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For badminton sport,Badminton rackets help us sweat on the badminton court, but have we done a good job of maintaining badminton rackets? Carbon badminton racket is very brittle, so be sure to avoid collisions, especially in the doubles, the racket between peers is easy to come across, sometimes, after the collision, then can not see, but the inside of the racket has hidden injury, but also easy to break in the future under a certain impact.

The racket does not need to idle when the attention to keep the racket force uniform, the best hanging place, do not be squeezed pressure, so as not to deform the racket. Pay attention to often check the racket line, if there is a serious hair phenomenon or cracks in time to replace, do not wait for the feather line to break before replacement, if the line is broken, it is best to cut the line immediately, so as not to beat the racket frame uneven lying and deformation. But don’t pull the cord out immediately to prevent the loss of plastic on the eye.

How to extend the life of badminton rackets

Find some line-out shop to wear the line, do not look down on the thread technology, the life of the badminton racket, play up the feeling, absolutely not the same! The method of pulling a line through the end is the most common, called two-point threading, to use the hook easily cross the line, quickly broke, and easy to drop pounds and line. YY uses a 4-point threading method, with 4 knots, worn horizontally and vertically, pulling the vertical line first, pulling up from the middle of the top of the racket. Without hooks, the line is significantly longer and does not fall off pounds and lines easily. The cross-line beat is 10% higher than the vertical line, which is usually two pounds. It is best not to pull the line points more than 1.2 times the recommended pound count indicated on the racket.

How to extend the life of badminton rackets

To adjust the position of hitting badminton, try to make every ball hit in the racket net area of the racket, if the ball hit the racket frame, usually the ball hit the box is the gesture of holding the badminton racket is incorrect. Coupled with the power of the swing, it is easy to interrupt. Hands love sweating friends, recommenda month or two months to change the sweat belt, each time after the game, it is best to take out the racket to the ventilation place to let the handle skin natural air dry. The racket should not be placed in a hot, humid place to prevent overheating or too cold. Overheating is easy to deform, too cold will be too brittle and crack, such as hot days do not put in the car’s trunk for a long time, winter do not put on the radiator, do not outside when the temperature is very low in the outdoor playing ball. A badminton racket is more expensive, in peacetime we should pay attention to maintenance, so that the use of badminton racket shorter time.

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