FightStar Championship 5 – Full Fight Card


FightStar Championship returns for its first instalment of 2015, live from the Sports Connexion in Coventry, with a bumper night of amateur and professional Mixed Martial Arts and K1 action.

The show will be the promotion’s fifth instalment after two successful shows apiece in Huddersfield and Halifax and as always the team has worked hard to put together a stacked card of 22 fights, including five championship fights.

SD MMA UK will be there on the night bringing you all the post fight reaction and analysis, but today we can bring you the full card.


Featherweight: Jack Caventer 0-0-0 (Mark’s School of Black Belts) vs. James Hands 0-0-0 (Wolfpack MMA)

Featherweight: John McDevitt 0-0-0 (3D MMA) vs. Ethan George 0-0-0 (Team Adrenaline)

Welterweight: John Grant 0-0-0 (Scottish Hit Squad) vs. Scott Darby 0-1-0 (BC Tigers)

K1 68kg: Harri Key 0-0-0 (S18 Gym) vs. Lucy Schofield 0-0-0 (Leicester Shootfighters)

Lightweight: Kieran Little 0-1-0 (Independent) vs. Akonne Walniss 0-0-1 (DCMA)

Heavyweight: Matthew Allen 0-2-0 (Beyond Black Belt) vs. John Painter 1-2-0 (Team Chopper)

K1 93kg: Andy Winchester-Bennett 2-1-0 (Elements MMA) vs. Gav Buckland 5-3-0 (MMAFIA)

Middleweight: Jamie Wroe 0-1-0 (Indepedent) vs. Kody Steel 1-1-0 (DCMA)

Welterweight: Kemp Salmond 1-0-0 (Pimp Legion of Doom) vs. Oliver Paske 2-0-0 (UTC)

Lightweight: Jaz Singh 0-1-0 (Team Crossface) vs. Ashlee Eales 1-0-0 (Dropzone MMA)

Light Heavyweight Title Eliminator: Adam Florence 3-1-0 (Team Adrenaline) vs. Ross Pope 3-0-0 (Beyond Black Belt)

Lightweight: Simon Massey 2-2-0 (John Skillens MMA) vs. Brad Everitt 0-1-0 (Drop Zone MMA)

Bantamweight: Dan McConville 0-0-0 (Team Adrenaline) vs. Harveer Singh 1-0-0 (Team Crossface)

FSC British Bantamweight Title Fight: Cheya Saleem 4-0-0 (Fearless MMA) vs. Robert Masters 4-1-0 (Rising Crane)

FSC British Middleweight K1 Title Fight: Mickey Oliver 2-0-0 (Independent) vs. Harwinder Singh Sira 3-0-0 (Masters)

Featherweight: Rory Foster 4-2-0 (Rising Crane MMA) vs. Justin Springer 6-0-0 (Independent)

Main Card

Lightweight: Sonny Hambleton 4-5-0 (MMA Suples) vs. Nathan Clayton 4-1-0 (Team Kaobon)

Lightweight: Jack Demarco 7-4-0 (Team Parante) vs. Jake Ocean 10-2-0 (Sukata MMA)

FSC British Welterweight Title Fight: James Duckett 9-3-0 (Predators) vs. Josh Stacey Mcmanus 10-6-1 (1st Legion)

Pro Welterweight: Dan Watkins 1-4-0 (John Skillen MMA) vs. Jags Singh 0-1-0 (Team Crossface)

CO-MAIN EVENT – FSC British Middleweight Title Fight: Craig Humphreys 4-0-0 (S18 Gym) vs. Dan Cassell 8-4-0 (Wolfpack MMA)

MAIN EVENT- Pro FSC British Light Heavyweight Title Fight: Paul Craig 4-0-0 (Scottish Hit Squad) vs. James Hurrell 7-4-0 (Hardknocks MMA)

SD MMA UK will be bringing you all the build up to the event, including pre fight interviews with some of the competitors on the night, but if you would like more information on the promotion or tickets for the night head to:

Twitter: @FightStarFSC
Facebook: FightStar Championship


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