Rory Foster: “I’m just going to try and put him through hell and have fun”

Credit: Rory Foster

Credit: Rory Foster

FightStar Championship returns on 11th April 2015 with their fifth show, live from Coventry, and competing in a featherweight clash is Rory Foster, who takes on the unbeaten Justin Springer.

Rory has gone 4-2 so far in his amateur career and has learnt a lot from his competitive match up’s so far and just from hearing from him you can tell that he takes each match up as it comes and is always focusing on his development.

Ahead of FightStar Championship 5 I caught up with Rory to get his thoughts on his career so far, training at Rising Crane MMA and his upcoming match up.

Thanks for your time Rory. I wanted to start by asking about your time in the sport so far, which has seen you put together a record of 4-2-0. What have been some of the biggest lessons you have taken from competing?

“My biggest lessons from competing has to be hands up, chin down and be ready to go to war. Two of my first three A and B class fights were pretty shaky performances, so I’ve always given people a reason to doubt me, I’m ready to change that”.

A lot of competitors development comes in the gym and you come from a fantastic team. Who have been some of the bigger influences on your development there.

“My main coach David has been my biggest influence, he kind of took me under his wing and really put the work in. He encouraged me to go to other gyms for training as well, so I regularly head over to Leighton Buzzard to train with pro fighters”.

MMA is a single sport when you are in the cage, but the bond a team has away from it in pushing each other is awesome to see. Are there anybody at the gym who are the pranksters and like to keep you all laughing?

“Yeah everyone usually comes to the gym in a good mood, me and Rob Masters mess about a fair bit, but we like to have fun, it’s what the sports about, no point in doing it if you ain’t enjoying it, so try to have fun all the time”.

Your next match up comes on the FightStar championship card. How much do you know about the show?

“I’ve known about the show for about a year give or take a couple of months. Then again, I’ve forgotten the dates of half of my fights leading up to them and had to be reminded. Names and dates aren’t my strong suit haha”.

How does it feel to be given an opportunity to compete on their show?

“I’m happy to have the chance to fight for them. I formerly fought for one other show, but after talks with the pro guys I train with, I realised I need to get out of my comfort zone a bit”.

Your opponent on the night is Justin Springer. How much have you managed to see of Justin and what type of match up are you expecting?

“I’ve seen two or three of Justin’s fights and I actually fought on the same event as him twice up in Birmingham when I couldn’t punch my way out of a paper bag. I was surprised when I saw the fight and recognised them, he fought my team former team mate on the first show and I saw a recent video of him spanking a guy out in like 30 seconds or something, so I’m expecting a tough fight…hopefully I’ll still look pretty after”.

Justin comes into the match up unbeaten. Does that help you at all, with him being unbeaten and possibly having more pressure on him?

“The unbeaten record doesn’t really bother me, we’re only amateurs at the end of the day, he might feel different about keeping an unbeaten record, but that’s him and either way I’ve got nothing to lose, so I’m just going to try and put him through hell and have fun”.

Are you hoping to have a lot of support on the night and how much does that support mean to you?

“I’ve had a load of people saying they want to come watch, but people usually bail most of the time, so we’ll see what happens haha”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“I’d like to thank all the guys at the Rising Crane gym for punching me in the face repeatedly leading up to this fight. I would also like to thank the guys over in Leighton Buzzard at Elite TC for the rounds and support and my friends and family; you all know who you are”.


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