FightStar Championship 5 – Review


FightStar Championship headed to the Midlands for the first time, as they hosted their fifth instalment live from the Sports Connexion Arena in Coventry.

It was the promotions first event of 2015 and with an impressive lay out and 19 strong MMA and K1 card, the night was an explosive one, with the action fast from start to finish and the crowd raising the atmosphere to make the night a special one.

Our reporter Simon Cafferty also covered his first event of 2015 and was on hand to bring you what happened when the cage door shut and the competitors went head to head.

Amateur MMA

Chris Hayward vs. James Hands

Round One

Both competitors making their amateur debuts in this one and it’s both to the centre right away and Hayward eats a right from Hands but fires back and with a combo of his own, before both go in close and seem to land. Hands then ducks under a Hayward shot and takes him down beautifully. Hands is on top, but in the closed guard of  Hayward. He is trying to fire from the bottom, but Hands is working with some little ones of his own. The guard is broke for a moment, but Hayward closes it and Hands lands a few rights to the body before trying to work his position. He works his way to side control does Hands, and is then in half guard, while throwing some shots to the body. He looks to transition to mount but arrives back in side control, before going to the closed guard of Hayward again. Hands is being tied up by Hayward and breaks the guard and is looking to posture, so works to the body again. Hayward looks to push up but Hands pushes him down with ten to go and gets into full mount and rains down left hands to the body of Hayward and see’s out the round in a very dominant position.

Round Two

The second gets going with a touch of gloves and both in the centre. Crow goes for a spinning backfist but is pushed against the cage and it goes to the ground with Crow on top in the guard and working a little before Hands transitions and lands in the guard of his opponent and pushes it to the cage. From the top he goes back to peppering in the left and rights to the body. Hayward breaks his guard and is looking to work for a submission from his back, but he can’t get anything and Hands pops up lands to the body, then stands and Hayward tries to turn up and stand, but ends up crouched over and Hands is straight down and gets the rear naked choke on, rolls to his back and tightens it up. This one could be over soon and it is as Hayward taps out.

James Hands gets the Submission (Rear Naked Choke) victory at 1:52 of the second round.

Amateur K1

Harri Key vs. Lucy Schofield

Round One

We begin with Scholfield looking for the left jab and both opening up and Key landing one to drop Schofield. She is right up and both landing with the kicks to the legs and punches up high. It’s Schofield who is backing up but lands more, in particular a left punch flush and then a snapping kick to the body. Key pushes back and lands more herself; before Schofield lands three/four unanswered kicks and a combo before Key pushes her to the cage and works with the shots and leg kicks. They break and go to the centre with Schofield again landing left jab after left jab and snapping in her right leg kicks to the left thigh. They both look to trade and Schofield lands the kicks, before pushing with the punch and Key pushes her back, looks to get the clinch and lands a knee. Then Schofield is out and lands a punch to the body and a rocking right kick up high, before a nice left gets through and the round draws to a close.

Round Two

You can see the redness on the left thigh of Key as the second gets going and we begin with a left shot from Schofield and another kick to the sore thigh of Key. Both fire in close with kicks and punches, before tying up and breaking. Again both go to work in the middle and Schofield lands three flush lefts which rock Keys head back. She kicks, but Key is right forward and not giving up and landing in close. They break to the middle and Schofield kicks again and is going in with the left over and over. A nice three punch combo lands and Key pushes in and gets her in the clinch on the cage and knees, before they push away and she still lands with the knees. They break in the centre and Schofield has a jab blocked and kicks to left leg of Key again. Key is pushing on forward but it’s Schofield who connects with a kick. Key pushes forward again to land, before they tie up and both connect. They break with ten to go and it’s Schofield who lands the solid combo and right kick, before Key gets in a knee to the body and the round draws to a close.

