Lee Stevens: “I give the crowd what they wanna see”

Credit: Lee Stevens

Credit: Lee Stevens

In four days time Punch Up Promotions presents Fight Night 8 and taking his place in the main event is Lee Stevens. 

Lee meets late replacement John Robinson in what is set to be a clash of the titans to round off the action in Wolverhampton on Saturday night. The change of opponent hasn’t bothered Lee and he is ready for the match up and he kindly took some time out to offer his thoughts ahead of the evenings action.

Thanks for your time Lee. I wanted to start by looking ahead to Punch Up Promotions Fight Night 8, where compete in the main event. How much are you looking forward to being the main attraction on the night?

“I can’t wait to just get back in the cage to be honest, never mind be the main event”. 

I know Punch Up promotions are people you are familiar with. What does it mean to you to have fought on previous shows and now be the main event?

“It means a lot to me and in my fights anything can happen. I have that power to put someone out, so why wouldn’t you want that as a main event?”

On the night you take on John Robinson, who steps in as a late replacement. Has it been frustrating having to shift your focus onto another fighter, so close to the fight?

“It has a little as it’s gone from a left handed boxer to a right handed grappler. I class John as a grappler and he ain’t going to want to stand with me once I let my hands go”. 

How much do you know about your opponent and what type of battle are you expecting?

“I know he’s got a brown belt in BJJ, but really that’s about it. I’m expecting him to shoot in a lot me to stuff them and punch him in the mouth lol”. 

Where do you see yourself the strongest?

“I see my self  as an all rounder and I’ve not shown my ground game a massive amount because I give the crowd what they wanna see and people wanna see some one get knocked out, so I try to give that”. 

Are you hoping to have a lot of support on the night and how much does that support mean to you?

“Ermmm I think I will have a fair bit of support and it means a lot to me as I perform better, the bigger the crowd, and I get more excited about the fight as well”. 

Looking back on your time in the sport so far, what are some of the biggest things you have taken from competing?

“Learning to respect my opponent win or lose, takes a lot of minerals, and dedication to get in that cage”. 

A part of the sport overlooked by some is the mental side. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you cant get your head right it can lead you down a slippery slope. How do you prepare yourself mentally for a match up? Does it get easier, the more you do it?

“To help me mentally prepare I have to have my family round me to remind me why I do this and there’s a great group of lads up at Wolverhampton MMA, no egos, to help me with my training”. 

Do you have any specific aims for 2015?

“Not really to be honest, my main thing is I’m doing a practice weight cut at 70kg and see how I perform at that weight if I can get to it”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Yes there is; my partner and daughter putting up with my mood swings lol and my sponsors, who people can find on my Facebook, my family and friends for supporting me and all the lads at Wolverhampton MMA”. 



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