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Badminton sets include badminton net, badminton net post, badminton and badminton rackets and so on, today to introduce several of these badminton sets,Badminton net should be dark, high-quality string woven. The mesh holes are square, with each side between 15-20 mm long. Online down 760 mm wide. The top of the badminton net is folded with a 75 mm white cloth and passed through the mezzanine with a rope or wire. The upper edge of the white cloth edge must be close to the rope or wire. The rope or wire must be of sufficient length and strength to tighten firmly and level with the top of the net post. Badminton Stadium center net height 1.524 meters, the doubles side of the net height of 1.55 meters.

Badminton set how much do you know

The ends of the badminton net must be tight with the net posts, and there should be no gaps between them. Badminton columns start on the ground and the netposts are 1.55 meters high. Badminton netposts must be firmly perpendicular to the ground and keep the badminton net tight and should be placed on the sideline of the doubles. If you cannot set up a netpost, you must use other methods to mark the position of the edge through the net. For example, use a thin column or a 40 mm wide strip to secure the edge, vertically up to the net top rope.

On a doubles court, whether it’s a doubles or singles match, a tennis post or a bar representing a tennis post, should be placed on the doubles sideline. Badminton according to the materials used are common: hard plastic, foam, cork, the first two are mainly used for low-grade recreational badminton, lower cost performance is poor. Middle and high-grade badminton are the use of natural soft wood ball head, and cork ball head can be roughly divided into three categories: the overall cork head, composite cork ball head, recycled cork ball head currently has two kinds of ball head: one is the whole cork head, low-quality cork material is easier to crack, one is the table fiber cricket head cork composite (artificial material),

Badminton set how much do you know

The strength of the ball head is better. Badminton feathers generally use goose hair, a goose from incubation to slaughter, generally the growth cycle is 120 days, goose hair stalks of the gel layer and the inner sponge body are basically mature, so the resistance to badminton will have certain benefits. With the continuous progress of science and global warming, the growth cycle of a goose is currently only about 90 days, so compared with the 120-day growth cycle, 90 days is certainly a little less resistant. There is a way to make badminton more resistant, prepare a bowl of boiling water soon, badminton hair part soaked in water for 2-3 minutes, pay attention not to let the water soaked into the ball head part, water temperature can not be low as water cool to be replaced with boiling water. After soaking the ball out of the air-drying, pay attention to must be air-dried can be used, so that the handled feather toughness is better as long as not directly hit on the ball hair will improve a lot of resistance.

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