Round Three

The final begins with Schofield landing a left, but eating a nice combo from Key, but she is back with a big shot of her own and a knee in the clinch. They break and Key is forward pushing her opponent to the cage and landing. They break and Schofield unloads a kick and combo before Key pushes forward and opens up. She is landing well with her punches and a front kick, before pushing Schofield back and eating a knee. They settle in the centre and she eats a Schofield kick but lands the combo well and gets Schofield on the cage and knees in close. They break to the centre and Key opens up again and is throwing wildly but connecting. Schofield is looking to connect but Key is swinging and landing. Schofield lands the right-left combo, but Key is back in with a combo of her own, then a knee to the body. The last ten is sounded and sees Schofield land with nice right kicks and punches but Key keeps going and is firing off herself and they both keep them coming till the end of the round.

The crowd is on their feet and respecting a fantastic back and forth battle from both competitors.  

We go to the judges who give the unanimous decision victory to: Lucy Schofield.

Amateur MMA

John McDevitt vs. Reece Street

Round One

The first begins with McDevitt missing with a front kick and Street looking for a kick and landing to the legs with a second right one. In McDevitt goes and Street goes for a takedown but McDevitt gets him to the cage and is working for the guillotine. Street turns it round and gets it down, but it gives McDevitt the chance to tighten up his guillotine and the tap comes.

John McDevitt gets the Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 34 seconds.

Kieran Little vs. Akone Wanliss

Round One

The fight gets underway with Wanliss straight forward but Little pushing in and somehow Wanliss lands on his knees and Little jumps on his back and is working for the rear naked choke, but Wanliss is calm and works to top position in side control and lands to the body with punches, before Little turtles up, so Wanliss postures a little and goes to town with the ground and pound. He is unloading on his opponent and all Little can do is cover up and ultimately tap to strikes.  

Akone Wanliss gets the Submission (Tap to strikes) victory at 48 seconds.

Matthew Allen vs. John Painter

Round One

It’s the turn of the heavyweights and this one begins with Painter out and landing with a left and pushing his opponent to the cage. There he looks to strike, but they tie up and it goes down before they are right back up, but are still tied up and working for control. Painter is looking for shots against the cage and Allen turns it round but is pushed down by Painter who looks to go down, as Allen is on his knees, gets on the choke at the front, and flattens himself out on his feet. He has this on looking tight, but Allen isn’t giving an inch and gets up and Painter still has it on, with Allen against the cage and him at the front. Allen is throwing in punches and knees to the legs and they break. Painters tells Allen to come forward, who does and snaps a right kick to the body and Painter pushes to the cage and they jostle for position tied up and each get it before Painter settles with his opponent on the cage, goes for a headlock and breaks. In the middle Allen lands with a front kick to the body, a right to the thigh, Painter goes in with a combo but can’t connect and the round is over.

Round Two

A kick to the thigh is thrown by Allen to start the second and Painter again ties up his opponent and drives to the cage, but Allen transitions and gets Painter on the cage. He is landing some shots to the body, but Painter looks as if he has the neck tied up but Allen doesn’t look worried. Allen goes in with the knees to thighs of his opponent and Painter is squeezing the choke and turns Allen, who is still kneeing, but this looks a tight standing choke from Painter. Allen is still going and lands the knees a few times to the legs and grabs hold of Painter’s and pushes him to the cage and is looking for the takedown. He still has the leg as he knees to the thigh but the ref has seen enough and they break.

Allen kicks twice to the legs but eats a Painter punch, who pushes Allen to the cage. It goes down and Painter is flattened out on his front and Allen gets on the full back mount and is working with the strikes and landing left and right and after multiple unanswered shots, the ref jumps in to stop the fight.

Matthew Allen gets the TKO victory at 2:20 of round two.

