Michelle Page: “I’m not bothered about what she’s doing or what she’s capable of”

Credit: Michelle Page

Credit: Michelle Page

British Fight League 2 is just a day away and competing in a very exciting K1 match up is Gainsborough’s own Michelle Page. 

Michelle meets Yamila Sanchez in a match up which could easily steal the show and is a highly anticipated clash between two talented competitors.

Ahead of the event tomorrow, Michelle kindly took some time out to speak with me about her development and the match up. 

Thanks for your time Michelle. I wanted to start by asking about your development in the sport so far. Firstly what is it that attracted you to start training?

“I went along to watch my fiance training Muay Thai and got the itch to join in and I’ve never looked back since then really. I absolutely love the sport and it keeps me fit”.

Looking back over your 2014, how much do you feel you have improved and do you feel like there was any matches that stood out to you?

“I feel like I’ve improved loads since 2014, i’ve had extra coaching and I travel all over to train at different gyms so i’m always gaining knowledge and I get to train with some great fighters. The fight that stood out the most to me was when I fought Andree Warbrick in Lincoln”.

K1 is a sport which is so exciting to watch as a fan and it goes so quickly. Is that what its like when your in there? You don’t have any time to really soak it in?

“No way, it feels like forever. If only it didn’t seem as long as it actually is 🙂 “.

Next up is BFL 2, a show which you competed on last year. How did you find the first show and how much are you looking forward to competing on the show again?

“I found the first BFL show was professionally run, everyone was evenly matched and I watched a lot of great fights, my fight was a demo with another girl ‘Katie’ (also from Gorilla Fight Team) as Dan had struggled to match me. I’m so excited and cant wait to fight on BFL2, it’s in my hometown and i’ll have a lot of support 🙂 “.

On the show you take on Yamilla Sanchez. How much do you know about her?

“I know she’s Spanish, that’s about it 🙂 . I’m not bothered about what she’s doing or what she’s capable of, this fight is about me and what I’m going to do”. 

Are you hoping to have a fair bit of support and how much does that mean to you?

“I’ll have a lot of support at the show, the support I had on the last BFL show was amazing. The support from my team mates, friends and family means so much to me and I always appreciate all the support I can get”.

And finally would you like to thank/give a shout out to anybody? 

“To my coaches Dan and Justin for their support, my sponsors; Salonfive hair and beauty, Nigel Sutton Construction, The Garage & O&L Surfacing. I appreciate all your support”.



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