Michelle Jones: “Tt is the home show belt and I want it coming back home with me”

Credit: Punch Up Promotions

Credit: Punch Up Promotions

Saturday 11th April ’15 sees Punch Up Promotions present Fight Night 8, in Wolverhampton, and putting her Bantamweight Championship on the line is Michelle Jones. 

Michelle won the belt with a dominant performance at Fight Night 7 in November and showed just how dangerous she is inside the cage. The championship rounded off an impressive year for Michelle and she is hoping to continue her development when she meets Team Mayhem’s Katy ‘Bam Bam’ Horlick who is a very dangerous opponent. 

It is a fight which could definitely steal the show and I caught up with Michelle to get her thoughts. 

Thanks again for your time Michelle. I cant believe how long its been since we last spoke, which was before AON 6 when you took on Cheryl Flynn and got the unanimous decision victory. Looking back on that fight, what did you make to your performance and how much did it mean to get the win?

“Great to be talking to you guys at split decision again. Naturally the win at AON 6 meant a great deal to me especially as it was my first fight away from home. I was very happy with my performance”.

Was there anything about Cheryl which surprised you on the night?

“There weren’t any elements of surprise as I knew I was going up against a tough opponent in Cheryl and we went toe to toe for all 3 rounds”.

That was early on in 2014, did you get the opportunity to compete on any other shows last year?

“I had two further fights in 2014 I competed on immortals fight show in Aberdeen in July where I fought Helen Copus and the bout went all 3 rounds and was scored a draw.

My next fight was then on punch up promotions FIGHT NIGHT 7 in bilston in November – this was for the promotions bantamweight title belt. My opponent was Catherine Brookes and I won the bout via tko (crucifix) at 2min 56sec in the 1st round”.

Next up for you is Punch Up Promotions, a show your coach runs. How good is it to have a show close to home and just what makes it stand out?

“I love fighting close to home as it’s such an awesome atmosphere. Punch up promotions showcases up and coming talent and gives already established fighters a great platform on which to compete”.

On the night you are defending your Bantamweight championship. What would it mean to you to take that belt home with you again?

“To defend and keep the belt would mean so much as it would to any fighter but it is the home show belt and I want it coming back home with me”.

Some people can feel added pressure when a belt is on the line. do you feel like there could be more pressure or are you just taking it as another fight?

“Of course there is an element of additional pressure but I will face it as I do any other fight. As every fight has equal importance and demands 100% dedication”.

Your opponent is the talented Katy Horlick. How much have you seen of Katy and her developing MMA skillset?

“I have seen a couple of videos of Katy fighting in MMA and boxing. She seems to be developing a great skill set but to be honest I don’t pay a lot of attention to footage as anything can happen on the night”.

She is a highly touted boxer. Is this an area you will really have to be wary of?

“Katy has built a great boxing reputation and record and is a regular in the ring,of course you are aware that hands etc will be sharp but I don’t feel wary”.

In MMA you have to be well rounded. Do you feel this is where you will have the advantage?

“I spend a lot of time drilling and training all areas both standing and on the ground and I feel comfortable where ever the fight may go. I don’t know if it will be an advantage but I don’t pre occupy myself thinking about it”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“I want to say a massive thank you to my coach Dan Korbely and my MMA family at Wolverhampton MMA as everyone plays a key part when preparing for a fight. Of course a massive thank you to my family and friends for their amazing support..my son Harvey in particular as he is with me every step of the way and just goes with the flow and not forgetting my amazing friend Gemma Winter for doing my fight hair”.



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