Irann Lane: “You never really know what to expect”

Credit: Irann Lane

Credit: Irann Lane

Punch Up Promotions hosts Fight Night 8 in Wolverhampton on Saturday 11th April 2015 and getting a show at the amateur FW championship is Irann Lane. 

On the night Irann faces Luke Westwood and is ready for what will be a tough challenge for him, but knows that he has the skills to come away with the belt. Ahead of his championship fight, I caught up with Irann to get his thoughts and give fans the chance to learn a little more about his development in the greatest sport of them all. 

Thanks for your time. I wanted to start by finding out a little more about your route into MMA. What is it that first peaked your attention with the sport and are there any fights you first saw which stick out?

“What first got me into MMA was watching it on the tele, I liked the fact that you could do pretty much anything too win the fight, and that you wasn’t limited too a specific martial art”. 

After finding out about the sport what lead you to begin training and when you first started when was it that you thought you wouldn’t mind competing?

“A full time gym opened up in the town where I live so I jumped straight on too it! I think It was a couple months or so into training when I thought I wouldn’t mind having a go!”.

Looking back on your first ever fight, what was that whole experience like of going from training to competing in front of an audience?

“I remember my first amateur I fought on a show in Wrexham and I remember it being totally different then training, it takes you out that comfort zone knowing you’ve got all those people watching you”. 

You compete on the punch up promotions show on 11th April. How much do you know about the promotion and the shows they have put on?

“Punch up promotions Is a great show and the fights runs real smoothly!”

On the night you compete for a championship. How much would it mean to you to take home the belt?

“To take home the belt would mean a lot too me! I would of never thought two years ago I would ever get the chance too fight for one”.

Do you feel like there is any added pressure in a championship fight or is harder to prepare for as there is more rounds?

“I don’t feel any added pressure at this stage as I train hard for every fight. I think the fight is still three times three min rounds at this stage, but fitness is a big thing in my training”. 

On the night you take on Luke Westwood. Have you had the chance to see much of Luke and what are you expecting from him?

“Luke fought a team mate of mine, Ollie Morris and looked good, so I’m expecting him too mix things up”. 

Obviously you wont know fully what to expect from Luke, as like yourself he is always training and improving. Does this impact the way you approach the fight?

“I don’t really look into my opponents at this time as most are still real young and getting better everyday. You never really know what to expect”. 

What, in your opinion, is the best aspect of MMA competition?

“I think the fight itself is the best aspect of MMA competition. I don’t think many things can get your adrenaline going more then a fight does”. 

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Ollie Morris, he is always there too help out my coaches Rich Cosgrove and Mick Broster and all the lads that help out; you know who you are! Also everyone who buys a ticket to come support me it means a lot, they’re always shouting and cheering. They really get you going!”



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