Andy Hollis: “Hopefully we’ll put on a good show”

Credit: Andy Hollis (Contender Promotions)

Credit: Andy Hollis (Contender Promotions)

This weekend see’s The Chosen One MMA and K1 show take place in Newcastle and competing on the evening is Andy Hollis. 

Andy is no stranger to competing and has taken a lot from his time in the sport so far and he will be looking to continue his development when he meets John Wright in an exciting match up. 

With the event just five days away I caught up with Andy to get his thoughts and learn a little more about him. 

Thanks for your time Andy. I wanted to start by asking about your development in the sport so far. Firstly what is it that attracted you to start training?

“No problem, my pleasure. My little brother was the one who originally got me into training, he started doing MMA in his mid teens and when it got to the point where he was slapping beatdowns on me instead of the other way round, I figured I had to do something about it!”

Some people prefer to solely train and not compete, but what is it that made you think you wanted to get in there and test yourself?

“K1 is a sport that you really have to hurl yourself into to get the most out of it, and with all the time and dedication that goes into the training, I feel like it would be a waste to not compare myself to other like-minded guys who go through the same thing every day. This is a feeling that wasn’t present when I first started training though, it was well over a year before I even began to consider the notion of competing”.

Looking back over your 2014, how much do you feel you have improved and do you feel like there was any matches that stood out to you?

“I feel like I’ve come on leaps and bounds even within the last couple of months or so – drilling combinations, keeping sharp, overall I feel like I’ve greatly improved my game since last year. In terms of matches standing out, I only fought once in 2014 against Gareth Britton (a class act, by the way), coming away with a loss but with a clear picture of what needed to be worked on for my next bout”.

K1 is a sport which is so exciting to watch as a fan and it goes so quickly. Is that what its like when your in there? You don’t have any time to really soak it in?

“Yeah, pretty much spot on. There’s no time at all to soak anything in, except before the fight starts. Other than that, it’s essentially just a blur of activity for three rounds and it’s over before you know it”.

Next up is The Chosen One show, in association with EIKO. how much are you looking forward to competing on the show and how much do you know about them?

“Yeah I’m really looking forward to it, I competed in MMA back in 2012 on the third EIKO show so I’m familiar with how it’s ran, the guys in charge really do work incredibly hard to make sure things go smoothly – hats off to them, I couldn’t do it”.

On the show you take on John Wright. How much do you know about him?

“Not an awful lot really, from what I’ve heard he’s a pretty tough lad, but that’s about it. Hopefully we’ll put on a good show”.

John is 0-1 competing, so will be looking to getting the win, do you expect a different fighter from the guy who lost his first match up.

“Absolutely, I’m also coming off a loss and it’s really driven me to work on the key areas picked up from my last fight so I’m expecting something similar from him”.

Where do you feel you will be stronger?

“I feel like my fitness is at a pretty high standard at the minute, so that’s the first thing that comes to mind really. Anything else would be telling!”

Are you hoping to have a fair bit of support and how much does that mean to you?

“It’s always nice to have people gunning for you when you’re in there and I’m hoping a few of my mates will be down to watch, but at the end of the day it’s just going to be me and my opponent in there. A few well timed cheers and shouts of encouragement do wonders for keeping you going through the tough bits though”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Absolutely, basically all of my training partners down at The Manor for pushing me and helping me prepare in the weeks leading up to this, I honestly couldn’t ask for a better bunch of lads to train with. In particular though, my coach Micky Terrill – he keeps me in shape with his mad fitness/torture sessions and his wisdom when it comes to the fight game is unparalleled. Again, I couldn’t ask for a better coach”.



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