The Chosen: Review


The Chosen, in association with EIKO, presented their first event live from the NE6 Suite in Newcastle.

On the afternoon there was a mixture of amateur Mixed Martial Arts and K1 bouts, which kept the lively crowd entertained from start to finish.

As the afternoon progressed all in attendance were treated to some back and forth battles and fantastic finishes and our reporter Simon Cafferty was on hand to catch the action.

K1- Kickboxing

Andy Hollis vs. John Wright

Round One

We get going with both to the centre and a low kick from Hollis which Wright returns and both throw out combos. Hollis goes to the legs, but Wright returns and they exchange kicks and punches. A nice one two connects from Hollis, before Wright is back in with a kick. Hollis opens up again, Wright leg kicks and Hollis lands his punches, before Wright gets another kick to the legs, too land. Hollis lands a great combo, but Wright scores a jab and both land kicks. Wright is in fierce and is landing his shots on the feet nicely. Wright eats two leg kicks from Hollis and both land their jabs. It settles a little and Wright goes to the body with a right punch and then a left upstairs, but Hollis fires back with a jab and leg kick. Wright is in to score again with shots, and they tie up with ten to go. It breaks and both exchange to see out the round.

Round Two

The second sees Wright connect a jab but Hollis opens up with a strong left-right and swarms in to get Wright on the cage, to continue with his punches and knees to the body. They break and a flush left hurts Wright who goes back a bit and Hollis continues with the pressure, scoring combos freely. They close in again and Hollis lands a knee to the body. Again he smacks in the one two to score on Wright whose nose is a little bloody. Wright fires in a low kick, but Hollis keeps him at bay with his jab and good combos. Wright follows in and lands lightly in close and they break. The pace slows and Wright connects two leg kicks, before Hollis lands a combo and kick to the body. A nice left scores from Hollis, who eats a right, and then continues looking for his combos. Wright comes in but meets the jab again and then looks to work to the body but Hollis punches back. The last ten sees Hollis in close with two knees to the body, and a great straight left.

Round Three

The third gets going and Hollis is straight forward furiously and scores in close with his punches. They tie up and break quite quickly. Both jab well and land, before Wright goes to the body and Hollis to the face with shots. It settles and Hollis kicks to the legs and checks a Wright one. He is throwing his jab to keep Wright away, who goes up high with a kick, which is blocked. He scores inside does Hollis, but Wright is back forward scoring. Hollis scores a right leg kick, blocks the Wright punches and punches to the body. Wright goes in and opens up a little but can’t score. Hollis goes in and utilises his jab again and is keeping Wright at bay. He scores a left kick and Wright scores a jab but Hollis lands a left hook which lands. Hollis scores inside and the final ten sees Hollis pushes in and both throw some solid shots and the end of the fight is sounded.

We go to the judges who render the unanimous decision in the favour of your winner: Andy Hollis.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Andy)

Amateur B MMA

Nathan Haywood vs. Jamie Bates

Round One

Unfortunately due to interviews, I missed the first round.

Round Two

We begin the second with Haywood to the centre and Bates on the outside. Haywood goes for a big right, misses, and Bates ducks down and goes for the takedown. He gets Haywood on the cage and it goes down with Bates on top and in the guard but Haywood throws up for the armbar and is cranking it back. Bates stands up but is still in it and survives. To the feet we go and Haywood opens up and scores a one-two and then gets on the standing guillotine. Bates pushes him to the cage and Haywood goes down with it on but Bates pops his head out and they stand. On the feet they tie and it goes down with Haywood in the guard of Bates and he stands up and over and hammers in some vicious shots to the body. Bates is on the leg, so Haywood goes to his knees, gets out and stands over again to fire in a right to the body. Haywood goes into the guard of his opponent and stands up but his arms are tied, so he slams bates down and lands a shot to the body. To the feet it goes and Haywood strikes very well with a knee and combo and they tie on the cage, with Bates having his back on the cage. He looks for the neck of Haywood and pulls guard but the end of the round is sounded.