Amateur K1

Andy Winchester-Bennett vs. Gavin Buckland

Round One

Off we go with Buckland taking the centre and landing a left kick up high and going in with punches. They tie up and are split apart by the ref. Buckland is back in the centre, looking calm, with Winchester-Bennett on the outside moving well. Buckland jumps in with a left punch and they tie up and land in close before again being broken. Buckland snaps in a left kick to the body, and unloads some punches before getting in a knee and kicking again. He rushes in with a nice left does Buckland and gets Winchester-Bennett on the cage. They go to the centre again and Buckland continues to stalk and lands a crisp left to the body again. Again they tie up and are split. In the centre both go forward and Winchester-Bennett lands to the chest with a big left punch. They tie up on the cage and break again to the centre, where Winchester-Bennett looks for a combo but Buckland keeps going and smashes another left kick to the body. They tie up again and re start in the centre with Buckland catching a Winchester-Bennett kick, who slips over. On the feet Buckland is right forward with a flying knee and kick against the cage and they split before Buckland starts to open up more with his punches and a big kick. The last ten sees Winchester-Bennett get in a punch to the body but nothing more happens and the round draws to a close.

Round Two

Buckland takes the centre again but in Winchester-Bennett goes and lands a right, but both start opening up, especially Buckland with a kick and shots. Both are going toe-to-toe before tying up against the cage and splitting up. In the centre Buckland ties up his opponent and lands a knee but nothing else before we go again in the centre. Both are looking to land and its Buckland to the legs with a kick and Winchester-Bennett with shots aimed at the body. Buckland again goes in with a knee and they tie up. In the centre Winchester-Bennett is landing to the chest but Buckland pushes in and gets him to the cage, scoring with punches and a knee. Buckland blocks off a punch and lands a right leg kick. He goes in with a big left, which grazes before they tie up and start again. Buckland snaps a left kick to the body and lands two big left punches. They both are moving well and Buckland goes low with a right kick, before Winchester-Bennett is in with the punches to the body and they tie up and break with the last ten sounded. Again they tie up and neither can land and are split up as the round draws to a close.

Round Three

A touch of gloves sets us off in the third and Winchester-Bennett goes for a combo, but Buckland fires a massive left kick in and big combos of his own. They tie up and split, so Buckland goes for another kick and it is tied up on the cage. Buckland is still commanding the centre and a big left punch connects and he gets Winchester-Bennett on the cage, but they break. Again both take the centre and Buckland pushes forward and dodging the Winchester-Bennett jab, and goes for a big right which his opponent misses. Buckland scores a left kick up high and goes in with a big knee to the body, ties him up and is looking for the punches in close. They break and Winchester-Bennett looks tired so the ref has a word with him, and then does the same with Buckland. We restart and Buckland misses a big left and they tie up against the cage and break. In Buckland goes with Winchester-Bennett on the cage and is landing a few knees in close, and Winchester-Bennett punching to the body. Again we restart and a right kick to the thigh lands for Buckland. The last ten sees Buckland in and opens up with a kick; knee to the body and short punches and the end of the fight is sounded.

We go to the judges in this one who give the unanimous decision in favour of your winner: Gavin Buckland.

Amateur MMA

Dan McConville vs. Harveer Singh

Unfortunately I didn’t see this fight but was told Harveer Singh was dominant with his striking and got the TKO Victory at 54 seconds.

Jamie Wroe vs. Kody Steel

Round One

We get going with Steel right to the centre and both landing to the body. Steel then unleashes a vicious left kick to the body which drops Wroe, so he goes in with the ground and pound. He keeps the shots firing in until the referee calls off the fight.

Kody Steel gets the TKO victory at 40 seconds

Jaz Singh vs. Ashlee Eales

Round One

Unfortunately due to interviews I couldn’t see the majority of the fight but did see the finish as Ashlee Eales landed a beautiful right punch which dropped his opponent and he followed in but they weren’t needed as Singh was out cold.

He was down for a while, but the medics were on hand to help him come too and get back on his feet.

Ashlee Eales got the KO victory at 1:38.

