Harri Key: “I feel less pressure because I know I’m not alone”

Credit: Harri Key

Credit: Harri Key

FightStar Championship 5 takes place on Saturday 11th April, live from Coventry, and making her K1 debut is S18’s Harri Key. 

Since getting into the world of martial arts she has found it something she loves to do and with the backing of a fantastic team she feels ready to step into the cage to make her first K1 appearance. On the night she meets fellow debutant Lucy Schofield and with both ladies excited about the match up, fans can expect a cracking fight. 

Ahead of the event, Harri took some time out to answer my questions on getting into the sport, training and look forward to the event. 

 Thanks for your time Harri, I wanted to started by asking about your K1 debut which comes on the FightStar show. What do you know of the show and what makes them stand out for you to compete for the first time?

“No problem, I went to FightStar 4 to support a few fellow gym members and friends. The show was really well organised, everyone was very professional and it made me want to be a part of it”. 

I know a few of your team mates have competed on the show and some are also on this one. How good is it to go through a fight camp with you all having the same goal?

“It’s great to train along side people with the same goal, I feel less pressure because I know I’m not alone, we have some fantastic fighters and I’ve learned so much from them all!”

As mentioned the show is your first match up, how much are you looking forward to getting the opportunity to step in there?

“I’m really excited to get in there, I’m not sure what to expect with it being my first match up but I can’t wait to find out”.

With it being your opponents debut as well, does that make it a little easier for you going into the match up as you are both in the same position of not knowing anything about each other?

“The fact that it’s my opponents debut doesn’t really make much difference to how I’m thinking or training, I haven’t really given it a second thought”. 

Are you hoping to have a few people supporting you and how much will that support mean to you?

“I’ve got amazing support from my team and I feel lucky to be in the position I am”. 

All the martial arts are addictive, especially a live show. What is it that made you decide to compete?

“I’ve always been someone who has a go at everything and the martial arts drew me in, I started training and the more I did the more I wanted, the opportunity came up to compete and here I am”. 

K1 is normally in a ring, but as an MMA show this will be a cage. Does that make it a little different in preparation?

“I actually train MMA so It’s not been a problem for me, I haven’t really had to adapt to the cage”. 

S18 gym have an array of fantastic fighters and coaches. Who have been some of the bigger influences on your development there?

“Everyone at s18 gym have been amazing, I think the bigger influences on me for this fight have been coaches Andy Marlow, Alan Willis and Stephen Baker, between them they have taught me so much”. 

What is it that first got you wanting to take up k1 and how much do you feel it has helped you?

“I’ve always wanted to compete in MMA but only had the time to take it up in the last year, k1 is a big part of that and the opportunity for this fight came up, it’s perfect experience for me”. 

And finally, thanks for sticking with me through these questions, is there anybody you would like to tthank/give a shout out to?

“I’d just like to thank everyone at S18gym for all the support and training. Thank you for making a dream a reality!”



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