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What Badminton rules are often used

 In badminton, the athletes (or teams) who compete in the competition take turns competing once for a single cycle.This is the single-cycle badminton rule. The number of round-robin matches should not be too much because of the number of venues, the length of the game is long and the number of venues used is also large. When the […]

Badminton set how much do you know

Badminton sets include badminton net, badminton net post, badminton and badminton rackets and so on, today to introduce several of these badminton sets,Badminton net should be dark, high-quality string woven. The mesh holes are square, with each side between 15-20 mm long. Online down 760 mm wide. The top of the badminton net is folded with a 75 […]