FSC British Light Heavyweight Title Eliminator

Adam Florence vs. Ross Pope

Round One

The round begins with a touch of gloves and both in the centre. Pope snaps in a right kick to the thigh and dodges the Florence punches, before firing off some shots to connect himself. Florence drives in Pope to the cage but can’t take him down and they go to the middle. Pope lands with a right kick and both go to landing with shots, especially Pope who is landing much cleaner and crisper. He then locks on the arm triangle on the feet and pushes it down to the mat, with it still on, gets into mount and starts to really tighten it up. Florence is trying to hold on but cant and the tap eventually comes.

Ross Pope gets the Submission (Arm Triangle) at 1:40

FSC British Bantamweight Championship

Cheya Saleem vs. Robert Masters

Round One

Off we go with Masters looking for a kick and lands with a massive right before scoring a lovely takedown, but Saleem is straight up and gets it down with him on top, but Masters is sat against the cage and is securing up the neck of his opponent and turns onto his back and still has the neck. Saleem is on his knees in side control and stands up and Masters is on his knees against the cage and is tying up the neck well and looks to crank before but Saleem gets out and as Masters turns to stand Saleem jumps on the back and quickly has his legs locked up and is going for the rear naked choke. Masters manages to stand and Saleem is still locked on with the choke, so he bends over looking to shake Saleem off. Saleem remains strong and gets it to the floor, with Masters on his front and flattened out, and tightens up the choke. This one is looking tight and as he rolls to his back the referee can see that Masters is out.

Right away though Saleem is helping to bring Masters round and not celebrating the victory. A great show of sportsmanship by the victor.

The official decision see’s Cheya Saleem get the Submission (Rear Naked Choke) victory at 2:15 to become the FSC British Bantamweight Champion.

Amateur K1

FSC British Middleweight K1 Championship

Harwinder Singh Sira vs. Mike McGowan

Round One

Off we go with Sira right out with the shots and backing McGowan up and slipping. Then Sira is back up and forward and goes for a kick and starts to open up on McGowan who is against the cage and is firing in the punches at will. The ref stops them briefly and we begin again with Sira forward and hitting inside but McGowan is back and comes forward with four big shots of his own, which land, before Sira is lands himself. McGowan goes down and is back up and both restart by going toe to toe and they are both landing, in particular McGowan, who against the cage lands a flush one-two, before Sira unloads on him to the body and head with venom. They break but its Sira who is back on his opponent and scoring with punches to the face and head, before McGowan gets in some shots of his own. Some big punches and he pushes McGowan to the cage and lands to the body with a knee and punches up high. They work to the middle with McGowan egging him up and he starts to work on the outside and lands a jab and is opening up before he eats a shot from his opponent, goes down and stands up to find the referee counting him. He gets to seven and it seems that McGowan is alright and they restart just as the end of the round is sounded.

Round Two

We get going with Sira straight forward and landing a big right on McGowan and then opening up on him against the cage, before pushing out and landing some big shots of his own. Sira pushes him across the cage and starts opening up on McGowan, who is against the cage, and is teeing off on his opponent with real venom and lands a beautiful kick to the body which drops his opponent. McGowan looks in some pain and the referee counts him out and the fight is over.

Harwinder Singh Sira gets the KO victory at 54 seconds of round two and is the new FSC British Middleweight K1 champion.

Amateur MMA

Rory Foster vs. Justin Springer

Round One

We begin with Springer taking the centre and Foster trying to find his jab but misses. He looks again bus doesn’t connect and Springer is in with a nice lrft which lands. They go to the centre and Foster goes up high with the kick, but it’s blocked. Springer is in again and landing some solid right hands on his opponent against the cage, who pushes out for the takedown, but can’t get it. Springer is on his opponent and just stalking him with the shots and opening up well. A big one seems to get through, but Fosters stays on his feet. Springer continues the assault and stuffs a Foster takedown attempt. They tie up against the cage and Springer gets some dirty boxing, but Foster pushes out and drives Springer to the cage and is looking for the takedown and working hard to get it but Springer isn’t budging and Foster pops up and they jostle, with Foster to the side and both end up on their knees, before they stand and Foster goes back to looking for the takedown. He has his hand on the inside and gets both arms around and completes a beautiful double leg. However the ten second warning is sounded and he can’t get any shots off, but ends the round on top.