Round Three

Off we go in the third with Haywood in the centre and pushing forward to snap a right kick to the head of Bates who is stunned but doesn’t go down, so Haywood keeps on the pressure with his shots and misses another high kick but lands with his punches, before another left kick snaps up high and just misses a right and Bates drives and takes Haywood down. From the bottom Haywood looks for a sub but turns it round and ends up on top himself with Bates holding on to the leg, but Haywood not worried, standing and landing a left punch to the body. He is fully stood and goes down into half guard and has his leg free. He goes to full mount and lands a left. Bates sits up so Haywood steps over to the right and gets on the arm triangle. This one looks tight and the ref is taking a good look, so Haywood steps over into full mount, postures up and stands to fire into the body twice and then grabs hold of the left arm and lies back to lock on the armbar. This one is on and Bates taps out.

Nathan Haywood gets the Submission (Armbar) at 2:23 of round three.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Nathan)

Scott Johnson vs. Danny Waldron

Round One

Johnson is right in with a good left and misses with a head kick. They tie up and Johnson gets him on the cage and throws two knees. They go to the centre and Johnson opens up again and catches Waldron with kicks and punches. Waldron comes in with a leg kick, but Johnson keeps him at bay and lands a front kick to push him back. Johnson then is in with his combo to land and they tie up, after Johnson blocked a takedown and lands on the feet with good punches and knees to the body. They still are tied and Johnson knees to the legs and Waldron goes down so he goes down, to side control and lands a knee. It goes back to the feet and Johnson pushes in and knees to the body, looking for his punches, and accidentally catches Waldron down low. Waldron is given time to recover.

We begin again and Johnson takes the centre and catches his opponent to the body with a right kick and he falls. On the feet both open up with quick combos and Waldron is in with a kick. Johnson again drops him with a kick, and telegraphs the takedown and pushes him away. Johnson is in on the cage to snap in his combo, but Waldron throws back. Johnson steps out goes back in and lands a tough one-two, before a flying knee to the body scores and snaps in a combo. Both trade thigh kicks and Johnson jumps in with a knee, goes for a punch and the end of the round is sounded.

During the break between rounds Waldron can’t continue and the ref calls the fight.

Scott Johnson gets the TKO (corner stoppage) victory after round one.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Scott)

Kieran Guy vs. Liam Udale

Round One

Udale looks for a kick but eats one to the body from Guy who is all over him, but he pushes away. Guy is on the outside, with Udale on the cage and he is looking to score. Udale pushes out but Guy snaps in a stinging kick to the body. It goes to the ground with Guy on top and Udale looking for the submission but its back to the feet and Guy opens up with his shots and a few punches score. He swarms again before snapping two right kicks to the body. A right uppercut is in and a left hook score for Guy and it goes to the ground with him in half guard on top. He is being tied up by Udale but he postures up and fires in shots to the body; two connect well, then three more. Udale goes from the bottom to the body with punches but Guy continues to sting them in. He postures again and continues to the body with three-four left hammer fists and they are sounding bad. Udale is looking to get up but Guy is looking to transition. Udale gets his leg, so Guy stands but Udale locks it and Guy goes to his back and rolls, he is sat up, but Udale still has the leg but it isn’t hurting Guy and he sees out the round fine.

Round Two

The second gets going with Guy to the centre and Udale on the outside. Neither commits before a Guy right kick snaps to the legs twice. Udale pushes a kick out but Guy goes for the left and lands two. He goes in with a combo and Udale goes to pull guard but Guy stays on his feet. Guy snaps another kick to the body and swarms with punches on the feet. They break and he continues to follow Udale and lands a nice shot, before going in with an uppercut and right which score. Udale gets the takedown but Guy sweeps right away and lands in half guard. He scores a few lefts to the body and Udale is on the left leg again and turns to his side and Guy hammers to the body with a right and they scramble, with Udale getting hold of the leg and Guy at the opposite side sat and trying to get out. Guy is fighting it and doesn’t look in much trouble and works his way to his feet, gets his leg out but Udale is on his leg quickly and completes a single leg, but Guy ends in side control. Udale works and is going for the arm, but has his neck tied in the legs, he gets to the top and then stands and the end of the round is sounded.

