Jordan Smith: “I feel I could shock him with my stand up and reach”

Credit: Jordan Smith

Credit: Jordan Smith

BFL host their second installment tonight with a range of MMA and K1 match ups and taking to the cage is Gorilla Fight Team’s Jordan Smith. 

Jordan competed on the first show and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and is ready for his match up this evening against Nath Thompson. Ahead of the fight, Jordan took some time out to answer my questions. 

Thanks again for your time Jordan. I wanted to start by going back to BFL 1 last year when I saw you last compete. On the night you lost via unanimous decision. Looking back on that fight, what did you make to your performance?

“I felt my performance wasn’t great, I do feel like I could’ve done better and I just didn’t perform well on the night”.

You were due to fight one opponent, but it was changed. Did that make it frustrating at all going into the fight?

“It didn’t frustrate me so much because I still have plenty of time to prepare myself to be against the second opponent”.

The first BFL event was a great success though. How did you find the whole show?

“I found it to be an amazing show, credit goes out to Dan and everyone else involved that made it happen”.

Since that fight have you had the chance to compete again and how do you feel you have improved?

“I have fought again and won this time, I didn’t feel as nervous because I knew what to expect this time. I improved my fitness, striking and worked a lot on the ground”.

The second show isnt far away now and you take on Nath Thompson. Have you had chance to find anything about your opponent?

“I haven’t really looked into my third opponent, I know his ground game is good and fights out of a good gym but that is about all I know”.

Where do you feel you could shock him on the night?

“I feel I could shock him with my stand up and reach”.

With MMA a sport where anything can happen, do you prepare to now just focus on yourself in case your opponent changes?

“I definitely focus on myself now and train to fight at my best potential, this way I can be prepared in all areas”.

How much are you personally looking forward to competing again?

“I am very excited about fighting again, I do have some nerves I’m not going to lie but its part of the game”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“I would especially like to thank Dan Gibbon Justin and JP for helping me train and improve and pushing me to be better. All the guys from the gorilla fight team for pushing me along and family and friends for all the support they are giving me”.



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