Round Two

The second gets going with Foster missing a left kick and Springer returning one and it skimming. A nice right kick to the body lands for Springer and he is opening up with his punches but not scoring. He lands a kick, but is eating a few jabs from Foster and then goes in quick with some shots. They move away and Foster goes in for the takedown, but is stuffed well by Springer but he still gets him to the cage  and is working again for the takedown, possibly a double leg but hard to see. As I type that he gets it down, but Springer pops right back up. Foster lands a jab but Springer looks for his combos and connects to the body and then again to the body with a right kick. Springer has the centre and is pushing forward to land a left jab and another kick but Foster ducks under a shot and drives Springer to the cage again. He is close to getting it down on two occasions, but Springer is remaining on his feet well and his posture is strong. Again Foster explodes and nearly does get him down, by lifting him up, but Springer stays, before Foster gets it down as the ten second warning is sounded. This time he gets in the guard of Springer and can land a few shots before the end of the round is sounded.

Round Three

The final round begins with both in the centre and looking fresh. Neither commits right away and Foster slaps in a right kick to the thigh. He throws out the jab and Springer misses with a left and right, before scoring with a nice left.  He then connects up high with a nice right kick does Springer but Foster composes himself and gets away two lefts to the body. Springer goes in again and lands a kick to the body and a nice left. He then pushes in with a good kick up high and some solid punches, before Foster goes for the takedown, but its stuffed and Foster ends up on the canvas, but is asked up by Springer. On the feet Springer and Foster both throw but neither is connecting cleanly before a Springer right gets through and he starts to push his opponent away and is scoring with the odd shot, but the volume is there. Foster again ducks under and pushes Springer to the cage, but again Springer has a strong defence. Foster gets on the single leg, drags him away from the cage and gets it down, going into side control and then north south. He is led on his opponent in this position and works back to side control as the ten second warning goes, lands the odd shot and knee to the body before the end of the fight is sounded.

We go to the judges who render the split decision in favour of your winner: Rory Foster.

Wesley O’Neil vs. Nathan Clayton

Round One

We begin with a touch of gloves and Clayton right in with a big left, which drops his opponent and he is all over him on the floor with vicious left hands, with around five-seven quick ones firing in and O’Neil can only cover up to and the ref calls off the fight.

Nathan Clayton gets the KO victory at 9 seconds.

Jack Demarco vs. Jake Ocean

Round One

We get going with both to the centre and Demarco missing a front kick. A high left kick from Ocean is blocked but he goes for a punch, and then lands a snapping right kick to Demarco’s thigh which spins him. Demarco goes in and Ocean ducks under to get it down and then they transition with Ocean getting on the back and looking for the rear naked but Demarco works to get on top and does, looking to work, but Ocean transitions himself and is working quick, and Demarco ends up turtled up but Ocean gets on the arm and is working for it and goes to his back and is working hard for the armbar. He has everything perfect, just needs to extend the arm, but Demarco stands up and slams him down. Ocean is fine and works again for the arm, going to the side, but then goes to his back and stretches and the tap comes.

Jake Ocean gets the Submission (Armbar) victory in the first round.

FSC British Welterweight Championship

James Duckett vs. Josh Stacey Mcmanus

Round One

Due to interviews, I pick this up during the first round with both in the centre and Duckett blocking a body kick. Duckett looking to land the snap and eats a kick to the thigh from McManus. Duckett goes forward and scores with a combo, before McManus scores to the body with a punch, but Duckett is right back on it scoring with his punches. Duckett goes for a shot which McManus dodges, but he scores with another jab. McManus opens up with a combo and fires to the body but Duckett is pushing forward confidently and is landing with ten to go. He lands a nice right, which gets the crowd going but Duckett lands two front kicks and the round draws to a close.

