Andy Winchester-Bennett: “I feel this is going to be one seriously explosive fight”


Credit: Andy Winchester-Bennett

FightStar Championship return with their fifth installment on Saturday 11th April and competing on the card is Andy Winchester-Bennett. 

Andy steps into the cage to face Gav Buckland in a K1 match up, which has all the ingredients to be an instant classic and to make the night one to remember. With just eight days remaining until all the action, I caught up with Andy to get his thoughts on his time in the sport and preparations for his match up on the night. 

Thanks for your time Andy. I wanted to start by looking ahead to FightStar 5 in Coventry. How much do you know about the promotion?

“I have fought on the promotion previously at FightStar 2, they know how to run a show well, decent promotion and this card is looking stacked”.

How much are you looking forward to showcasing your skills on their show?

“I literally can not wait, I’ve worked so hard on my striking game, coming from a MMA background, and can’t wait to get in there”.

On the night you take on Gav Buckland in a K1 match up. Have you had chance to see him in action and what type of fight are you expecting?

“I’ve done my homework on the guy and he’s trouble, he’s got a decent chin on him and throws some nasty wild shots. It’s cool though, I’m a hard hitter and I feel this is going to be one seriously explosive fight. Somebody is getting knocked the f*ck out. I just hope Gav brings his ‘A’ game and doesn’t underestimate me, otherwise I’ll be finishing him early”.

Gav has a little more competitive experience than you, do you feel this could play an advantage to you as he may under estimate you?

“I genuinely hope he doesn’t underestimate me as I’m coming to fight and I fight hard. Heart over experience. I have a lot of respect for the guy, I just hopes he’s gave me the same respect.

You train with a top team. How long has your training been for this match up and does getting pushed by your team on a daily basis, make the fight that little easier as you know your opponent cant push you as much as the guys at the gym?

“I train out of several gyms, I have a huge mixed background but my boys down at elements have really developed my stand up recently, I love my team mates, they’re my family and I’ll tell you straight, no way will this guy hit me as hard as my brother, he’s a heavyweight and we go hard all the time, brotherly love. We kick the sh*t out of each other and label is as training. It’s amazing”.

K1 is always exciting for the fans and is fought at such a fast pace. How exciting is it for you to be involved in a match up or does it all go by quiet quick?

“This is my first k1 bout so I’ll have to let you know how it felt after, but I can tell you this, I love to fight. It’s in my DNA, I’ve competed professionally across several sports and completely loved every last bout I’ve had, it’s really exciting to know I’m with in weeks of getting back in there”.

Are you hoping to have a fair bit of support on the night and how much does that support mean to you?

“There’s plenty of support, tickets was a little harder to move because most of my closer MMA friends are on the same show, collectively we have plenty of support and it means the world to us fighters, thank you guys. If not for you fans, we would not be fighting for you. Massive respect to my fans”.

Speaking on your team again, but also your time in the martial arts so far, who have been some of your bigger influences, who have really helped shape you?

“My bigger influences, that’s a big question. I have so many, ima probably say the Diaz brothers. These guys ain’t the best but they will fight the best and they will not stop or bitch up, they go against anyone and always bring a fight, I like to see a lot of them in my own personality”.

Do you have any specific aims for 2015?

“I’ve got my son coming into the world in July so to be an amazing dad for my boy is first and foremost. I feel I’m getting older and have one decent chance to put myself out there, this is it for me. This year defines my life and I will wreck anyone who stands between me and my dreams”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“My team mates, my brother Pobby Bennett, the lads I spar with around various gyms, and a massive shout out to my life partner and baby mommy, Abbie. I love you princess, thank you for being there for me, because life’s like a game of chess and the queen always protects her king. I’ll always respect you for that”.



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