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Each of us play badminton, the style is different, everyone can according to their own badminton racket to adjust their own way of holding badminton racket, everyone has their own unique way. Badminton court is very large, we have to reasonably change the forehand and backhand, in order to better complete the game, in order to improve badminton skills, play the ball to handy, you have to grasp this most simple, the most basic part of the study, master the right to their own grip method. The grip method is divided into two kinds, the hand-held and the reverse grip. It is described separately below.

Are you in the right position to hold your badminton racket?

The correct grip method of holding the badminton racket is to first hold the racket with your left hand, so that the racket face is perpendicular to the ground, and then open the right hand, so that the lower part of the palm of the hand rests on the racket to the bottom of the grip handle, the tiger mouth against the narrow side of the racket handle, the small finger, ring finger, middle finger naturally close, the index finger and the middle finger slightly separated, naturally bent and attached to the racket handle. Before hitting the ball, the grip must be relaxed, natural, in the moment of the hit the moment to hold the racket.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of anti-hand grip, one is on the basis of holding the racket, the racket frame to turn out, thumb straight attached to the wide surface of the handle, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger together. The other is to hold the racket frame in the hand, thumb attached to the rib of the racket handle, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, small finger together. When holding the hand, there should be a gap between the palm of the hand and the handle of the ball, so that the grip is conducive to the flexible use of wrist strength and finger strength.

Are you in the right position to hold your badminton racket?

After understanding the above correct grip method, should follow their previous customary grip method, such as the following error grip method, should be corrected as soon as possible: fist grip method, that is, a grasp;

It is easy to grasp the badminton racket correctly, but it takes some effort to master it in practice. Because the batting essentials have not yet mastered, the grip is often easy to go, so that the action back to the original wrong habits. Therefore, when practicing batting, always remind yourself, check that the grip is correct, after a period of time, will form the correct grip habits.

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