Robert Masters: “I feel very privileged they offered me a chance to fight for a belt”

Photo Credit: Robert Masters

Photo Credit: Robert Masters

FightStar Championship are hosting a bumper fifth show on Saturday 11th April 2015 and competing for the FSC British Bantamweight Championship is Robert Masters.

Robert is now 5-1 as an amateur competitor and suffered his first loss in 2014, but is something which has only pushed him further on his development. 

On the night he will battle Cheya Saleem and I caught up with Robert to get his thoughts. 

Thanks for your time Robert. I wanted to start by looking back on your 2014 in MMA. How much do you feel you developed over last year?

“I feel like I’ve developed as a fighter more than ever in 2014; my first loss taught me a lot about what it means to win”. 

You have a fantastic record which, I think, stands at 4-1-0. Over the course of your fights so far which ones have you taken the most from?

“Thank you, its actually 5-1 now haha, and my first loss in September in the fighters source world challenge. Fighting an undefeated opponent who was 11-0 gave me a lot of confidence in what I can do and I was unlucky but careless, so its polished my game substantially”.

2015 is fast getting underway and you get the chance to compete for the FSC British Bantamweight Championship. How much would it mean to you to take home the title?

“Everybody loves belts and I obviously would love to take it home, but I need to earn it”. 

Your opponent on the night is the unbeaten Cheya Saleem. How much have you seen of him and is there anything which stands out about him, to you?

“I’ve seen two of his fights and he looks like a tidy fighter, with good technique but I don’t tend to worry or watch my opponents. I tend to focus on what I’m going to do”. 

With him being unbeaten, do you think that can help you more as he could try too hard to stay unbeaten and over commit?

“I think being unbeaten gives him less experience that’s all. I’ve experienced defeat, its a sour taste, and its a good reminder though to never let it happen again”. 

Where do you feel you will be the stronger on the night?

“I think I will be stronger in all departments; I’m fit and ready”. 

How much do you know about the Fightstar promotion and how much are you looking forward to competing on their show?

“I actually know nothing about FightStar so I’m very much looking forward to fighting and I feel very privileged they offered me a chance to fight for a belt against a solid opponent”.

And finally, are you hoping to have a lot of support on the night and how much does it mean to you to have them cheer you on?

“Not a great deal of support this time round; my friends don’t like to pay to watch me finish a fight in a minute which happens quite often.

Surprisingly when I’m in that cage I cant hear a thing, so cheering doesn’t do much for me”.



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