Round Two

The second begins with both to the centre and McManus missing with a kick up high. He then goes for a combo to the body, but Duckett moves backwards. He starts to look for his jab and catches McManus with a quick right. Both are looking to score with the punches, but both dodging them well. It’s in the centre again and Duckett pushes forward and is working his jab. Duckett opens up with a quick combo, but it doesn’t seem to land, before McManus seems to land a quick jab. McManus catches a Duckett kick but can’t capitalise as Duckett scores with his punches and McManus then lands a leg kick. Both continue to defend well and aren’t giving an inch. They continue to circle but neither is landing and after a while they exchange kicks but neither connects up high. Duckett pushes in looking for the combo and lands a jab, before McManus is quick in with a jab. Duckett lands a crisp one-two, as the last ten is sounded. McManus pushes Duckett to the cage, but Duckett is quick and gets on the standing guillotine and turns off the cage. This looks tight but the end of the round is sounded.  

Round Three

The final round gets going with both to the centre again and Duckett scoring with an inside left kick. A quick left from McManus is blocked by Duckett who lands a good left punch and spinning kick to the body. His corner liked that one. Duckett continues to the centre and Mcmanus throws out a combo, but is hit by Ducketts shot, so throws in a leg kick. McManus then has a high kick blocked but snaps in one to the thigh. Duckett looks for his jab again, but neither scores and Mcmanus goes for a massive left, but Duckett is quick out the way. He then goes in and lands a nice left-right combo on Mcmanus, before both go to circling again. This is a very technical fight with both not giving anything away. Duckett continues with his jabs and is slowly scoring and stopping the advances of Mcmanus. He goes to the legs of Duckett with a kick, but eats a right for his troubles. McManus goes for a kick to the body, but it doesn’t land and has a combo blocked. The last ten is sounded and Duckett lands a jab and McManus tries to score but the end of the fight is sounded.

We go to the judges who render the decision in favour of your winner, and new FSC British Welterweight Champion, James Duckett.


Dan Watkins vs. Jagz Singh

Round One

The first pro bout of the night begins with Singh right out and going in and landing knees and punches to the body, but Watkins is quick and ties him up and takes it down, but Singh is quickly back to his feet. Watkins works quickly to lock on the guillotine choke and falls to his back looks to be tightening it up. Singh doesn’t seem in too much danger though as he pops out and stands over his opponent, after throwing a few shots. From the floor Watkins up kicks, but Singh goes in and starts hammering to the body, so Watkins grabs hold on the leg, but Singh survives and is back on top, and looks to fire in the shots. He postures in the guard and is firing in the lefts and rights. Watkins turtles up so he fires in more heavy shots, and Watkins gets to his knee against the cage, but Singh is all over him and controlling well and turns him to sit against the cage and gets to half guard. He throws in a shot or two, before Watkins goes to his knees and Singh gets on the rear naked choke. He looks to tighten it and rolls to his back and Watkins taps out.

Jagaz Singh gets the Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:20

Amateur MMA

Co-Main Event

FSC British Middleweight Championship

Craig Humphreys vs. Dan Cassell

Round One

The co-main event of the evening begins with a touch of gloves and both kicking and blocking at the same time. Cassell lands a side left kick and then a left kick to the body. Humphreys snaps a kick to the leg on Cassell but Cassell returns. Cassell is in and they tie up but Humphreys isn’t budging and Cassell tries an arm drag but Humphreys lands on top and in full mount. He looks to work but Cassell is keeping hold well and survives a little slam and it goes to the feet. Again they are tied up and Humphreys gets it down and moves to side control. He looks to transition from the side, where he is going around the neck, but Cassell uses it to get into the guard of Humphreys and put him on his back. However Humphreys is switched on and is locking for a submission, but Cassell stands up and out of the triangle choke and then goes straight back in with a punch. He is in half guard and looking to work with shots in close and is firing to the body. The last ten is sounded and Cassell looks to get up and Humphreys grabs hold of the leg and is looking for the submission, but the end of the round is sounded.

