Jake Ocean: “It’s just a shame he is facing me”

Credit: Fight UK MMA

Credit: Fight UK MMA

FightStar Championship return with their fifth installment in nine days time and competing on the night is experienced Jake Ocean. 

Jake meets Jack Demarco on the night in what could definitely be one of the fights of 2015, with both of them having lots of experience inside the cage. 

Speaking with Jake you can easily tell his honesty and openness about his developing career and he believes he has the skills to defeat his opponent on the night. 

Thanks again for your time Jake. Last time we spoke was before your involvement on the Fight UK Show. How much did you take from your fight that night?

“I feel you learn from every fight, no performance is perfect so there is always something you can go and improve on”. 

Amateur MMA is all about testing yourself before turning professional and as an amateur you have a fantastic record. what have been some of the key ingredients to your success?

“The recipe for my success is probably the fact I’m hungry and when I’m switched on I believe I’m one of the best out there, mix that with the fact I look to finish fights it makes me exciting too watch”. 

Are there any fights so far which have been stand out to you and really shown you that you are on to a winning formula?

“Honestly I have had some good fights but I still think the perfect fight is yet to come perhaps April 11th🙂 “. 

Next up you compete on the main card of the Fightstar championship 5 card. how much do you know about the promotion?

“One thing I have learnt already about the promotion is they genuinely care about the fighters, they realise how much we put in and they try and give back and any show with a team like that will attract the best fighters”. 

On the night you take on another experienced amateur in Jack Demarco. What are you expecting from Jack on the night?

“I’m expecting him to give everything he has got, which is all I can ask of him, but it’s just a shame he is facing me; I have improved so much and I think it will surprise him how well rounded I am now”. 

With you both always training, you cant fully know what he will bring. Do you think this, and the fact that you are both experienced, will add to it possibly being one of the fights of the night?

“I do think the fact Jack is a forward fighter and I am a forward fighter, so could make one hell of a fight”. 

As you compete more, does it make it easier to get into fight mode and the nerves lessen, so you feel you can always compete at your best?

“I think all fighters get nervous but it’s how you deal with those nerves I have competed against the best fighters so big fights don’t phase me let’s see if Jack copes with the pressure🙂 “. 

I see that you are also a coach as well. How much does that help your own development?

“I believe coaching both helps and hinders your development, it’s good because you get to sharpen up your technique because you have to learn the finer points so you can teach a technique properly so in that respects it’s good however I’m a fighter first and foremost so anytime away from training is a negative thing for me”. 

Are there any guys you coach we should be on the look out for and do you ever get any characters when you coach?

“We get all sorts of characters but I am privileged to teach some really good guys and girls, fighters including Dean Williams, Courtney Clarke, and we have guys coming through that are gonna make great fighters like Luke Rainsford, Jordan young, so the future is looking bright for the fight hub”. 

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“First I wanna thank Sukata MMA it’s more then just a team it’s a family, itc fighter management for all there continued support, gym being for all my nutrition advice, the fight hub and all its coaches Paul ‘sweep’ Spencer,
Todd Jarrett and Dave and Drew for all there support and on a personal one a thanks to my family and my friends for there support through all my training. This fight is gonna be for them🙂 “. 


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