Round Three

The third begins with Guy to the centre again and Udale on the fence. A right jab skims from Guy and a left misses, so he snaps in the right leg kick twice. A left hook just misses, so he snaps to the body and Udale pushes forward. Guy walks forward and swings well, nearly scoring, and one landing I think. He snaps to the leg with a kick and Udale walks forward but Guy lands a kick, before Udale lands a spinning left back fist. Guy is in and throwing but Udale ducks under and takes him down. He lands in side control and scoots his knees up, but Guy is moving well from the bottom. Udale goes to north south, then back to side control and flattens himself out. Guy is defending well, so Udale brings his knees up and is trying to find something. He puts his knee to pin the arm and goes to north south. He is looking for the choke but Guy turns over and to his knees, but Udale gets the guillotine and goes to his back. But Guy gets out of it and to his feet and Udale follows. Right away an Udale takedown is stuffed and he throws a right but Guy lands a low kick and a good one-two, with his lefts in particular finding a home. Two in a row score and he snaps in two kicks and opens up with fast shots and in particular a left uppercut scores well, before the end of the fight is called.

We go to the judges who render the fight a draw (29-29, 29-29, and 29-29).

Kerian Russell vs. Gareth Wright

Round One

Off we go in this one with Wright forward and his jab connecting, and stuffing a takedown and getting Russell on the cage. Russell is throwing knees to the body and goes to the head, but Wright is relentless and looking for this takedown. Wright moves a little to land a right, Russell lands a knee and they break. Russell opens up on the feet with a good combo, and gets Wright on the cage and knees to the body and throws shots in close. Wright powers out and gets it down but Russell lands in side control before Wright turns and is trying to flatten Russell who is sat against the cage. Wright is stood up now and knees twice to the body with rights, and Russell is flattened and Wright takes side control and is flat on top. Russell looks to fire from the bottom, but Wright steps over to North South and is working for the kimura on the right arm and locks it on and the tap comes.

Gareth Wright gets the Submission (Kimura) at 2:20.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Gareth)

Michael McDonald vs. Craig Hunter

Both fighters are well supported in this catchweight bout and the atmosphere is rising before they even begin.

Round One

The bout begins with both to the centre and Hunter kicking to the body with a left and driving in to get the fight down. He settles into half guard, but McDonald works to the cage and up. Right away on the feet Hunter throws him back down and again gets to half guard and fires to the body with right punches and then jumps for the arm and goes to his back but McDonald gets his arm free and finds himself in the closed guard of Hunter, who again looks for the armbar, cranks it and McDonald stands but it’s still on and McDonald goes down to his knees and Hunter is still cranking and stretching it but McDonald survives and moves into half guard on top. He is being tied up but goes to side control, goes for mount but as he does Hunter sweeps him and lands in side control on his knees and fires to the body with a knee.  Hunter looks to step for mount, but McDonald is trapping his leg. Hunter works to get his leg out and transitions to settle into mount. He lands three rights to the body and postures up. There he throws in a straight right and goes closer. McDonald tries to turn and offers his back but he stands and turns to throw Hunter over to his back and looks to land some shots to the body as the end of the round is sounded.

Round Two

We get going in the second with a leg kick from McDonald but Hunter grabs hold and gets it down, but McDonald works to turn it round and get to half guard on top himself. Neither can rest for a minute as Hunter reverses and gets to half guard and side control, before McDonald rolls it over and gets in the guard of Hunter who closes it up. McDonald breaks the guard and is looking to move, but Hunter is tying him up and closes the guard and goes up high and is working for the triangle and seems to have it. McDonald stands up and then crouches and throws in two mini knees to the body but Hunter is really working for the triangle choke and it seems tight but McDonald gets out and Hunter goes for the arm, but McDonald resists and is sat in the guard. Hunter again gets on the triangle from the bottom and tries to sweep McDonald, but he can’t and McDonald lands in a reverse mount on the chest and they are more north south, so McDonald looks to grab the arm but the end of the round is sounded.

