Gareth Burns eager and hungry ahead of Fight Night 8


Credit: Gareth Burns

Punch up promotions presents it’s eighth fight night installment this coming weekend and competing in a welterweight championship fight is Gareth Burns. 

On the night Gareth faces off against Harry McKnight which is an exciting fight for fans attending on the night, with both Harry and Gareth explosive and talented competitors. 

In anticipation for the match up, I caught up with Gareth to get his thoughts. 

Thanks for your time Gareth. I wanted to start by asking you about your championship fight on the punch up promotions show. How much would it mean to you to take home the belt?

“The championship fight is important to me, as all of my fights are. I’m always trying to prove to myself that I’m a better fighter so having this opportunity means that I have proved to myself and to others that I am ready for it. Taking home that belt would be a great symbol of that”. 

Do you feel there is any added pressure in fighting for a championship?

“I try not to acknowledge the pressure, I knew when entering the sport each fight would be more challenging as you rise up the ranks so it’s just all about been positive and rising with them”. 

On the night you take on Harry Mcknight. how much do you know/have seen about Harry?

“I haven’t even looked my opponent up. My teammates have and have said a little to me but I just like to think I’m an all round MMA fighter so at this level doing too much research into an opponent can mess up your own mental state. I will fight the fight or take the fight where I feel best”. 

What do you think will make this a great fight for you?

“Since my last few fights have been finishes, that’s what I’ll be looking for. That should make an interesting fight”.

Amateur is all about testing your self and seeing how far you are coming along in your development, so do you feel he could be the toughest opponent you have faced so far?

“Opponents should always get tougher, if they are not then it means you are probably going backwards so this should be the toughest fight of mine so far, but I’m ready”. 

How much do you know about the punch up show and how much are you looking forward to getting back into the cage?

“I’ve fought on Punch Up a few times in the past, Dan makes a great job of the matches and the show always runs smoothly so it’s a pleasure to be asked back to fight on it. I’ve been out of the cage for a little while for various reasons out of my control, but eager and hungry to get back”. 

One thing some people don’t think with sport, especially MMA, is that the mental attitude can just be as good. there are so many guys who have all the skills but are their own worst enemy. How do you prepare mentally for fights?

“Mental state isn’t an issue for me, I believe in myself and I train with some high level guys so always head strong”. 

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“I have many people to thank and admire in this sport, my coaches, teammates, and all those who forever support me with my training and lifestyle, it would be a hard road without them”. 



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