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Badminton is a sport that runs through all parts of the body, from the cervical spine to the ankle, and is sported and coordinated in the process of playing badminton.

For badminton, less participation in any part of the body will affect the normal play of badminton technology. In the process of playing badminton, although the characteristics of power have their own characteristics, but after playing the ball the cause of physical pain is common. If you want to prevent pain after playing, we should start from all parts of the body when you play, and the following is to analyze in detail the relationship between the injury of badminton and the technical problems caused by badminton.Keep your friends playing badminton safe in badminton. Pain in the calf and ankle, many players in the process of stepping, often appear footsteps sideways landing, this way of landing is to try to avoid.

How to ensure the safety of badminton

On the one hand, in the process, the ankle will be greatly impacted, resulting in fatigue and strain on the ankle, calf and ankle soreness, but also greatly increase the possibility of ankle injury. Pain in the knee area, as in the ankle area pain, in the course of playing, to try to make the knee directly toward the body direction, avoid lateral force. At the same time, in the legs need to be intense force, the calf, ankle, knee, thigh parts should not be in a straight line, so that the knee is directly impacted, but between the various parts need a certain angle to cushion the pressure of the impact as much as possible.Keep badminton safe. In the winter, many players have such a bad habit: after playing the ball, wearing cotton clothes, wearing shorts on the door.

There is this habit of the ball, remember to put an end to as soon as possible, the knee has a complex muscle and soft tissue system, is the body’s most delicate part, if the heat is not in place, will lead to very serious consequences. Pain in the hips and thighs is mostly caused by incorrect action to catch the ball or to save the ball back. In the course of playing, many players in both cases will use one-legged force to make the body quickly stand straight and maintain balance. This process, the human center of gravity needs to have a change from the front to back, relying solely on the hip muscles and thigh muscles of one leg to complete this change of center of gravity, more times will inevitably lead to the body of the body pain in this area.

This situation again occurs the ball player, after the ball step forward foot step out, the back foot should follow up to reduce the burden of the front leg, the same is also when the back, to maintain the frequency of follow-up between feet. Wrist pain, the wrist is one of the most important parts of badminton hair force, the principle of wrist pain is also very simple, when hitting the ball wrist hair is not correct. Friends just need to keep one thing in mind: the right way to do the wrist power in the batting process is to rotate the hair force, not to stretch it.

This is conducive to the safety of our badminton. There are two main causes of pain in the arm and shoulder, first of all, a very important reason is that the swing posture is not correct, not through the waist and abdomen to drive the shoulder and then drive the arm to swing.Muscles can easily cause pain after being overstretched and stopped.

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