Daley Hitchen: “You can always expect a hard fight when you fight on the show”.

Credit: Daley Hitchen

Credit: Daley Hitchen

Punch Up Promotions presents Fight Night 8 this coming weekend in Wolverhampton and competing on the night is Daley Hitchen. 

Daley trains with one of the finest teams in Next Generation, Liverpool, and with that support behind him each day, fans can expect that best Daley Hitchen come Saturday night when he meets Alex Scarratt. 

I caught up with Daley to get his thoughts ahead of the night and give fans a little more insight into how he got into the sport. 

Thanks for taking the time out to answer my questions Daley. I wanted to start by asking what is was that first got you interested in MMA?

“Same as most people really;  I saw the UFC on the TV and fell in love with MMA and wanted to do it”.

Once you started training, what is it that first made you think that competing was something you wanted to do?

“Ye I wanted to compete soon as I started training and I got involved in MMA to compete”. 

You train at NG in Liverpool, who are a fantastic team and the list of impressive competitors there is endless. Who have been some of the biggest influences in helping you develop there.

“The whole team; we all thrive off each other and push each other to are limits. I couldn’t ask for a better team”. 

Having that sort of team behind you can really help. Would you say that being pushed by them makes competing against others that bit easier?

“I wouldn’t say easy, no fight is never easy, but training with some of the best fighters in the country can only make me a stronger fighter and prepare me for whoever I come up against”. 

Next up you compete on the Punch up Promotions card in Wolverhampton. How much do you know about the show?

“I competed on the last show so I know what to expect. Dan likes to make good exciting fights, so you can always expect a hard fight when you fight on the show”. 

On the night you take on Alex Scarratt. How much do you know about Alex and the possible threat he poses?

“I saw him fight last time on the show; he has heart and is a game competitor”. 

What are you looking to most about this fight?

“Just to turn up and fight”. 

No one can predict what is going to happen in a fight as one punch can end a fight. Without giving out too much info, do you prefer going into fights and feel out your opponent before making any decisions on game plans?

“I don’t have a game plan really, as you cant plan out how the fight will go. I just train as hard as I can and trust my training will get me through the fight and get the win”. 

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“I would like to thank my head coach Paul Rimmer, Ellis Hampton, my sparring partners Dylan Mcloughlin, Harry McKnight, Jack Flynn, Tom Williams and all my rolling partners and everyone who is involved in next generation”. 



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