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When playing badminton, the pace is faster than the speed of the ball is the most basic badminton rules of badminton. So we are going to introduce badminton rules about pace, so that everyone can enjoy it in badminton. The pace refers to the speed of the pace, that is, the pace is faster than the speed of the ball. Don’t look at it. It’s just that it is easier to make the pace faster than the ball, but paying attention to the rhythm is also an important criterion for this badminton rules.

Why do we have to make our pace faster than badminton ball?

Why do some people do not have a fast pace at the pace of play? Especially for high-heavy balls, there is a difference in height between the opponents. When the ball goes down, it forms a time difference, but some people still have not achieved pace faster than the speed of the ball. This is because the sideways body is slow, the steps are sluggish, the eyes only look at the ball, there is no experience, if the ball is over the top of your move, then the action is slow. Because the ball has a physics free fall acceleration, coupled with the role of the Earth’s gravity. As a result, the rushed shot, lost the high point, so that the force of the swing did not form a force trajectory, coupled with the slow movement, so that the big arm to drive the arm is not enough, the pressure under the foot, the pressure is not enough, the waist and abdomen force can not be used, The ball can only hit halftime, or the frontcourt. As we all know, the badminton court is only 6.1 meters wide and half a field is only a little more than 6 meters. Only when the steps are in place can the ball be obtained. The importance of the steps can be seen. The best way to do things without a good pace is futile. I am a newbie, I won’t push, squat, hook, squat, kill, hang, but my pace is flexible. I can use the high ball to return to the backcourt. I will pick the opponent’s backcourt. I can play. The game is over. On the contrary, the technique is no better, it can’t run, and it doesn’t work. It can only be used to embroider the legs.

The correct way is to take the high ball, the side is fast, first retreat to the back of the ball, the center of gravity is on the right foot, turn around, swing the arm in front of the upper ball; pick the ball before the net, the center of gravity between the two legs Before, judge the ball to go out with your left foot, and step out with your right foot, while the left foot and the body naturally slide forward, keep balance, and raise your chest. Between the steps, the step is particularly important, the right foot and the heel first land, the foot as far as possible outside the eight characters landing, and second, the left hand is flat, to maintain balance. Pay attention to the above badminton rules and believe that you will play better on the badminton court.

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