Round Two

The second begins with both to the centre and a touch of gloves. A right leg kick snaps in for Humphreys but Cassell goes with the left punch. Cassell goes for the spinning back fist, which misses but opens up with a quick combination and rushes in to try and get it down. He has Humphreys against the cage who his on his knees and landing lefts to the face. He gets through three or four, before Cassell looks to flatten him out, but Humphreys gets hold of the neck and goes to the ground and is sat against the cage. Cassell moves into a mount type position but Humphreys still has the choke on. Cassell survives and pops his head out and is in half guard, with Humphreys having his neck against the cage. Cassell is working hard and landing the little ground and pound and goes away from the cage with Casssell in the guard and firing shots. Cassell is landing, but Humphreys works his way to get back up against the cage and Cassell goes into half guard and Humphreys gets hold of the arm for possibly a kimura but uses it to transition and flip over to the top and half guard of Cassell. He throws in a couple of shots but can’t fully get anything away as the end of the round is sounded.

Round Three

Off we go in the third with another touch of gloves and Cassell through with a nice left and Humphreys pushing back but not landing. Cassell goes in and lands a beautiful right and left shots to the jaw of Humphreys and uses this to take it down. Humphreys is sat against the cage, with Cassell in his guard and again is looking for the kimura transition, but Cassell postures up and fires in three good ground and pound shots. He then gets hold of the arm again and seems to have it tight, going for the kimura. Cassell sees it out though and gets his arm free and settles into the guard of Humphreys. He throws in the odd shot, but Humphreys is looking for any opportunity to set up a sub, but Cassell rolls into half guard and is working and Humphreys ends on his knees and offers his back, so Cassell takes it and rolls to his back and locks up the choke and he tightens it up and the tap comes.

Dan Cassell gets the third round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:30 of round three to become the new FSC British Middleweight Champion.


Main Event

FSC British Light Heavyweight Championship

Paul Craig vs. Andrej Borchoz

Round One

Borchoz is forward quick and connects with a shot or two and gets it down and goes straight into half guard on top, but is flat on his opponent and is landing some good right hands, possibly three, but Craig works to tie him up and close his guard. Craig is dangerous off his back and is doing a great job of tying him up and not letting him work. Borchoz breaks through the guard, but Craig gets round to the back and has the legs tied up. Borchoz isn’t fully in the choke and is on top and turns to throw the odd shot in on his opponent. Craig however turns to his back fully and has Borchoz tied and turns him over to get into side control himself, right in front of his corner. Borchez is tying the neck, but Craig is out and gets hold of the neck and Borchoz is trying to get up but Craig won’t let him. He works to get the D’Arce choke on, cranks it, and throws his opponent to his back again and keeps hold and the tap comes.

Paul Craig gets the Submission (D’Arce Choke) at 2:37 and becomes the new FSC British Light Heavyweight Champion.

SD MMA UK – Fight Bonus Picks

Knockout of the night: Ashlee Eales

Submission of the night: Paul Craig

Fight of the night: Harri Key vs. Lucy Schofield

It was a cracking night in Coventry and FightStar Championship again showed that they can continually put on a great show, wherever they are in the country. They work hard to build a card which will give fans value for money and it definitely pays off.

Whether you are an amateur just starting your career or an experienced professional, FightStar make sure that they treat everyone the same and provide the best experience possible.

With new champions crowned on the night and many stand out performers showcasing their skills, FightStar Championship has plenty of options for their next show, which could definitely be the best yet.

No date is confirmed for that show, possibly September time, but stick with SD MMA UK for all the news when it breaks.

The review may have mistakes and I can only apologise if I have missed stuff out, but the action was very quick and hopefully it does the fights justice.

On a personal note I would like to thank the FightStar team for allowing me to cover the show and get back into the swing of things.


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