Yamila Sanchez: “The only limit that exists is the one that you put”

Credit: Impacro Fighters

Credit: Impacro Fighters

British Fight League’s second event takes place this weekend and competing in a K1 match up is Puro Impacto’s Yamila Sanchez. 

Yamila is travelling over from Spain and takes on home favourite Michelle Page in a match up would could definitely steal the show. Both are very talented competitors and fans can expect fireworks. 

Ahead of the evenings match up, Yamila took some time to answer my questions. 

Thanks for your time, I wanted to start by looking ahead to British Fight League, where you are competing. How much have you found out about the show and have they been to deal with?

“When I found out about the event it made me feel proud, that I was considered me for this match up”.

On the night you take on Michelle Page. Have you had chance to see any videos of Michelle in action and what are you expecting from her on the night?

“I’ve seen only one fight of Michelle, must say that she’s a great warrior and all I expect is to maintain myself on her level and make a great fight”.

Michelle is the home fighter for the match up, do you think this could help you as all the focus will be on her and she could have more pressure on her?

“At my point of view, to have a fight at home is a big advantage,and you feel more comfortable when standing at the ring. I don’t think this will cause any trouble to her”.

Where do you feel you will be stronger in the match up?

“Each fight is a different world that depends on with whom you’re fighting, in each one you show yourself differently”.

How much are you looking forward to competing on the night and getting the chance to showcase your skills?

“Honestly, as I’ve said before,this is an incredible opportunity and I look forward with anticipation and emotion”.

Looking back on your time in the sport so far, what have you taken from competing so far? Any match ups which stand out to you?

“Looking back at my sport career, the most important lesson for me has been the overcoming. The only limit that exists is the one that you put. The most significant fight for me has been my MMA debut, cause it marked a change in my life. It was something that I needed to keep on going”.

Do you have any specific aims for 2015 in terms of K1 competing?

“I have a lot of aims for 2015. But the most important for me is to improve as a fighter”.

Who would you say have been some of the bigger influences on your development in the gym?

“My greatest influence, my guide, without any doubt and in capital letters MY MAESTRO, Oscar Panadero. He has a God given gift, his words make us get up with a force, when we fall down, make us grow as a person and give the best of us. Each second he dedicates us is learning, values, respect and humility. We never feel ourselves alone and that’s why we have an incredible team where we help each other”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Firstly I’d like to say thank you to my maestro, cause without him nothingbof this would be possible. My family, that supports me in every single thing, my friends that are beside me both at the gym and outside, and never leave me alone. And to the whole PURO IMPACTO team, we’re all one big family and it feels like home.

Thank you very much for your time and see you soon!!!”


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