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Badminton this sport must be through more training to let oneself grow, killing ball action many people like, but it is easy to get injured, how do we relate to badminton killing ball sports? First of all, we need to choose a good badminton racket, how much speed our badminton play out, in addition to the strength of your hand, but also with your badminton racket has a lot to do with, more swing ingress exercises, badminton ball killing action to the mirror, free hand swing fixed ball or branch, practice 80-100 times a day, Careful experience of the process to deepen the understanding of the technology, establish the correct concept, so that the action in place accurate and reasonable. In doing the inside spin outside around the eight-word “twisted” swing.

How to practice badminton killing action

Throw badminton in place. Facing the wall about 2 meters standing, with a stoic, medium, index finger pinch badminton ball holder to imitate the action of the ball, force the ball forward throwing. The main thing is to let the practitioner sensing the correct hair sequence and maintain the consistent flow of the action, especially those who wave the arm slow, wrist control is not good, through repeated throwing practice action will be greatly improved. Multi-ball practice. After a swing fixed ball practice, you can perform multi-ball practice, complete 80-100 consecutive kill balls. To improve the intensity and density of the exercise is beneficial to strengthen the stability of the ball-killing action technology so that the action is shaped. Improves the fast response of practitioners, fast movement of footsteps, durability, and ability to handle the ball. Strengthen physical training for strength, speed, endurance, coordination and flexibility.

How to practice badminton killing action

The formation of a wrong action may be a momentary habit, but to completely correct the wrong action, but it takes time to practice the habit.
So if you are a newbadminton, killing ball action is not accurate, then take advantage of the wrong action is not mature to practice it quickly.

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