James Hands: “I’m looking forward to welcoming them to the Midlands”

Credit: Wolfpack MMA

Credit: Wolfpack MMA

FightStar Championship heads to the midlands for the first time on Saturday 11th April 2015 and stepping in to make his first UAR appearance is James Hands.

James trains out of one of the country’s finest gyms in Wolfpack MMA, where he is constantly pushed by quality team mates and head coach. With such talent helping him on a daily basis, he is ready to step into the cage and test his skills. 

On the night he takes on fellow debutant Jack Caventer and I caught up with James to get to know a bit more about him and his time in the sport so far. 

Thanks for your time James, I wanted to start by asking about your route into mma. What is it that first grabbed your attention with the sport?

“Well I’ve always been one to try new things and I was looking for a different way to keep fit and healthy. I did one class and haven’t looked back since”. 

After getting into the sport, what led you to begin training and then consider competing?

“I just fell in love with all aspects of the sport and keep training to get better. As for the fighting I thought why not test my self to see what I’m made of”. 

You train with a fantastic team at Wolfpack mma. Who are some of the bigger influences, who have helped you there?

“We have an excellent coach in John Ashley, obviously I’ve learnt a lot from him, and we have some great fighters there in Jai Herbert and Dan Cassell, who have helped me get to where I am. All of the guys that keep turning up to training day in day out, they inspire me to keep going as well”. 

You also get to train with Dan cassell, who is an excellent amateur and competing on the show as well. Does it make it easier training for a show, knowing others are aiming for that same goal?

“Yes It’s always a bonus when your in fight camp with somebody else. Its a great way to gauge what level your at and keep motivating each other to carry on”. 

Everyone will see you compete at fight star in Coventry. How much do you know about the promotion?

“I know they’ve had successful shows elsewhere in the country and I’m looking forward to welcoming them to the Midlands”. 

You make your debut on the night. Have you had any advice from team mates about competing in front of a crowd?

“I have competed in an amateur C class bout and an interclub, so I had a small crowd but nothing like what is expected on this event. My teammates are trying to prepare me for the guy I’m going to be locked in there with so the crowd is the last thing on my mind”. 

Your opponent is also making his debut, do you feel this makes it harder to prepare as you both don’t know much about each other?

“I believe it makes it easier because I can just concentrate on my own strengths and weaknesses without worrying about what kind of game he is bringing”. 

Are you hoping to have a bit of support on the night and how much will that mean to you?

“It is always difficult getting people to travel to different places. It would be nice to hear some friendly cheers in my corner but if I can’t get friends and family down there I still have my team and that’s all I need there”. 

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Just all the people at Wolfpack, especially Jai and Dan who have been my main training partners for this fight camp and of course my coach John Ashley”. 


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