Brendan Needham ready to make a statement a BFL 2


Credit: Brendan Needham

BFL 2 takes place on Saturday evening in Gainsborough and competing in a professional K1 match up is Brendan Needham. 

Brendan has been very successful in the sport so far and is a very talented K1 competitor. Fans will be in for a treat when he takes on Taz Rashid and it could be one of the fights to steal the show. 

Ahead of the evening Brendan kindly took some time out to answer my questions. 

Thanks for your time Brendan. I wanted to start by looking ahead to BFL 2. How much do you know about the BFL show?

“I don’t know much about the show, looking forward to it though”. 

How much are you looking forward to compete on their show and get the chance to showcase your skills?

“I’m looking forward to the show and hoping its a big show so I can make a statement and show what I can do”. 

On the night you take on Taz Rashid. Have you had much chance to see him in action and what are you expecting from him?

“Think I’ve seen a short clip of him but I never really study the fighters anyway”. 

Where do you feel you will be stronger overall on the night?

“I think ill be stronger in everything overall”.

One part of K1 which makes it exciting, is the non stop action. How is it for you being in there; do you get chance to take it all in or is it over really quickly?

“Yeah think it is the non stop action knowing that anything can happen during the fight”. 

With it being fought at such a high pace, is cardio something you pride yourself on?

“I do cardio, but mostly concentrate on muscle fatigue to help me towards the fight”. 

Are you hoping to have a lot of support on the night and how much does that support mean to you?

“I normally have a lot of support on the night but with it being a fight out of my city wont be as much there but I don’t mind really”. 

Looking back on your time in the sport so far, are there any fights which really tested you and made you think: I could go far with this.

“I take every fight which I’ve had a learning curve but I think my early fights are the ones that made me think I could do well in the sport”. 

Who are some of the bigger influences from your team, who have helped you develop so far?

“I look up to all my team l, my dad who gave me all the knowledge and pushed me all the way, Carl Tankard, who has fought out of our gym for a number of years and I still learn off him now, Terry Beedham, who focuses on my boxing and takes a lot of time out to do that and Danny Peacock who does my pad work on a regular basis”. 

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“All my team for helping me and pushing me through training, all the people at the gym, who turn up to sparring and train with me to make training possible, my mum and dad through helping through the stressful times at home with the dieting and training, my girlfriend and her mum and dad for helping me through it and coming to support me, and most of all, my sponsors, wouldn’t be doing it if it weren’t for them”. 



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