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 In badminton, the athletes (or teams) who compete in the competition take turns competing once for a single cycle.This is the single-cycle badminton rule. The number of round-robin matches should not be too much because of the number of venues, the length of the game is long and the number of venues used is also large. When the number is too large, the method of grouping cycles may be used. When using group cycle, it is generally appropriate for a group of 4 to 6 people. The ranking of the match is based on the number of wins in front, if the two wins are the same, the winner of the match between the two ranked in the first place. If three or more wins are the same, the number of wins will be determined by the number of net wins in their individual matches throughout the stage. After calculating the net winning field, if there are still the same net wins, the winner of the match between the two is ranked first. If there are still more than three of the same, then according to this calculation of the net win, net winning score. If three of the net winning points are still the same, their ranking will be determined by drawing lots.

What Badminton rules are often used

Therefore, in the round-robin, when the technical level of the contestants are equal, every game, every game, every point is very likely to be related to the final ranking. Badminton rules for single elimination matches are carried out according to the following. Athletes according to the order of the game, according to the number of 2 multipliers (4, 8, 16, 32…) Game. The winner enters the next round, and the loser is immediately out until the winner (or team) is eliminated into the final winner and the match is over.

Single elimination each round of the competition to eliminate half of the contestants, so in the case of short time, few erms, the use of single elimination can accept more athletes (or teams) to participate in the competition, the entire process of the competition is rapid and fierce competition. There is also the mixed game system of badminton rules, can give full play to the advantages of the elimination system and the cycle system, so that the form of the game is more rich, the game method is more practical.

What Badminton rules are often used

Can be divided into first cycle after elimination, or first elimination after cycle rules. Badminton rules adopt the method of first cycle and then elimination, which can not only control the total amount of the whole competition and the intensity of the competition match, but also make the competition gradually push to a climax in the final stage, which is more competitive. Single-cycle combined with a single elimination, the whole competition is divided into two stages: the first stage, the participating teams are divided into several groups, respectively, the group single cycle, the second stage, by the corresponding ranking of each group to carry out a single elimination, decided part or all of the ranking.

This is one of the most commonly used methods of badminton competition. Adopting the rule of first elimination and then cycle, not only the nouns are more accurate, but also the best athletes have more opportunities to compete.Single elimination combined with a single cycle, which is also a common lying rule of the badminton competition.

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