Round Three

This back and forth fight deserves a third round and it begins with both to the centre and Hunter snapping in a left and right left kick. He goes with another right to snap in and McDonald pushes in swinging, so Hunter ducks under and turns him to the cage and down. McDonald briefly looks for a guillotine, but Hunter is fine and settles in the guard on his knees and scores with multiple right punches to the body. He then transitions to side control and McDonald tries to turn over and gets to his side but Hunter goes round to North South and McDonald crouches to his knees. Hunter is close to the neck but goes to the back and to his back but McDonald nearly turns to top position, however Hunter gets the arm under the neck and this is tight. McDonald is fighting it but just can’t get out of it and the tap comes.

Craig Hunter gets the Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:55 of round three.

Amateur A MMA

Lewis Jackson vs. Antonio Viscomi

Round One

The fight gets going with Jackson forward but eating a right shot from Viscomi. Jackson gets his opponent to the cage and works to get it down. There he is in the guard of Viscomi and stands up but is looking to posture. Viscomi gets to his knees and tries to stand, does briefly but goes back down and we get to the feet and both throw shots in close next to the cage wall and Viscomi lands a big right clean and Jackson spins to the cage and falls back looking out. Viscomi looks to go in but sees his opponent isn’t all there, doesn’t throw anything, and the ref jumps in to call off the fight.

Antonio Viscomi gets the KO victory at 55 seconds.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Antonio)

Eddie Johnson vs. James Harris

Round One

We begin with both to the centre and Harris scoring a left kick to the legs, Johnson missing high and Harris kicking again. Both are in close and throwing shots and Johnson sweeps Harris legs from under him with a kick, but he is straight up and drives Johnson to the cage looking for the takedown. Johnson pushes out and gets Harris to the other side of the cage and gets on a standing guillotine. He works for it but Harris survives so he unloads with knees and shots. Those look like they hurt. They break a little and he works the knees again, before the fight goes down with Harris on top, but Johnson on the neck. Johnson turns it over and gets on top himself and is in the half guard and is looking to pass. Harris works to his feet but is on the back of Johnson, with his legs wrapped round. It goes to the ground and Johnson is on the top and punching backwards, but Harris turns and flattens him out and takes the back mount to fire in the ground and pound, these are snapping in, but Johnson isn’t going anywhere. He moves a little but Harris continues with the shots and Johnson crouches to his knees, but Harris is on the back and still picking his shots but Johnson sees out the round.

Round Two

The second starts with both to the centre and Harris missing to the body with a kick, but a front kick lands, so Johnson pushes in and is scoring with his punches well and hurting his opponent. Harris pushes out and snaps in a kick to the body, before Johnson opens up again. Harris snaps a kick but Johnson is in and lifts up his opponent and slams him down. He is in the guard of his opponent but Harris is working for the triangle. Johnson stands up to try and get out, but Harris is working this harder and Johnson goes to his knees and gets his head out and works into the guard of Harris. Harris closes up the guard and is keeping Johnson from working. Johnson is working for a submission it seems, possibly an arm triangle but Harris is keeping him in the guard. Johnson postures a little and throws a right. The last ten is sounded and Harris is looking for shots from the bottom and Johnson from the top, but he can’t land cleanly, so goes to the body and the end of the round is sounded.

Round Three

Off we go in the final with a touch of gloves and both taking the centre. Harris misses a left kick and as Johnson goes to kick in Harris drives for the takedown, gets it, and is in the guard but Johnson turns it and stands. Harris gets on a guillotine and seems to pull guard and Johnson lands on top and gets to side control. There he lands a few rights as he is led flat. He fires in a few more, but Harris is working form his back and turns to try and get the back but cant and is now up against the cage and pushes away with his feet and is on the back of Johnson who is crouched up on his knees. He can’t get the choke on as Johnson reverses and gets into the guard on top. From his back Harris is punching, but Johnson gets to his feet, crouches over and scores a few punches. Johnson stands up, with Harris down, who misses an up kick and kicks left and right to his downed opponent’s legs. He then goes down with a right hand and is back in the guard. From the bottom Harris is firing little shots and Johnson is on his feet up again and gets to side control. The last ten are sounded so he gets to his feet and lands some fast punches, before moving away from his downed opponent and the end of the fight is sounded.

