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Badminton, a sport that dates back to Japan in the 14th and 15th centuries, when the badminton racket was still wooden, and badminton was made from cherry cores. Rumor has it that in the late 14th century, Japan appeared to insert cherry into beautiful feathers as a ball, the rule is that the two men with wooden planks back and forth to play the movement. This is the prototype of badminton. By 1870, a Duke of England had a garden party in his territory, but the weather was not so good, and soon it began to rain, so that he would not let the guests down, he changed to play badminton indoors. As a result, the participants were in a lot of fun. Since then, the badminton game has become popular in the United Kingdom, very popular in the United Kingdom.

Do you want to know the origin of badminton?

In 1893, 14 Badminton Clubs in England formed the Badminton Association. Badminton was introduced in 1920, and after the founding of New China, the sports industry developed rapidly. Now China’s badminton has reached the world’s advanced level.

In 1992, badminton was listed as an official event at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, with the establishment of men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles and mixed doubles. In the 18th century, the Indian city of Puna, a game similar to today’s badminton activities, woven into a ball with velvet wire, with feathers, people holding wooden rackets, the net to the ball in the air back and forth. The game didn’t last long and disappeared. Modern badminton was born in England. In 1873, a duke named Baffert in the town of Bemington, Glasgowshire, performed a “Pana Game” at the estate. The activity became so interesting that it soon became popular in England.

Do you want to know the origin of badminton?

Since then, the indoor game has spread rapidly through out in the UK, and Badminton has become the name of English badminton. Badminton was introduced to China in about 1920 and developed rapidly. In the 1970s, China’s badminton team was among the world’s top teams. In the 1970s, the international badminton arena was a battle between Indonesia and China.

After the 80’s, the advantagehasy has turned to China, indicating that China’s badminton has reached the world’s advanced level. Badminton, a sport that has gone from origin to development to pop, has been around the world for hundreds of years, and you want to try it out after you finish it?

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