Laurelle Hodgetts: “Everything is possible when you have self control and sheer determination”


Credit: Laurelle Hodgetts

British Fight League host their second installment, in Gainsborough, this coming weekend and taking part in a K1 demo is Laurelle Hodgetts. 

Since getting into the sport Laurelle has worked hard to get herself to the point where she would like to compete and this weekend was going to be her debut match up, but the fight has been changed to a demo. However she isn’t letting that hold her back and she is looking forward to showcasing all that she has learnt opposite Katie Brownless and will embrace the occasion. 

So ahead of the show she took some time out to answer my questions and give fans the chance to learn a little bit more about her development. 

Thanks for your time Laurelle. I wanted to start by asking what made you first away of the martial arts, in particular K1?

“I have a few friends in the boxing game however that wasn’t enough for me and looked into k1 as a hobby to keep fit”.

What is it that led you to begin training and was there any sessions that made you think: “I wouldn’t mind keeping on doing this and possibly competing”.

“I started k1 to lose weight and just train as a hobby three years ago and over the past year I have upped my training and progressed massively with speed, strength and endurance and its the hard training that made me think ‘i would like to compete’. So I trained towards that goal”.

Have you had the chance to compete so far and if yes, how much have you taken from those match ups?

“The bfl was going to my first opportunity to compete but as you know my opponent will now only do a demo. But I will use it as cage/ring time experience even though it will not appear on my fight record. Its a start!”

K1 for me is really exciting to watch but goes by so quickly. When you train, is that what its like for you? I feel like you might not have chance to really feel whats happening.

“When I train I either train for an hour or two hours. And sometimes twice a day. I love my sport and every session goes way to fast because its so enjoyable! Time flies when you are having fun!!!!”

Looking back on your time in the sport, what are some of the biggest things you have learnt?

“I would have to say that self control is one of the biggest lessons I have learnt. Even down to my diet! La”.

Who have been some of the bigger influences on your development at the gym?

“All of my family really have influenced me. Every fighter had good days and bad days. But when I leave the gym my family are always there at home to support me and keep me going!”

You have the chance to possibly compete on BFL. How much do you know about the show and your chance at getting to possibly compete?

“I have had the pleasure of training with Dan Gibbon and some of the fighters from his gym and it was nine weeks ago he called my coach to offer me a fight with one of his own fighters. I agreed straight away and the same day hard training began. Its a shame the fights now been changed to a demo fight but its still a privilege to fight on the show and I’m raring to go!”

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“My shout out would go out to my coach Joe Mcgovan. Hes a huge inspiration and its because of all his hard work and help that I am the person I am today! As far as my training goes I owe him everything!. He deserves the biggest thank you ever and I aim to make him proud!”



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