We go to the judges who render the fight a draw (29-29, 29-29, and 29-29).

Ross Hughes vs. Lee Campbell

Round One

We begin with both in the centre and two right leg kicks from Hughes and Campbell comes in but Hughes gets him to the cage and then down. He is stood up and lands a few punches does Hughes, but Campbell gets on the leg and is looking to crank, but Hughes fires the odd shots. Campbell is again looking to crank the foot and Hughes turns round and gets to his feet above his opponent. He wrestles with the legs of his opponent, gets the shot in and then goes down into the guard of Campbell. He moves to side control and back to the guard. He fires in two shots to the body and again looks to transition and does to half guard and pushes Campbell to the cage. He stands and moves to mount on Campbell against the cage and fires in a few tough rights. Campbell gets to his feet and takes Hughes down with a double leg, which the crowd loves. They work and Campbell gets on the back on the crouched up Hughes, who stands against the cage and eats a knee to the face as he stands. The last ten is sounded with Campbell having him against the cage, but Hughes gets in a body shot and right uppercut, but Campbell drives to get it down just as the bell rings out.

Round Two

The second is underway with Hughes landing a leg kick but eating a Campbell right hand. He kicks low again does Hughes, but Campbell fires back with one of his own. Campbell lands a right again, but Hughes kicks to the legs. Campbell drives in swinging but Hughes is under it and gets it to the cage. Both are firing in close but Hughes has his opponent on the cage and drops down looking for the single leg and nearly gets it down but is then round the back of Campbell, before putting him to the cage and firing in. Campbell turns it round and lands to the body, but Hughes gets in a knee. Campbell gets the tight down but Hughes gets to his knees, stands and has Campbell on the cage. He is looking for the double leg and switches to the single to lift up Campbell and gets him down. Campbell sweeps quickly and goes for a kimura, but they scramble and Hughes gets to his knees and is driving into Campbell who is standing and gets him to the cage. Hughes stands up and has the single leg again and is looking to pull him off the cage. Campbell is defending well though as the last ten is sounded. Hughes goes to his knees and Campbell is above him in a sort of mount but can’t fire in the shots as the end of the round is sounded.

Round Three

The action is back underway with both in the centre and a left jab from Campbell, a low kick from Hughes, before Campbell drives in with his shots. He seems to land but Hughes is on him and gets him to the cage. He throws in a knee and is keeping Campbell on the cage well, but Campbell turns out and reverses to get Hughes on the cage and complete a double leg takedown, but Hughes works to try and move, getting to be crouched up and Campbell gets to the side. Hughes gets up against the cage. Campbell goes down looking for the double leg takedown and after some defence completes it. But Hughes is to his knees, but Campbell jumps on the back and works to flatten out Hughes. He is pounding in the ground and pound, some vicious left and rights, before Hughes turns to his back and Campbell is flat out in the mount.  Hughes is keeping him down well and Campbell is landing little shots, before he postures to land a shot, but Hughes turns to his knees and Campbell goes in with more shots, he is picking them well and there are coming in strong. The last ten sees him go to work with the lefts and rights and scores well and the end of the fight is sounded.

We go to the judges who give the unanimous decision in favour of your winner: Lee Campbell.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Lee)

EIKO Lightweight Championship

Beau Gavin vs. Milad Ahady

Round One

Unfortunately I missed the start of this fight due to interviews, but I join just over halfway into the round with Gavin on top in side control and looking to work. It goes back to the feet and both look to strike, with Ahady getting in a nice looking jab, but Gavin just coming forward. Ahady gets Gavin to the cage looking for the takedown and getting it down but Gavin is sat and looking to work back to his feet. He nearly gets up on the cage but Ahady keeps it there and looks for shots but Gavin is on the neck and Ahady flattens him out and fires in a few shots from the top but the end of the round is sounded.

