment, live from Coventry, and competing in a light heavyweight championship eliminator is Adam Florence.

Adam featured on the second FightStar Championship and has always been impressed with the promotion, which makes going back to compete on the promotion closer to home all that bit sweeter.

In his way on the night is Ross Pope and he is expecting a tough fight and is one fight which could easily steal fight of the night honours, so ahead of the night I caught up with Adam to get his thoughts.

Thanks for your time Adam. It’s been a while since FightStar championship two when we last spoke. That night you were defeated but what did you take from that fight?

“Yeah it has been a while since FightStar 2 and I’m very glad to have you back interviewing me again. From being defeated at FightStar 2 I took a lot from the fight and I feel you take more from a loss than a win”.

Since FightStar Championship 2, how much do you feel you have come on in your development?

“My development has came on tenfold since then, I feel I’m always improving and I’m aiming to improve all areas for this fight”.

How much have you competed, since the involvement at FightStar Championship 2, and have there been any match ups which have stood out to you as being ones which you have learnt a lot from?

“Since FightStar 2 I haven’t competed and I was scheduled to be on FCC on March 28th but had to pull out, but I watch a lot of footage from all levels of all disciplines to learn and improve”.

Next up is FightStar 5, which heads to Coventry for the first time. What makes FightStar a great promotion to compete on?

“What makes FightStar a great promotion to compete on is their professionalism, they always take care of the fighters leading up to the show and always look to put on the best show possible. Plus, I’m looking forward to being part of that again”.

On the night you are involved in a light heavyweight title eliminator. Without looking too far ahead, how much would it mean to get a shot at the championship?

“To get a shot at the championship would be incredible, its what every fighter should want, so I will do all I can to make that shot mine”.

Your opponent on the night is Ross Pope. Have you managed to watch any of Ross’s previous fights and what are you expecting from him?

“I have watched one of his fights, he got the win, and he’s got a similar record to me, so I’m expecting him to give me a good fight”.

Ross is unbeaten so far. Do you think that could play to your advantage as he may feel added pressure at staying unbeaten?

“It doesn’t really concern me whether he feels added pressure about staying unbeaten, I’m not taking anything away from him, but I’m going in there to beat him and get a shot at that title…that’s it”.

Are you hoping to have some support on the night and how much does that support mean to you?

“As the event is fairly local I do hope to have some support, it’s always great to have good crowd support behind you”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“The guys at Fit4Life gym and everyone at Elements MMA who’ve helped me out tremendously as far as improving my skill set, thanks to Jermaine Johnson for keeping me physically fit, and for all my supplements, check him out on Facebook, my training partners Dan McConville keeping me sharp, he is also competing on the night too so good luck to him, Tom Small, Andy and Pobby Bennett who have been a massive help this camp,  Khalid who has really helped my ground game improve,and also everyone who is coming to support me on the night”.



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