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Let’s talk about the badminton rules today. First introduced badminton field is a length of 13.40 meters, doubles width 6.10 meters, singles width 5.18 meters, the center of the field by the net average separation of rectangular field. Badminton field horizontal is divided into the middle line divided into the left and right two halves, vertical is divided into the front, midfield, backfield. The front field is a field between the front line and the net; the back field is a field between the end line and the back of the double; and the midfield is a field between the front line and the back of the double.

Some simple rules about badminton

The position of an athlete standing on a badminton field is called a stand. There are two kinds of stations: one is a restricted station. When the tee shot, the player’s station, must be in accordance with the requirements of the designated area, the other is an unrestricted station, according to their own or the needs of their peers (doubles) to choose the station. Singles station is generally in the front line about 1 meter from the middle line, doubles station can be based on the specific tactical needs of the two players in the doubles and choose the front or left and right station. The so-called batting line refers to the relationship between the trajectory of the ball running in the air after being hit by the athlete and the field. Badminton’s basic lines can be divided into five, each position can be hit out of a straight line, the middle road, slash, so can be derived from nine lines. Badminton’s batting line can not be described, but its basic line is so few, as long as we have mastered its laws, for our training, the game are greatly beneficial.

Some simple rules about badminton

The angle of the badminton racket refers to the angle at which the racket surface is made from the ground. The face direction of a badminton racket is the position facing the racket. Badminton racket shape angle can be divided into seven kinds: pat-down, pat face slightly forward, pat in front of the tilt, pat face vertical, pat face back, pat face later up, pat facing up.Badminton racket shape angle and badminton racket surface direction control is very large impact on the quality of the batting, so we must carefully adjust the racket shape in each shot, pat face, hit the ball in line with the quality requirements.

Some simple rules about badminton

The so-called batting point is the time and space position of the badminton racket when the player hits the ball. The batting point consists of three aspects: the first is the height of the point of contact between the racket and the ball from the ground, the second is the contact point from the front and rear distance of the body, and the third is the distance from the left and right of the body. Whether the choice of batting point is appropriate will determine the quality of the batting, it will directly affect the strength of the player’s batting, speed, arc, drop point, and will eventually lead to the impact of the player’s hit rate, resulting in the loss of points, until failure. So choosing the right batting point is significant. Choose the right batting point should do the following two points: the first judgment to be accurate, the second step method to move quickly. As long as these two points to ensure that the adjustment in the most suitable position, the batting point can be guaranteed.

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