Round Two

A high kick from Gavin is blocked but he opens up with his combo and snaps a kick up high. Ahady comes forward but Gavin lands and looks for a kick. He rolls forward and stands to land a shot.  He scores again before Ahady pushes forward and gets it to the cage and down in front of his own corner. Ahady is trying to find position to work but Gavin is quick and gets up, but is back on his knees, then rolls over backwards, nearly gets the back of his opponent and ends up in the guard. Ahady is trying for a triangle but can’t get it and Gavin looks for the ground and pound. Again Ahady is going for the triangle, but eats a Gavin right hand. Ahady goes to his knees and Gavin nearly takes the back, but Ahady turns to his back and Gavin gets to side control and then is in north south. He goes for the choke, but then is back to side control, before working back to north south and getting to his knees. He is looking for the armbar, but Ahady spins out, so Gavin is too his knees again and they scramble with Ahady nearly taking the top but Gavin lands in side control, and back to North-South to see out the round.

Round Three

The final begins with both to the centre and an inside right kick snapping by Gavin and a spinning kick just connecting. He then kicks to the legs, but Ahady is forward with a left jab and gets the fight down. There he is holding on to Gavin in half guard, who is trying to stand. Ahady ends in full mount and postures up looking to strike, but then goes down and Gavin looks fine. Ahady then postures and fires again but Gavin turns to his front, offers his back, but works beautifully to end on top. They scramble a little and he goes to north south and then side, to lay, and land two right hands.  Gavin is keeping him down well and answers back to his opponent’s corner before locking on the Americana and getting the tap.

Beau Gavin is the new Lightweight Champion with the Submission (Americana) at 1:46 of round three.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Beau)

EIKO Welterweight Championship

Adian Teehan vs. Jed Ramshaw

Round One

The atmosphere is electric in here with everyone seeming to be up for Ramshaw and I join this fight with about 45 seconds to go, possibly a minute. Ramshaw is going for the submission and getting on the leg, he is extending but Teenan pulls out and gets up but Ramshaw gets him to the cage and gets on the standing guillotine and then he works it. This looks tight and Ramshaw’s fans are loud and proud anticipating the victory, but Teehan survives and he goes to his knees and Ramshaw is in with the punches but the end of the round is sounded.

Round Two

The second sees Ramshaw straight forward and landing a good right and opening up a combo but Teehan is through and looks for the takedown. He gets Ramshaw down but he is right up against the cage. There Ramshaw goes for the neck, but Teehan lifts him up and slams him down. He looks to work but Ramshaw reverses and gets on top and looks to work. Teehan works to his knees but Ramshaw has the back and is working for the rear naked choke and he can’t get it right away as Teenan stands up, but Ramshaw jumps and gets it on the feet. This rear naked choke is on tight and Teenan is trying to stop it but the tap eventually comes and the NE6 suite erupts.

Jed Ramshaw gets the Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:06 of round two to be crowned the new EIKO Welterweight Champion.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Jed)

SD MMA UK – Show Awards

Fight of the afternoon: Kieran Guy vs. Liam Udale

Submission of the afternoon: Beau Gavin and Nathan Haywood

KO of the afternoon: Antonio Viscomi

Performance of the afternoon: Scott Johnson

All in all the afternoon show in Newcastle was a very good event, with very good match making which made for some very closely fought contests and fans got the chance to see some very talented amateur competitors who have bright futures ahead of them.

The NE6 suite seems a small venue when you first walk in but with tiered seating and a vocal crowd; the atmosphere was one to saviour especially when Jed Ramshaw took home the victory in the main event.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Richard Ince for allowing me to head up and cover the show and hopefully this review does it justice.

The Chosen was in association with EIKO who will return later this year, so stay tuned to SD MMA UK for any announcements.

Finally the review is as accurate as I could make it but obviously from the position I was sitting things may have  been missed, for which I can only apologise.



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