Lucy Schofield: “I found the true fighter in me at Leicester Shootfighters”

Photo Credit: Lucy Schofield/Leicester Shootfighters

Photo Credit: Lucy Schofield/Leicester Shootfighters

In just 11 days time Lucy Schofield will step into the cage to make her K1 debut on the FightStar Championship 5 show in Coventry.

Lucy trains at Leicester Shootfighters and has enjoyed her time training so far with the team and they have helped push her on further in her development and it has all led to the first fight. On the night she meets fellow debutant Harri Key in a K1 match will has the billing to be one of the night’s stand out fights. 

Ahead of the evening in Coventry I caught up with Lucy to get to know a little more about her journey into martial arts and her thoughts ahead of the night. 

Thanks for your time Lucy. I wanted to start by asking about your route into the martial arts so far. What is it that first attracted your attention about the possibility of training?

“My interest in martial arts began through family at first, my older sister went to a local light contact kickboxing club and soon after I wanted to give it a go too. I had just turned 13 when I started, and from the first class loved it. The buzz of being part of a team and the urge to get better is what kept me hooked at first”. 

Once you started training, how far into it did you think: I really enjoy this, id love to compete?

I was training for about a year and a half before going into my first competition, it was a light contact kickboxing tournament, nothing huge. After a good three or so years competing in similar competitions I came to a crossroad with a few things in my life, I was finishing my A-Levels and thinking about my career aspects and so I took a year out of Martial arts altogether.

It didn’t last for long, throughout that year I began looking around for new routes to take in my martial arts journey, and was missing it so much. One of my training partners I had met at my old club mentioned they were doing an MMA course at Leicester Shootfighters and asked if I wanted to go along. I did, and it was the best decision I could have made.

I joined the club the following month and since have been training K1/Muay Thai amongst some BJJ and NoGi too. I found the true fighter in me at Leicester Shootfighters and only wish I had started there sooner, I was immediately hooked on the full contact and I am now ready to test my abilities”. 

Speaking of Leicester shootfighters, who have been some of the bigger influences on your development there?

“The one and only head coach Nathan Leverton would be one of those influences certainly, he is a fantastic coach with unbelievable skills and knowledge, and also a great guy in general, down to earth and willing to help anyone who is willing to put their efforts in.

My second biggest influence would be Adele Wearing (AKA Shoots Wife), who I met a good few years ago at our previous Kickboxing club. Adele has been a true friend and great training partner throughout the time I have known her, she introduced me to Leicester Shootfighters and has been there in my really rubbish times. 

Without people like Nathan and Adele I would be where I am today in my Martial Arts journey”. 

There is such a difference between watching k1 and actually getting in there and doing it in front of an audience. How are you finding the preparations for your first match up?

“Preparations are going well, I am surrounded by great people and have a strong team behind me. When I go in the cage I will take all of the support with me”.

That first match up comes on FightStar championship in Coventry. How much do you know about the promotion and how much are you looking forward to competing on their show?

“Fightstar champtionship is shaping up to be a great event, full of talent, and I think it will be a brilliant night. I have heard only good things about Fightstar so far”. 

K1 is normally fought in a ring but with this a predominately an MMA show, it will be inside the cage. Does that hamper your preparations at all?

“Not at all, at Leicester Shootfighters there is a cage wall around half of the matted area, so I am used to working with the cage”. 

Your opponent on the night Harri Key, is also making her debut. Do you feel that helps going into the match up as neither of you can find out about each other?

“I think it is better to not know too much about your opponent, it can lead to over obsessing, but at the same time be ready for their potential style of fighting. In other words prepare for everything and anything before you step in the cage, people can talk as much as they want about how good they are, but until put in practice those words have no stability”. 

Being close to Coventry, are you hoping to bring a few people to watch you and how much does that support mean?

“I am bringing an army of support with me, it’s overwhelming how much support people have shown throughout the build up to fight day. It means a lot to know I have that barrier around me”. 

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

My first shout out goes to Jake Constatinou, a fellow fighter and MMA champion at Leicester Shootfighters. Jake has been my main striking coach throughout my training for the fight, pushing me in my training and hugely helped develop my skills. Without him I would not be as ready as I am for the 11th April.

My second shout out is to my partner in both life and crime Alexis Gray, not only supporting me every step with my Martial Arts, but giving up her own time to do fitness sessions with me – she’s a true diamond.

Lastly big thank you to Karl Green, the sports therapist and nutritionist at Leicester Shootfighters, Karl has given me my meals plans and tons of advice to help me make both my fight weight and be in the best possible shape”. 


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