Loughnane signs with BAMMA – “I want to be a two-weight champion”


BAMMA, leaders in MMA sports entertainment and the home of European MMA, is pleased to announce the signing of exciting Featherweight Brendan Loughnane to a multi fight deal with the promotion.

Brendan Loughnane (10-1), last fought at BAMMA 19: Stapleton Vs. Petley where he battled through to win a decision against tough Frenchman Steve Polifonte.  This was Loughnane’s second appearance after his dominant debut at BAMMA 17: Fletcher Vs. Brightmon, where he dispatched late replacement Florian Rousseau with relative ease via TKO at 4:48 of the 1st Round.

Now signing a multi-fight deal with the promotion, Manchester based Loughnane has made it clear that he has one objective and that is to win the BAMMA title, currently held by French phenom Tom ‘Fire Kid’ DuQuesnoy.

The mixed martial artist from Manchester has been impressed with the waves BAMMA are making in the sport which helped persuade him to pen a new multi-fight deal for the promotion.

His goal now is to succeed at the highest level and hopefully become a two-weight world champion for the organisation.

“It has been brilliant, I went the last show and it was one of the best UK MMA shows I have been too,” said Loughnane. “BAMMA is the only place to be in Europe right now.  They are making all the big moves and giving fighters the exposure they deserve. It was a simple choice.  I have seen what they are doing and I just want to be a part of it”. 

“The fights, the match-ups – everything about it. I just love the direction BAMMA are moving in and really glad to be a part of it.

He added: “I can’t reiterate enough that the moves BAMMA are making is great for UK MMA and great for guys like myself that are up-and-coming to get the exposure we deserve. BAMMA have put a lot of time into the sport and it is about time they got some recognition. I am excited – there are some big fights coming up for me I am looking forward to them.”

Of course the fight that Loughnane wants is a shot at the featherweight title and BAMMA are expected to have news on that in the next few weeks. However, Loughnane also revealed his next bout at featherweight could be his last as he looks to move up a class and “see what the lightweight champion is saying”.

“My goal right now is to be a two-weight world champion,” he said. “Right now I am aiming for this featherweight title and then have a go at the lightweight title and see what happens from there. I have got big plans.”

He added: “I have only had two fights at featherweight – my whole career I fought at lightweight and done really well.”

The 25-year-old has already fought twice on the promotion, picking up wins against Florian Rousseau and Steve Polifonte respectively in two very different performances.

“The first one was a late replacement and I just blitzed him really. I wished I had of good fighter on that one, it was my first cut to featherweight and I felt really good. As I say I wish I could have got a better opponent to prove myself a bit more.

The second one I mucked up because I went away at Christmas and got really heavy – it was just a struggle. I didn’t enjoy the camp really, I was just getting the weight off which took all the fun out of it. I am huge featherweight so I walk around really heavy and it is hard for me to make weight – I made it even harder for myself to make the weight by not really dieting. I should have finished that guy in the first round. I am not making that mistake again and have already started getting my weight down now – three or four months ahead my next fight.”

He added: “I won every round and dominated the guy. He was 11-2 and an international opponent as well, but I am very critical of myself and I know I could finish that guy in the first round.”

The goals are clear for Loughnane and overall he wants to look back at his career knowing he achieved as much as he could.

He said: “I just want to be known as a guy that mixed it up really well. You know, won a few fights by submission, knocked a few people out. I want to be known as a well-rounded fighter, I don’t want to be known as a one-dimensional, one trick pony kind of guy.”

Loughnane confesses to being a “bit of a crazy kid” but MMA, like it has for so many young men, been a source of discipline and clean living for him.

“I use all that now in my sport and it is paying me back now all the years I put in. I am reaping the benefits, I have got my own gym now and helping guys that are starting off. It is great to give back.”

There are sacrifices that have been made with the lack of money and sponsorship real bug bears for a lot of fighters, but Loughnane is not one to moan.

He added: “A lot of people do moan about that, but choose another sport, nobody is forcing you to do it. The injuries don’t help either, you only have a certain amount of time in this game before your body starts giving up”.

“That is why I have started asking for these big fights now. The last thing I want to do is finish my career for someone to say that you never really fought anyone. I want to be an old man sat with my grandkids and look on YouTube to say that ‘there is your granddad and he fought the best that was out there at the time’. That is my goal.”

With the first bout of his newly signed contract to be announced very shortly, the already stacked Featherweight division now has a new contender added to their ranks, something matchmaker Jude Samuel is excited about.

‘Change: It might come forcefully like a tidal wave or creep along incrementally like a glacier’. The BAMMA featherweight division has been creeping along like a glacier until recently where it has just gone up in another level.” Samuel commented. “The acquisition of Brendan Loughnane and his decision to drop to featherweight is a clear indication of the plans we have going forward for the division. Its exciting times and there are some exciting match-ups to be made”.

Follow Brendan Loughnane & BAMMA on Twitter at @Brendan264 @BAMMA

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