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When winter comes, many badminton enthusiasts still choose badminton for exercise, so in the cold winter, badminton, a skill in all parts of the body need to pay attention to what? In winter, how do we need to maintain our badminton set?

Badminton warm-up preparation activities to sweat, warm-up activities should first consider the needs of the body, including the heart and lungs, ligaments, joints, muscles for badminton activities. The requirements of the warm-up sequence are consistent with the needs of the body, the correct badminton warm-up sequence should be, first by jogging to activate the heart, through the blood to warm up the joints, ligaments, muscles and other parts. Then carry out bottom-up joint activity, which in turn performs a simple stretching of the ligaments. Then to carry out some special preparation activities, such as swing activities, starting footwork and front and back around the direction of the footwork running exercises. The amount and time of preparation activities to be well controlled, can not not move, can not be too fierce, should be the body feel hot, slightly sweat ingress for the best, to avoid the muscle ligament stiffness caused by injury.

What to pay attention to in winter badminton sport

In addition, there are a few points to note that the warm-up stretch of each part should be large enough, some people because the range is too small, after a period of activity, badminton when still injured. Neck warm-up must be in place, because most amateur team members engaged in the work of the cervical vertebrae activities are too little, neck warm-up is not in place easy to get a big injury. Care to avoid the action of the super range to prevent injury. Players with old injuries should massage the area of the old injury adequately before each exercise until it is hot. Players in poor health do not stop when they are very tired. At this time the muscle tissue of each department is also tired, can not protect the ligaments and joints very well, easy to injury.

During the break, it is best to wear long pants immediately, to prevent cold into the joints and arthritis, can also prevent cold. If your body is already cool after one game, you should move the joints before you play the next game. After playing, if sweating more should dry the sweat in time, change to sweat sports clothing, shoes and socks, while wearing a hat, to prevent heat loss and the best after ten minutes of rest in the stadium before walking.Be careful not to stay in windy places and avoid colds.

If a sprain occurs while playing, it is best to flush the injury with cold water immediately, or to cold the injury with ice to reduce internal bleeding, not using hands to rub. If you feel sore or uncomfortable in the wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, etc. it is best to stop exercising and continue to exercise to make the injury worse. After intense exercise, try to avoid eating raw and cold food and beverages, you can drink some warm soy milk, yogurt to supplement the body’s needs of vitamins. After the body returns to normal, you can eat some bananas to supplement the body after playing badminton loss of potassium and other essential substances. In addition, pay attention to the badminton rules is also a way to protect themselves, badminton rules are based on the safety of our playing time to make, so as long as we follow the badminton rules, we can protect most of their badminton sport safety.

What to pay attention to in winter badminton sport

Winter is dry and cold, so our badminton set also needs to be well protected, badminton hair is easier to break, in order to improve the ball’s batiness, can be a few hours in advance of the steam into the barrel, so that the smoked ball is significantly more durable. But be careful not to pour too much steam, one end of the barrel filled with steam, the other end of the gas into, and then cover the barrel cover. How many we need to spend will steam how many badminton. Badminton racket selection should be serious, otherwise the selection of badminton racket quality is not high lead to easy damage.There is also a badminton set that needs good protection, that is, the protection of badminton rackets, because the frame of the badminton racket is metal or carbon material, in the dry winter environment, prone to force fractures. So pay attention.

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